PlayStation Home: How Do You Like Your Eggs?

PlayStation Home will be offline from 8AM BST on Wednesday 30th May for routine maintenance. However, please note that during this maintenance you will receive an error message, instead of the regular maintenance message due to servers being offline.


As part of Lockwood’s epic Fantasy Update, the Showcase has had a Fool Throttle makeover! However, before Locky could complete work on the Showcase, Brinsop the Evil Dragon descended and started wreaking havoc! Locky managed to trap him behind bars, but Brinsop could escape at any moment and he’s already trying to raise a brood of evil dragon hatchlings to take over PlayStation Home! Head to the Showcase and join the fight!

Locky is rewarding brave warriors. Rogues are exceptionally good at fighting dragons. Fool Throttle’s Rogue outfits give bonus points when crushing Brinsop’s eggs, meaning you can earn rewards even quicker. And they look awesome too.


Every brave adventurer needs a faithful sidekick on hand to deal with any lollygaggers and ne’er-do-wells who might cross your path. Salvador the Dragon is a kind old soul, but he can turn on the angry when he wants to. Vane the Cockatrice is the fiercest fire-breathing chicken you’re ever likely to see! (Please don’t tell him we called him that. He’ll scorch our britches).

LKWD Limited Edition Coming Soon! Be the proud owner of a SOLID GOLD Mechjet, this all new version of the famous Iron Fusion transformer is only in store for a limited time, get it while you can!
Coming Soon Mercia: Fractured Realms the new fantasy RPG exclusive to PlayStation®Home! Lockwood will be releasing a series of Developer Diaries leading up to the game launch, get a sneak peek behind the scenes and read Mercian Diaries: Defining the Art Style.


Novus Prime gets four new game-enhancing virtual items this week with the Alpha Squadron Arsenal! Deck out your pilot’s jacket with the menacing Twin Pulse Cannons for an added XP bonus, and fill your hands with the stylish new Disruption Shot Pistols, complete with animated barrels and permanent in-game Nebulon boost!


Blend into your surroundings and boost your XP by 5% with the holographic Avatar Projection System outfit, and harness the destructive power of the Handheld Arc Drill to increase your Nebulon gains even further. Head over to the Novus Prime space station to get your hands on the Alpha Squadron Arsenal today!

From Granzella this week comes the Long Pareo. This stylishly concealing outfit is available in four colours – captivating black, dazzling white, passionate red, and cool blue. So be sure to dress to fit your mood. Also available is the Coconut Crab. This crab will loyally follow around its master, willing to go anywhere. Often its affection for its master is strong, resulting in a nice big hug… on the face!?
But don’t worry, this crab is from Earth, so it’s safe… Promise! The Coconut Crab set includes both the pet and a face hugging crab headphone item.

In other news, the Devil Robots are back! Due to popular demand – the guys at AAA have cleverly put all of the eight AAA Devil Robots into one so you can now own all of them for a discounted price. And if you own some already, fear not because you get it even cheaper. Check it out in the AAA store now!

Like Arcade Games? Well, you’re in luck! Now you can make your apartment into a real gamer’s den with all three awesome VEEMEE games (Savage Cosmos, Electrokid and Superhero Madhouse). Not only that, but you get some cool arcade clothing and an ornament to boot! Available now in the VEEMEE store.

Other updates this week include new additions to Konami’s Anime range. Codeglue release some stylish oriental furniture, and are also happy to present the “u love green” ethical eco-chic lingerie range from Quebec. See you in PlayStation Home!

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Hi Ocelot,
First to comment, well done you!
Glad you like the update! Anything specific tickle your fancy?


* they better looking then the default home avatars you just think if sony does that way.

I am just wondering but is HOME ever going to get out of Beta?

Good update but I have to say free item rewards and updates to other persistent spaces (adventure zone, Edo of nippon, etc…) have been a bit thin on the ground lately with the emphasis firmly on premium items it seems us froobs have to suffer.


also PLEASE put WWE outfits in home!

So where is E3 stuff?

