Sony Entertainment Network Sponsors Sundance Festival In London

Hello everybody, we’re pleased to report back after two eventful days at the Sundance Festival, sponsored by Sony Entertainment Network; here were our main highlights.

Friday 27th

14:00 – Arriving at the exquisite INC Club inside the O2 Arena complex, we found ourselves delighted by the company of Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, who you may as well recognise as Mr. Ekko in Lost, reading his script of Farming (now officially confirmed for production). Among the cast presented we were surprised to see one of the most talented actresses of our time, Minnie Driver. The reading was emotional and projected us to the harsh reality that this compelling story will bring to the screen.

minnie driver

17:00 -We head straight to a panel hosted by prominent UK and US directors, called ‘Thinking Independently – UK vs. US’.

Guests included Claire Stewart, Sally El Hosaini, James Marsh and Gurinder Chadha from the UK, along with John Cooper, So Yong Kim, Josh Radnor and Ry Russo- Young from the US. Issues of funding independent films from one side to the other were among the most discussed topics.

19:00 – We went to the screening room to see an independent feature called Filly Brown, starring upcoming talent Gina Rodriguez, co-directed by Michael Olmo and with original music by Reza Safinia. At the end we enjoyed the company of all three in a small Q&A.


Saturday 28th

14:00 -Escaping the gloomy rain that impregnated the huge marquee surrounding the O2 complex, we visited the ‘Cinema/Music Café’ with Terence Nance, director of An Oversimplification of her Beauty, and the talent from Filly Brown. We had the chance to personally meet with Gina Rodriguez and her energy was contagious.


19:00 – Some of you might know Josh Radnor from the TV series How I met your Mother, and he was presenting his already second feature to the Sundance Festival. Radnor presented us with a modern tale of human relationships set around post-university early thirties lifestyle.

The whole experience was very constructive and emotional. We got to have a real taste of what it is to work as an independent filmmaker. It does bring a lot of thought of how a dream can be succeeded with will, evading the traditional barriers.

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Is there any more info on when Music Unlimited will be coming to iOS devices, and which ones will be supported if not all of them?


I remember when the Sundance Film Festival came to South Park, everyone ended up drowning in faeces, hilarious episode!


does this post told me when new releases, can this post tell me any play create Play. does it have any links to Ps3, vita, PSP?

No :P


* Share :P

Is it strange that I really want one of those SEN cushions? They look so comfy.

hectorandjay 04 May, 2012 @ 23:36

@SKELLY7 I totally want one of those cushions too. I’d pay good maoney for ’em too!

I want one of these SEN cushions as well !

Does anyone know why all the mw3 clan op times suit the americans!?


@glennFAP it’s still early days for clan ops and they’re a mess, seeing as the US is the home of CoD and most of its players it makes sense that they work with times that are appropriate for them, at least for now. Look for updates from Beachhead here:

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