PixelJunk 4am Goes Live On PSN Around The World!

Do you have a PlayStation Move? Do you like music? Are waffles delicious?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, I have some delicious news for you! :)

PixelJunk 4am will be available for download tomorrow on PSN for (EU) €7.99 / (UK) £6.49. The FREE PixelJunk 4am viewer will also be available, allowing you to stream the FULL LIBRARY of 4am visualizers and songs from performers around the world.

If you’re not already familiar with it, PixelJunk 4am uses the PlayStation Move controller and a Virtual Audio Canvas giving you the power to craft music in a unique new audio visual experience. Your creations are broadcast live on PSN around the world to viewers who can stream and cheer you on in real time.

You can now look forward to 7 songs and 6 visualisers with 38 variations, 10 events and over 190 different sounds to play with. 4am supports both Twitter and Facebook from within the game letting you promote your performances with personal messages and start to build your own persona and audience. You can also use 4am as a stand-alone visualizer (no Move required) and play your favourite music from your PS3.

For anyone still yet to see 4am in action, we’ve been playing with it lately in the office here and did some raw filming. Here’s a peek at what can be done with just one song & visualiser!

4am also supports up to two Move controllers, meaning you can mix simultaneously with a friend live, or dual-wield by yourself like a pro. :) We took it up onto the roof in the rain last night. Phat bass filtering down into the streets below… :D

We’ve already been surprised by people’s creativity from the early access Live Beta! Some of you have been uploading performances to YouTube in suits & masks or adding your own digital GUI overlays. And that was just with the one song the Beta offered! o.O I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with using the full release library!

So please, show us how it’s done. We’ve provided the platform, it’s up to you guys to stand on it. :) Surprise us and show us what you can come up with! We’ll be streaming wherever you are in the world.


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almighty-slayer 15 May, 2012 @ 19:01

£6.49? Absolute BARGAIN. Everyone should buy this.

CoolRichy008UK 15 May, 2012 @ 19:03

i might get it but only got one orby ps move controller


Well done on price.


I love the concept, but the music really isn’t my taste. Are there Any plans at all to release different music packs? (or even allow custom multi track uploading? Then again that might be asking too much, but I have plenty of bass/drum/lead tracks laying around I’d love to play with in this program)

Rowan Parker 16 May, 2012 @ 01:46

We might consider music packs, but for now we want to see what people can make with the 190+ sounds we’ve already put int here. :P

Try experimenting with dubbing the Effects onto the original loops to warp them into new styles. ^_-

“Do you have a PlayStation Move?”

“Do you like music?”
I’m very much a trance fan

“Are waffles delicious?”
I prefer pancakes

My turn, What form of beat detection are the visualisers using?
Can you release the visualisers not unlocked and new ones as DLC/patches?

Rowan Parker 16 May, 2012 @ 01:54

We use the PS3’s brute SPU power to simultaneously run FFT on all 4 tracks in parallel while you’re playing. Visuals are emergent based off the music you’re making. ^_-

We might consider extra content later, but for now we just want to see what people make with the 190+ sounds that are already in there. :D


I hope i can get as good as you Rowan, that performance on the roof is epic. currently sat waiting patiently for tomorrow’s store up date ready to go.

also can i just say the beta was pretty much flawless when i was using it i never had a problem doing anything in the constraints of the beta

jonny_hart_digit 15 May, 2012 @ 21:39

this is what we need. bout time we had a techno version of singbandguitarstarhero.

Only 8 euros? After the “4 euros per game for Europe, only one dollar for USA gamers” last week fiasco, I thought this title would cost around 32 euros, four times the USA price…
After the slap in the face with the “european sale” of the PixelJunk games, Sony, do you think I am going to buy this game? Yo must be joking…

Project2insanity 16 May, 2012 @ 00:21

@Megaace; A slap in the face is better than a kick in the goolies.


All over my face :-P


Awesome! Gonna buy it 100%! But may i ask for a small favor? You know, some people can sing or rap and many of dem have a headset (and also there’s a mic in PsEye, and we shouldn’t forget ’bout singstar micz). So… y’knahmsayin :) That would be bueno if later you’ll provide an external audio input support :) Thankz and blessingz!

I’m with megaace on this one


“We use the PS3′s brute SPU power to simultaneously run FFT on all 4 tracks in parallel while you’re playing.”

Thanx for t-teh braingasm-m.

Before we all start getting on Pixeljunk/Qgames back for the pricing last week, Can I just say that it was all down to SCEE and not the lovely dev’s, I didnt buy any of the Pixel stuff from last week as a show of stand, But this is right up my street and well priced so you would be mad to miss out on this one.


Rowan, any chance you could give Eddie Lee the go ahead to bring his own audio-reactive visualisations/toys to PS3 and Vita?

Sold!! The BETA was awesome, and love what you guys have done.
The only downside was the vareity, of songs, but this fixes it :).

Gonna buy today, but probly only going to play the weekend cause of Diablo 3.

I take my hat off to pixel junk on this game/tool!


It’s not working as a standalone visualiser, gameplay code hogs too much bandwidth(?) and is unable to generate a spot-on reaction to music from the HDD.

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