@Davie and @Kivi – Have no fear, details will be revealed shortly so please hold on just a little bit longer. Thanks :-)


Hi Zoba – you must be new around here – welcome! :)

Looks like a decent update this week. Would you be able to shed any light on when the following issues will be fixed though please:

1. The Men in Black space has been broken for a lot of people since the start – will this be fixed tomorrow? Also, please assure us it’s not going to be taken away before it’s working for everyone…!

2. We got a code inside Prototype 2 game for a ‘Blackwatch Outfit’ for our HOME avatars but the EU codes all say invalid so we can’t redeem them…

I know both of these have been raised before and the HOME team are aware of the problems but I just wondered if you could find out the latest news for us please?

Thanks :)

SirJake_Brookes 29 May, 2012 @ 18:41

any brave knights who defeat the evil which has been let lose on Royal Sodium Empire will be knighted by me HRH Crown Prince of Sodium Prince Jake and greatly rewarded. @Zoba.The castle in background would like nice in Sodium Hub for your Monarchy. The update is great as usual but I would like to see desert heaven clubhouse coming to PSH UK EU very soon. Kind regard Squadron Leader Prince Jake of RAF Seven Squadron Sodium One Club.

whisk lightly, dip a slice of bread in the egg, then fry it.

lovely. ^_^

damn, i fancy some eggy bread now.
i’ll have to get some eggs tomorrow.

jonny_hart_digit 29 May, 2012 @ 20:17

why when I buy clothes in Playstation home do I not get the physical items too? and vice versa. pshome on vita would be good. why is it when I go bowling in real life is my high score in Playstation home not adjusted? why can I not set up my own club in Playstation home and play kick ass tracks.

CoolRichy008UK 29 May, 2012 @ 22:15

HazelAM il cook for you lol .

jonny_hart_digit thats why its called virtual not real life and if sony did that for you they would go bust

CoolRichy008UK 29 May, 2012 @ 22:15

SirJake_Brookes has many good knights lol

@4 davie222: I cant wait as well but iv never seen it live, What date is it & time? All iknow is that its early june. Also cant wait as i can hang out with US friends on my UK acc & in a public space lol. Dunno why the home team dont make all spaces global.


this looks really good. can’t wait to try them

I would like more freemium style games, like sodium etc

To cover the costs of the games being free you could put advertisement etc on walls like you do in home square

I´m still waiting to see all my trophies in Home. It was promissed when Home was anounced. And when will it be out of Beta, this is a joke!

nice update can u please put the predator costume back in the store i would love 2 have it as my avatare on playstation home it looks smart on the lucky people who have it thanx

Nice update~
Things i personally would like to see over the next few weeks:
E3 Conference, Who doesnt? XD
Maybe something to do with the Queens Jubilee?
The 2012 Euro.
And of course THE OLYMPICS! Its a big year for us Brits, and i think we should shine.

Hi its my first time on here since the hacking but theres nothing for me this week but I do a few questions

1. What’s happened to the Doctor Who Tardis personal space and items that the americans seem to have got? (which makes no sense as its a british program)

2. Why have spaces/features that have been advertised (trophy room for example) or braught out in other regins (like DRESS) not been braught out in all regins like the UK?

3. What happened to the ability to hold down R2 and speak into the microphone freely without being in a convosation as this would be an excellent feature again?

@17 You talking about the alien vs predator outfits? i only got the alien.. What i want is the outfit off imfamous 1, Thoes red huddie people, god noes what there called lol. shame :(

Im surprised that the home team dont do limited edition outfits for a month then go out of store.. More people would buy & maybe you could even add the price a little.

procion the official Playstation Home bunny says THANKS Zoba for the excellent update.OOOOOh we just loves rpgs, they enable us to enspreadem our gossamer wingses and fly (I CAN SIIIIIING!!!) on the waves of fairy’s magicly hot, (but somewhat unwholesome) magic air about a map and vanquish eveeel orcses (yes, YESSSSS) with one of our… wands , *sigh* … Thanks!

nice hobbitses…

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