Explosive AR On PlayStation Vita With The Launch Of Table Top Tanks

Table Top Tanks - 17.05.2012

I’m Steve and I’d love to tell you about the latest great PS Vita AR game, Table Top Tanks, which we developed at Devil’s Details in Sheffield, UK. When we were asked if we’d like to develop Table Top Tanks by our friends at SCEE we couldn’t believe our luck: Who doesn’t like blowing stuff up with Tanks? And we got to play with and help develop SCEE’s AR technology too. So, we said “Yes please!” and got down to work.

So, what’s in Table Top Tanks? Firstly, there are the tanks: They’re quite quick, nimble, and fun to drive and you can choose from 10 different colours. Their main cannon is pretty powerful and you can upgrade its shell type by running over pickups; my favourite is the bouncing missile – they’re great fun to spray into the edge of the arena and watch them cause carnage and confusion as they bounce around. To get you started playing the game we’ve included a single player campaign, which will teach you how to play and challenge your tank skills.

Table Top Tanks Screen 35 Table Top Tanks Screen Shot 34

But the real fun comes making your own maps using the simple editor. You pick a map size – small, medium or large – and then place virtual shapes around real world objects, so the Vita can “see” the objects. You can also fill the shapes with water, smoke or fire and so that when they’re shot by a missile they’ll leak water, spill smoke or be set on fire.

Once you’ve crafted your level it’s time to play from a choice of capture the flag, last man standing or two vs. two game modes.

Table Top Tanks Screen Shot 36

Table Top Tanks allows you to play with and against AI tanks (and you can choose how smart they are) but it’s much more fun to play against up to three friends over Ad Hoc. Share your newly created battlefield with your friends and duke it out from different angles. It’s really great fun, and because the levels are quick and easy to make go ahead and experiment by creating new maps.

With a little effort you can also move Table Top Tanks from the table top. If you print some new markers out (the original pdf is here) but scale them up (we printed them so they filled A4 sheets, just make sure you keep the aspect ratio the same), you can upscale the awesome by playing Table Top Tanks on the floor rather than on a desktop. The Tanks become model car size and you can set up obstacles using the editor and get the whole house involved, blasting the dog or setting fire to the coffee table. We played quite a lot of large marker Table Top Tanks when we were developing the game and it’s serious fun; get some friends together and give it a go.

final tank 01

Finally, if you fancy a little extra twist on the tanks, we’ve got a tank pack DLC in the works which features our take on “toy” tanks. They’ve got a really distinct, bouncy shape and you also get a themed fighter jet too. They’re a firm favourite with us and we’re sure you’ll enjoy playing with them.

We look forward to hearing everyone’s feedback!

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Sounds cool, look forward to it. will it be free or chargeable. if its the latter how much do you expect it to be and any idea on a launch window.

p.s please add trophy support instead of it being labeled as a discovery app and therefore exempt from trophy’s. *cough frobisher says cough cough*

Steve Oldacre 17 May, 2012 @ 15:29

Hi Dante_Zero,

I’ve just asked our friends at Sony about price and launch date it’s out on the 23rd May priced at €1.99. Sorry we neglected that when preparing the main release :)

The game has trophies: 2 Gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze; total of 300 pts so no worries there.

Thanks for your encouraging words, hope you enjoy the game.



Oooh forgot to say it’s nice to see more things come out of Sheffield too. it’s my adopted home town was gutted when i had to move away from there, but it’s good to see Sheffield developing cool stuff like this and obviously Just add water doing the oddworld stuff who are based the sheffield area too.


Is it out now? How can I try this? Hope it works better than the Table Top Football.

strangeplaice 17 May, 2012 @ 15:20

This reminded me of the tank game on the ARI glasses in Heavy Rain :P I wanna play now! :D

This looks ace! Looking forward to it.

colmshan1990 17 May, 2012 @ 15:24

This sounds very cool.
I look forward to giving this a go on my bedroom floor!

This looks fun and helps show off what the AR can do. Nice one Devil’s Details, I look forward to playing this soon (?).

looks awesome, but regardless of how it turns out, people will buy it simply because the vita is STARVED for games right now.


