The Making Of Sorcery: Sound

In this post we turn our attention to the music and sound design for Sorcery. Members of the development team talk about how Sorcery’s score fuses traditional Celtic music with more contemporary instrumentation, and about how the sound effects are used to boost the feeling of immersion you get by casting spells with the Move controller.

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Music sounds good.Like how described were your getting the inspiration from.But I mentioned it after the first vid,that accent,it doesn’t fit the times it’s inspired by :)

I do worry about the music alerting players of combat.It’s become really predictable in how it’s presented in games.Almost to the point that I get deflated when I enter areas,and the music is saying “oh hi,there’s a fight soon”
I start feeling like the games giving me spoilers before i’ve even taken two steps into an area.

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