GT Academy 2012 Demo Now Live Across Europe

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You might be aware that at the start of last month we launched this year’s GT Academy, our ‘virtual to real’ competition in conjunction with Nissan where we take a PlayStation gamer and turn them into a real-life racing driver.


The first stage of this year’s driver search – the online qualification round – is now in full swing. To date over 670,000 players in 14 countries have downloaded the free GT5-based qualification round which launched on 1 May.

Today I have some great news for you! From midday, the GT Academy 2012 demo is being made available in most countries that have PlayStation Store.

00_top 01_round

Although this extended roll-out won’t mean that you’ll be able to enter the main GT Academy competition, you will get access to some rather impressive, exclusive and free new content that also includes un-lockable DLC. (And there’s always the valuable opportunity to earn bragging rights over your mates too!)

Here’s what series creator Kazunori Yamauchi said about the new GT Academy content:

“The response to the GT Academy 2012 demo has been very positive, so we wanted to make it as widely available as possible; the title is very accessible to everyone. Veteran Gran Turismo players enjoy the challenges, but then it is also a very good starting point for players who have never tried a driving simulator before. They can experience the depth of race driving, as well as the fun and excitement of time trials.”

02_race 03_trophy_rankings

You don’t even need to have Gran Turismo to play this game, so what are you waiting for? Head over to PlayStation Store and download the free demo now.

More information about the GT Academy 2012 demo and also the GT Academy programme can be found on

Time for everyone to get their race face on!

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Huono_peleis 01 June, 2012 @ 12:18

“Today I have some great news for you! From midday, the GT Academy 2012 demo is being made available in most countries that have PlayStation Store.”

Care to explain what “in most countries” means this time?

Penrose Tackie 01 June, 2012 @ 12:59

Hello Huono_peleis, the demo should be available in all markets with a PSN. Have fun !

Lots of fun but sometimes very frustrating and difficult (for me).

Is that means for Czech Republic also?

Is that means Czech Rep. also?

In Greece is not available,at least until now.Is there any chance for the next days?

It just became available in Greece!!!

V ceskem store neni, stahnul jsem pres americky ucet.

V ceskem store neni, stahnuto pres americky ucet.

akbar-kumar 02 June, 2012 @ 11:38

Hi, will the GT Academy Demo also be made available in India? I have been waiting for quite sometime now to play

hi penrose,hows it going,ill be downloading the academy dlc,hope all is well.

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