Couldn’t Imagine anyone buying this really haha. The AR games are all pretty bad. No lasting appeal, complete gimmick. If it’s free I’ll play it for 30 minutes at least.


sweet day one purchase for me

European_Gamer 17 May, 2012 @ 15:59

Are you preparing a trailer? I would prefer to see it in action before buying it.

Isn’t it the developer who chooses the price? You just said you heard the price from Sony?

Steve Oldacre 17 May, 2012 @ 16:16


There’s a video on the US Blog:

As for choosing the price, that’s part of the publisher’s job – they’re the experts!

elephant_stone 17 May, 2012 @ 16:01

Excellent! Been waiting for this since I saw it in a dev video years ago using PS Eye drawing their own tanks (is this the same project)?

Brilliant to see a dev studio in Sheffield getting in on some mainstream action!

Steve Oldacre 17 May, 2012 @ 16:25

I remember that too – it is cool! But this isn’t a continuation of that project, this is an all new Tank game developed just for PS Vita using SCEE’s AR Technology.

bidbaldwolf86 17 May, 2012 @ 16:06

I’ve been looking forward to this since footage was shown during the build up and for a few quid it looks like a good deal to me. Can’t wait to see it released :)

almighty-slayer 17 May, 2012 @ 16:08

Sounds pretty cool. Might try it seeing as it’s cheap.

morpheus2n2 17 May, 2012 @ 16:23

Looks like a lot of fun, cant wait hope to see more like this :)

I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere but can you use the AR cards for thinks like a base or airfield etc, think it would be cool to have that option :)

Steve Oldacre 17 May, 2012 @ 16:32

We experimented with using the AR cards to specify bases and also to trigger events in the game world. They’re cool ideas but when you play the game it distracts you from the really fun bit – controlling the tank and blowing your mates up :)

So we went back to using them for defining the play area. This keeps it simple and people are free to concentrate on their game. We thought this worked best – give it a try and tell us what you think!



I was wondering if this game was the same as the Japanese AR tank game?
Because they have it on their store for free.

VictorAnalogy 17 May, 2012 @ 16:54

Bargain. Sold. Really hoping that AR cards become less necessary as the technology improves. They do hamper the experience somewhat (imho).


any chance
ratchet and clank trilogy
jak and daxter trilogy
sly trilogy
will be ported too vita in hd??? that’ll make me buy a vita


This sounds right up my street. Be like reliving those child hood games.


How would you propose, without an ‘AR Card’ or similar, that the game knows where you wanted things positioned in the real world?

residentSteve 17 May, 2012 @ 17:58

Never understood these ar games I thrown my ar cards away when I got my vita I don’t understand what’s so good about them.

Still only got one game for my vita uncharted plus still playing my old psp games the 2 gows and resistance looking forward to buying my second vita game next month when burning skies is out does anyone know if the mortal kombat is much different then the ps3 version which I already have I might buy that to.


Will there be an option to play without AR?

almighty-slayer 17 May, 2012 @ 22:42

@Steve buy Mutant Blobs Attack, it’s great. So is Motorstorm RC. And Hustle Kings. Plenty of great games on Vita.


what is the release date


I agree a release date please or some sort of confirmation of its status, e.g. in development etc.

ChameleonVector 18 May, 2012 @ 11:58

€1.99?! So that’ll be like, £1.49 or something? I would of thought it would be priced a little higher than that, definitely not complaining though. Day one buy for me :D

nice BUT any chance of sony starting to make these type of AR games without using the AR cards ? Sony don’t realize that most of gamers hate using AR cards,i don’t mind AR games & i personally liked the AR in Little Deviants where i didn’t need to use the AR cards,its just too much hassle using them.

AR is cool
AR cards are not so cool

i will still buy this game because i like these type of shooting games & price is ok too.


Looks good to me guys! Can you do a WW2 version?


Looks great guys, defo a purchase. Any chance of a WW2 version?


Cool! sold!


Everybody’s golf has an AR mode which just analyses the image and identifies surfaces without the need for AR cards. Sony are also doing research in this area that lets you move the Vita around to build up a 3D view of the environment so you could have obstacles in the game etc.

tonkotsumirleft 22 May, 2012 @ 19:29

When will this be out on the Japanese PS Shop to download ?

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