Your DiRT Showdown Questions Answered

What with the release of DiRT Showdown on PS3 inching ever closer, we turned to twitter to find out what you guys need to know about the game, and then had those questions answered by Mike Chapman, Senior Designer on the game.


Is this just something to keep us going until Dirt 4?

It has to be said that the idea for a game like DiRT Showdown has been in the studio’s collective mind for some time. After we finished work on DiRT 3, we knew that the time was right for the DiRT team to explore some new avenues. First and foremost though, the game will be an exciting DiRT experience in its own right and we’re confident that our existing fans will appreciate the direction we’ve taken, especially with what that means for future games in the series.

DiRT franchise is awesome! Thoroughly love the way it’s progressed. Would you guys ever return to GRiD?

It’s great to see that, years after its release, the original GRID is still such a popular game and that people have hopes for a sequel. Matching and exceeding expectations would of course be our highest priority though if a sequel were to be made. However, I’m afraid to say that we don’t have anything to announce right now.

Will there be a demo before the release date?

The demo for DiRT Showdown will go live on May 1st and will give players an early first look at some of our Demolition modes.


Will the Outbreak game mode be in Dirt Showdown?

Outbreak hasn’t made it into DiRT Showdown. Transporter makes a welcome return though alongside some new online Party modes. This is of course in addition to all of the destruction, race and Hoonigan multiplayer modes that we’re sure players are going to love.

Are there going to be any licensed cars in showdown?

All of our Hoonigan vehicles are fully licensed. However, we made the decision to fictionalise our Demolition and Race vehicles in order to push our damage model further than we ever could before. These fictional vehicles are still based on real world examples however and it’s allowed us to offer a greater amount of visual variety between the vehicles.

Will there be a YouTube upload feature and if so how much data/video will we be able to upload?

Players will be able to upload any 30 seconds from a replay. We decided to limit uploads to 30 seconds so that the whole process was as speedy as possible. Players will also be able to upload their favourite crashes straight away through our new Crashback feature.

Will there be any mechanisms in online to protect from excessive and pointless ramming?

Direct confrontation is very much encouraged in the majority of the game modes. We do however activate several anti-cheat measures should players try to cheat or otherwise exploit elements of the game play.
In the split/screen mode, which I know is up for 2 players, will we be able to add AI cars?

Yes, players will be able to add AI opponents into the mix as well as form teams and play co-operatively against them. Playing DiRT Showdown with a friend is fantastic fun and we expect split screen play to be especially popular.


Will the Gymkhana mode be returning?

Gymkhana lives on in our new Hoonigan modes. Players will be able perform tricks and stunts in some new modes in addition to exploring more expansive areas in the improved Joyride feature. We’ve paid particular attention to improving the handling model in order to alleviate frustration when playing these modes for the first time.

Will DiRT Showdown support any motion controls? Head tracking would be cool.

We always have an eye on ways to improve the player experience in our games. PS Eye and PS Move support didn’t feel right for DiRT Showdown though.

Any plans for a PlayStation Vita version of the game?

Definitely can’t rule anything out but we don’t have anything to announce I’m afraid.

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I’ve been keeping an eye out on this since the official announcement & I have to say, it looks great!

Looks like a next Gen Destruction Derby!

Now please release a collection of Dizzy games for PSN. You don’t need to update the graphics, just release all Dizzy titles within a bundle, for £19.99…….SOLD! ;)

supersmith2500 27 April, 2012 @ 15:14

You guys should release more GRID games. Destruction Derby mode in GRID is epic!

4 player spilt-screen mode with Bots(i.e computer controlled cars as well) would of been amazing for this game i think. I won’t ask if there will be because there never seems to be that feature in games this Gen :( Looks good tho the game(i LOVED Destruction Derby games on the PS1 all those years ago) :P

CoolRichy008UK 27 April, 2012 @ 15:44

he hit it on the head stuff this game do what Catkiller1 said ALL DIZZY GAMES FOR PSN or we will keep posting dizzy games psn NOW NOW NOW

and @2 not gonna happen

Just pre-orderd the game and look forward to using Codemasters RaceNet with the game :)

A new TOCA please.


Not a big fan of how this whole “Gymkhana” game mode is being forced upon us.

The rally content is what sells this game for me… and it’s a shame to see it being neglected.

@TheDarkArk Dirt Showdown is about Destruction. Want Rally then get Dirt 3

lunalicrichard 28 April, 2012 @ 08:22

I really hope they let go of that Gymkhana b.s for Dirt 4 or at least go back to the stadium race’s . I like to watch Gymkhana on You-tube or something ,but not in my race games ! Or make it optional . I hate that i cant skip it in Dirt 3 career and it takes all the joy out of the game for me . Yes i can do the stuff, i just don’t like it !
Beside’s the hype is over and done with . I hope Codies takes notice ….

SPUDFILER321 01 May, 2012 @ 23:45

will there be a joyride on dirt showdown?

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