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Well, here we are at the end of another week – and what a whirlwind it’s been. News has been coming in thick and fast, and from assassins to aliens, Starhawk to Sackboy we’ve had a stack of stories to share with you over the past seven days. Missed anything? Just fancy another look at what went down? It’s all here for you in this week’s recap.

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  • Weekend Essentials 125 – Build and battle your way to victory as Starhawk lands on PS3 and discover the intriguing Datura this weekend.
  • Top Tips: Starhawk – Survive the new frontier in Starhawk on PlayStation 3 with these handy hints from developer LightBox Interactive.
  • Game Talk: Mortal Kombat – Ed Boon, creative director at developer NetherRealm, talks about finishing moves and his favourite brawlers exclusively with
  • Game On – Find out how you can meet Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima in London tomorrow.

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SCEA have so far released Linger In Shadows, Datura (by Plastic) and .detuned (by .theprodukkt/Farbrausch).
When are SCEE going to release something from other demogroups?

Amy_Belgium 12 May, 2012 @ 12:33

the recap ain’t the same without james gallagher :(


@2 I agree all ready missing James the blog is not the same no more

Huono_peleis 12 May, 2012 @ 12:46

Where is Velocity?

Still no answer after almost two weeks. In which countries is it available? When it will be available to all Plus subscribers?

a) never
b) later this month
c) after my subscription has expired (end of May and won’t be renewing.

Last three months’ Plus offerings have been a very mixed bag and the only title I had real interest on seems to be available only for some. For 15€ I can buy (not rent) 1 to 3 games that I really want instead of s**tload of showelware.

Alucard6769 12 May, 2012 @ 13:05

I picked it up on Wednesday for free as part of plus subscription .


hi Sony from japan needs to pay visit because i dont think sony from euope doing there job probley . 1. No enough ps1 games since there a lot what usa got. 2 Poor service on PSN But PSN Plus great and better service but telling the true euope sold more consles in euope than usa and usa get better service doe not make any sence. Im not blameing you psn but this got to look into and im right its got a problem or sony got problem with systum. I was thinking of getting ps4 but ill wait for it because service in uk rubish. We Need better serivce know

Project2insanity 12 May, 2012 @ 14:12

@ScooterMix; You’ll need to wait for PS4 anyway, it isn’t even announced yet… But seriously, try broaden your mind, please; “service in uk rubish”, do you realise the service is for the EU rather than the UK alone but we get the best of it?

There are few times I agree with Huono_peleis but I cannot fault his complaint whatsoever; let’s get Velocity to the store for them as part of what we were told and as part of their Plus entitlement!

Project2insanity; Are you actually praising Sony for giving us who live in the UK the best worst service out of the EU?

The quality of service between the EU and US is already staggering enough so coupled with the fact that Sony isn’t treating all the countries in the EU with the same promotions at the same time is another disappointing aspect.

i miss James :(

strangeplaice 12 May, 2012 @ 16:52

I think everyone misses James. I’d like to see who’s posting rather than just “Contributing Editors” :)


Damn, Lovewhale – do you hear us!? COME BACK!

Project2insanity 12 May, 2012 @ 17:44

@RichZtar; I really think you missed my point. If you read it carefully, you’ll see the concern is EU customers like Huono_peleis have not got Velocity.

Now the big difference with what ScooterMix was saying is he’s judging the service based on what we weren’t promised (if you want to argue we were promised PSone classics- we have many, specific titles weren’t promised at specific times). You may defend his position but saying SCEE aren’t doing their job properly in respect to this is nonsense- as good as it would be, their job is not to match SCEA.

My main point is EU customers were promised Velocity and have not received it which does mean that SCEE are genuinely in the wrong this time. I suggest those in the UK back-up our EU counterparts before we do catch up with SCEA and leave the EU behind altogether.


Where is James gone? :(


@ Raymon684 he left :(


James why you go???????
whoevers next for blog manage
you’d better have the jokes and coolness that james had
and if not we shall post negative comments about james leaving and that he should be rehired with extra cash.


the service on uk is better then europe, ps video store + vidzone
but remember europe has licensing problems + some country’s have licensing problems
there should be certain groups in charge of there country’s content which deals with licensing problems. europe is a big content with many country’s and laws, germany has alot of banned contents etc. the ps4 store should be region free with language settings so you can get the same content within the store with multi language selection, is it possible? i don’t know. but europe deserves better in terms of content and features

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