E3 2012: God of War: Ascension Unleashes On PS3 Next March

God of War fans, our journey to Ascension begins now! We just showcased the worldwide premiere of our single-player experience for God of War: Ascension on the grandest E3 stage of them all – the PlayStation E3 press conference. The story behind God of War: Ascension tells the journey of Kratos’ redemption from his past sins and the rise of his rage to break free from Ares’ bond. Our team is excited to explore the tormented past and psyche of Kratos and showcase his journey with a bevy of signature gameplay features, combat advancements, and epic “bigger than life” moments. We’ve been tucked away working hard here at Sony Santa Monica, and we are super excited to inform you that God of War: Ascension will be unleashing on PS3 on March 12, 2013. We’ve got a long road ahead of us, but the whole team here at Sony Santa Monica Studios is dedicated to making this the biggest and best God of War yet. Be sure to follow our journey at Now about that single-player demo…

God of War: Ascension

In the single-player demo we showed off some of our new gameplay mechanics and combat systems. We’ve evolved our combat system to be more immersive and powerful than ever with a new tether system allowing you to sling enemies around as a wrecking ball while maintaining a blade attack at the same time, in the air and the ground. Our new world weapon system also allows Kratos to steal enemies’ weapons to use against them. Now you can easily switch back and forth between the blades and sub-weapons mid combo.

Also, if you watched the demo closely, you’ll notice that we’ve replaced some of our QTE mini-game button prompts with a new prompt-less free-form system. While in the mini-game, you’ll need to focus when to attack or dodge based off of the enemies’ actions, instead of an indicated button prompt.

We also showcased our new Life Cycle mechanic. Kratos can use this new ability to control the flow of time on various objects in the environments to solve puzzles and freeze enemies during combat. Watch the demo for a better illustration of this.

For those of you with 3D-compatible TVs, you’ll be able to feel up close and brutally personal with Kratos as God of War: Ascension is going 3D. We are creating the game in an intelligent way for 3D and not just a converted experience.

You’ve heard us mention time and time again that single-player is the heart and soul of the God of War franchise. While we are excited to deliver a kick-ass multiplayer experience no one has ever seen before, we are devoting more time, effort and resources than ever into the single-player experience to ensure we exceed everyone’s expectations. Our team is committed to delivering yet another epic God of War experience to you.

God of War: Ascension

If you’re going to be amidst the E3 craziness, don’t leave the LA Convention Center without stopping by the Sony booth to check out God of War: Ascension. This will be the first time that anyone, press or otherwise, will be getting their hands on our multiplayer game. We’re pumped to get people’s first impressions and feedback.

If you want to catch a glimpse of God of War: Ascension throughout the week of E3, we will be kicking off G4’s live E3 coverage on Tuesday at 9:00pm, and will be appearing in various LIVE shows on IGN, GameSpot, Machinima, the PlayStation.Blog, and of course collating every bit of God of War news at throughout the week. We’ll have some more details to spill, so be sure to tune in and follow us.

God of War: Ascension

We’ve got a long E3 week ahead of us, but we always love reading what our fans worldwide have to say. Your passion is incomparable! We’re stoked to hear your feedback and comments, or just flat out excitement. Follow and tweet to me @ToddPapy or @SonySantaMonica for all the latest, and definitely hit up our website. The countdown to March 12th begins now!

God of War: Ascension

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Pepsi_Biofusion 05 June, 2012 @ 03:58

Will we get the collectors edition in europe? I loved the demo of this game at E3, defenetly my favourite game of E3 thus far :D


Where’s the official video on youtube guys, all the others have one now, I want to share the new GoW, dam first world problems, lol.


Looks interesting. Is this set between GOW2 & 3? It looks like that as Kratos uses some time manipulation that has the same color as the powers he “borrowed” from the Sisters of Fate in GOW2.

will the CE be £60 in the uk since its $80 or will europe get the usual £100 ce?


Looked good,you could instantly see the changes in the combat.The animation had real impact and weight.It seemed quicker,yet more powerful whilst keeping the Krotos identify.

As with 3,you guys do massive and quick camera pans like no other.It’s insane.

Stonesthrow 05 June, 2012 @ 08:53

I was having doubts about that new director Papy (simply because I loved Stig’s God of war 3 so much) but this singleplayer footage looked absolutely brilliant. The fluidity and responsiveness of the animations and movement looked truly astonishing, and it already looked so great in the third. Bring on the Kratos.

dark_angel69 05 June, 2012 @ 10:50

Loved the gameplay. Was just a pity I didn’t get to see any online gameplay. Would have been interesting to see but good things are worth waiting for :D

I feel they spent too long on this and Wonderbook at E3, and not enough on the Vita.

It’s God of War. We get it. Kratos hits things and acts gruff. It’s been done time and again.

It isn’t even that gory. The way the elephant mans head cracked open it was like he was opening a Kinder Egg. It wasn’t new or impressive. It’s just samey old God of War.

bushdoctor777 06 June, 2012 @ 14:16

Tretton said that 60 new Vita games will come out before the end of the first year of the vita(February 22nd 2013)

primestorm15 06 June, 2012 @ 21:34

cara muito loco com certeza esse promete ser uns dos melhores games do game god of war

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