Datura Available To Download From Tomorrow

Hi it’s Jan Kuczynski here, SCEE producer for Datura. I’m happy to let you know that Datura will available to download exclusively from PSN on 9th May in Europe, and I thought I’d give you a few more details on this uniquely atmospheric title.

In the opening sequence of Datura is a quote from Dante’s Divine Comedy:

“In the middle of our life’s walk I found myself in a dark wood for the straight road was lost.”


I think it sums up nicely what Datura is all about. You’ll find yourself lost in a strange forest where the lines of morality become blurred and nothing is black and white. In the world of Datura you will find yourself placed in a variety of scenarios which will require you to make a quick judgement call.

What you choose will determine how the scenario plays out and will have subtle effects on the overall experience. Once you finish, it’s great to discuss with friends what road they took and how that changed what they saw.

Datura_59a Datura_41

Datura_21 Datura_13

As you can see, Datura isn’t your average game and it will be no surprise for you to hear that it comes from our Santa Monica Studio who have a great pedigree for coming out with games that push barriers to offer gamers something new. The studio is now as well known for unique gems such as PixelJunk 4am and Escape Plan as for mega blockbusters such as the God of War series.

Datura is a collaboration with Polish developer Plastic who previously released the interactive art experience Linger in Shadows for the PS3. One of their goals with Datura was to use the PlayStation Move motion controller in interesting ways to add an extra level of immersion. Don’t worry if you don’t have a PS Move though – you can also use DualShock. I also should mention that if you’re lucky enough to have a 3D TV make sure you try Datura with 3D switched on – it looks absolutely stunning.

Datura is out tomorrow priced at €7.99/£6.49 and is a great addition to your PS Move compatible library. Oh and if you’re signed up to PlayStation Plus you’ll get an extra special 20% discount for a limited period.

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Still reminds me of a mixture of Myst & the television series I used to watch a youngster, called Knightmare with regards to the level design & atmosphere!

Great price too!

Jan Kuczynski 08 May, 2012 @ 14:35

Ha ha Knightmare – I remember that one too. I see what you mean!


Just to add, what’s the file size?

Kind Regards

Jan Kuczynski 08 May, 2012 @ 14:33

You’ll need about 1gb

SiborgSimoSctlnd 08 May, 2012 @ 14:19

Sounds interesting! Might give it a try.
With this and Sorcery coming out it looks like I might have something to use my PS Move for. If only these had come out along side the hardware.

Side note: Any word as to whether Max Payne 2 will be coming out on PSN? I just got it on Steam but might buy it on PSN too if it comes out.

€6.39/£5.19 for PS+

I love how three-dimensional the game looks, even without S3D. Good job whoever took the screenshots too, seen a lot of poor efforts from other games recently.

CoolRichy008UK 08 May, 2012 @ 14:37

Jan Kuczynski plz concider making knightmare the game with movs support and get the original cast to voice the cast

hugo myatt – treguard – warning team – oooh nasty
mark knight – lord fear

i think this would make a great ps3 game even if they never bring it back a propper version of knightmare for ps3 would be awsome it would have about 2000 rooms in it each game uses about 30 rooms and everygame is random

James Gallagher 08 May, 2012 @ 14:39

I had a Knightmare game for the Commodore 64 and it was really difficult but good fun.


Pozdrowienia z Polski :)
Czekamy na więcej :D

CoolRichy008UK 08 May, 2012 @ 14:46

hey james plz concider either making a ps home version of knightmare or a downloadable game for the ps store using ps move support it would be awsome to have a ps3 game based on the knightmare licence with original cast and based on the tv show (NOT THE CANCLED knightmare VR VERSION) the tv show from the 80;s to the last one in 1995 if i remember

everytime i watch it on youtube the original shows with the cartnno intro it always made my body shiver lol it was a scary intro

il defo get datura tomorrow so if its a discount for ps plus thats about £4 somin if im wrong plz tell me what discount will be i saved £20 just to buy it and speninding the rest on ps home

CoolRichy008UK 08 May, 2012 @ 14:46

oh james i had knightmare on the zx spectrum never could get past the 2nd room lol


@ CoolRichy008UK

It will be roughly £5.19 not £4!

@ Ray thank you for your replies. I really do hope this title does well, as we need more unique titles like this!


looks very interesting but wish there was a demo or something… never been any good with that kind of point of view during gameplay… probably will get it though it looks special :)

CoolRichy008UK 08 May, 2012 @ 15:11

thanx Catkiller1 :)

bte james the trousers from the raver store in ps home ( the flame and other 2 ) looks like trousers that shaggy wears from scooby do i love them :D

james plz ask home team to make more glow in the dark stuff and a glow in the dark apartment where you can design the walls with glow in the dark grafhiti :D

CoolRichy008UK 08 May, 2012 @ 15:12

ye we want more independant indi games for the ps3 store and as long as ps4 uses the ps3 account and we still have everything we got from ps home or ps store we will all be happy


Here are few demogroups that I’d love to see bring their genius to PS3(perhaps even Vita).

Just a few of my personal favourites(in no particular order):

ASD, Still, Conspiracy, Fairlight,
Farbrausch, MFX, Andromeda, Alcatraz,
SQNY, Candela, Portal Process.


sad to see the “so-so” reviews.
normally that would make me skip it. but this is so different than other experiens on console.. and i will support this!

and at this great pricepoint.. there are no excuses


I always think highly of IGN Reviews but I think they may have got this one wrong, definitely going to give this awesome game a go, great job guys and I mean it


i cant wait for this, result its cheaper for ps plus aswell.

Where is the “PixelJunk Anniversary BLOWOUT Sale”? Or is that just another awesome campaign that is US only which EU will miss?


SONY HMZ-T1, check!
Playstation MOVE, check!
Datura 3D, check!

Downloading Datura when available,..

Jan Kuczynski 09 May, 2012 @ 09:17

That’s an awesome setup for playing Datura!

I read a lot of reviews and it´s kind of disapointing that everything but the gameplay is great. Still a game is a game and needs great controles. It seems not to matter if you play it with move or the regular controler, they both have their problems.
Without an update fixing this I´ll stay away from this titel.


@ OttoT

Not all reviews are worth reading.

It’s better to receive an opinion from purchasers on here, or people from your friends list.

Some reviews can be biased & others are simply pathetic. I would rather make my own mind up! I tend to watch gameplay videos & play trials, if available. Video reviews are great too, as you can see the flaws played out in front of you etc.

Remember, stay clear of IGN, their reviewers favour their preferred genre!

CoolRichy008UK 09 May, 2012 @ 11:33

ye what catkiller1 said right on bro :D

oh and i love ya last name Jan Kuczynski is sounds like you can ski lol i hope datura is a longggg game :D and i hope catkiller doesnt kill any cats lol :(

Jan Kuczynski 09 May, 2012 @ 12:30

Heh well I have been know to ski…!


A question not yet asked, does it support 1080i & p resolutions?

Jan Kuczynski 09 May, 2012 @ 12:31

Max resolution is 720p for this title


@ CoolRichy

Datura seems to be 90 minutes in length (Probably if rushed), from what i’ve read anyway!

Of course I don’t kill cats lol! I own a black Moggy Cat, he’s 6 years old now.

It’s just an online persona & an old military thing ;)

CoolRichy008UK 09 May, 2012 @ 11:55

coool name i never thought about it that way before i soo wanna add you if you let me :( ex army man sent you a add :)

cant wait to get datura its gonna be coool and soon as sony refunded me money on dlc thats in a ps3 game il use that £5 refund on datura and the rest on ps home probelry

have you seen the raver gear on ps home its awsome i just lovee glow in the dark things

CoolRichy008UK 09 May, 2012 @ 12:02

datura better not be scary :(

the intro to knightmare always makes my body shiver with fear :(


Ok, how about a reply to comment #13.

SamTheSkater 09 May, 2012 @ 13:05

I’ve been looking forward to this. Seems to have a really cool atmosphere. I’m getting this game today!

SiborgSimoSctlnd 12 May, 2012 @ 16:00

Managed to get stuck behind a rock. Then I realised I had no way of loading an earlier save or getting out. In the end I had to quit game and will now have to start from the beginning again.
It really annoyed me because this game is meant to be an experience. Playing through it again will ruin my experience. I will be bored and [DELETED] off.

Suppose I’ll come back to it in a few months when I feel less cheated.

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