PlayStation’s 2012 E3 Press Conference: As It Happened

For the second year running, PlayStation.Blog streamed the PlayStation E3 press conference as it happened in Los Angeles.

For those who weren’t able to join in on the action in LA, and for those who simply can’t get enough of the latest news from the show, here are the top announcements, in order of appearance.

And that was the PlayStation E3 press conference 2012.

Over the past 24 hours, we’ve also been snapping some of our favourite sights from around the show, which you can find in our gallery below. We’ll be updating this with new pics from throughout the week, so stay tuned for the biggest spectacles from the show floor.

PlayStation at E3 2012PlayStation at E3 2012

PlayStation at E3 2012PlayStation at E3 2012

We’ll also be covering the rest of E3 all week on PlayStation.Blog and Let us know what you thought of the announcements and if there’s anything you’d like us to take a look at in the comments below.

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Love what LBP2 is doing with PS Vita. Totally brings a whole new way of playing and a flood of new possibilities for us creators to work with.

I hope LBP2 won’t be the only game taking advantage of this type of connectivity between Vita and PS3.

Katy Macdonald 06 June, 2012 @ 18:21


There are quite a few games taking advantage of the connectivity between PS Vita and PS3. Check out to find out how WipEout, ModNation Racers and MotorStorm RC are using it.


extermin8or_ 05 June, 2012 @ 19:20

Hoping you’ll answer this but basically I’m concerned by the lack of ps vita games, I was expecting more of a vita focus, I’m estatic about the ps3 games and everything but there were only really 3 ps vita games mentioned there (AC, ps heroes battle royale and COD) I was hoping for something kingdom hearts related and maybe something from kojima, I now have AC:L on preorder with AC3 but tbh I’m a tiny bit concerned I can only hope you are saving it for Gamescom in august and TGS in september :( both are far away though. Also can you give any indication at all when we can expect to see some footage or screenwhots of this Call of Duty and EA’s NFS:most wanted 2 (might just get this on ps3 anyway it looked good )


Since there wasn’t much of a Vita focus in the conference, I’d expect a heavy look at Vita on the blog. Give us a few things to look at please ;)

It was great for two games (Beyond and The Last Lof Us) but right now I’m feeling Sorry for the poor Vita. Sony lost the best way to sell it this year. Cant believe a game like Wonderbook was highlighted more instead of a new console.

I want more games for PSV. Exclusive Resident Evil, another Uncharted (this time with multiplayer!), Tekken, Tomb Raider and more series that has defined Playstation brand. Cancel Silent Hill: Book of Memories and make a proper survival horror game, buy the rights from Activision for Crash Bandicoot and bring him back to PSV and Playstation All Stars! That whould be HUGE! Seriously Sony, Gamescom and TGS are your last chance.

Sony? Seriously?

Why did you NOT show Soul Sacrifice?

This psvita game looks bloody awesome and SHOULD have been showed at the press conference.

Oh and why did you not show LBPvita and how about Killzone:vita?


I wasted 1h30 of my sleep for a very poor conference. Sony haven’t announced anything and the reason I say this is because everything mentioned in the converence was already announce weeks (and in some casos months) before so…. meh -.-



MP_is_for_Chumps 05 June, 2012 @ 19:45

@ the chumps who stayed up:


Can’t help but agree with the comments posted in 2 to 4, we should of seen more games for the Vita.

I’m sure I read somewhere that sony game studios were more involved with the concept of the PS Vita so where are the games that could only be on this system. Where is the AAA game for this xmas?

The lineup according to E3 for the rest of this year seems to be ports/cast offs of games on the PS3.

Why would I buy Battle Royale,Sly Cooper for both PS3 and Vita, is the Vita version included as a downloadable code or discounted if bought with the PS3 version?

MP_is_for_Chumps 05 June, 2012 @ 19:51


I told u suckers LOL

….anyway thanks for this post Katy :) Can you PLEASE make sure that all the trailers go up on PSN ASAP :)


Ps1 classics on the Vita! YES!

I know you could have done more for the Vita, but I’m thankful for the things that you did announce!

Can’t wait to play my Final Fantasy games on my Vita!

AaronSOLDIER 05 June, 2012 @ 20:08

Very disappointed:

Only 1 Vita game announced
Where was KH 10th Anniversary Collection?
Where were some DECENT character reveals for Battle Royale?
Where was Sucker Punch’s new game?

Like I said in a previous blog post, GOW LBP Karting and Battle Royale shouldn’t have been announced prior. Had you saved them for the conference it would’ve been better but still not good enough.

As of now, there is still no reason for me to buy a Vita, most of what’s on it/coming I can play on PS3.

E3 was a letdown, but Sony still won because MS and Nintendo also were abysmal.


I feel really sorry for ninty they had a very weak E3 conference that made this slim featureless recyclable very good trash.

anyhow katy called me mr cynical i been hearing from a podcast and i too belive that the reason sony didn’t put out all the stops gun out blazeing was…….

because MS had a weak conference too so there no need to try outgun anyone with big shock announcements.

tell it is’nt so now we wait 6 weeks to get features like increase cloud storage & cloud gaming. :|


I was so excited for an inFAMOUS 3 reveal…

…I’m so disappointed :'(


* the reason i know is look at how long that wonderbook demo took and the gal goofed abit MS did it too to fill in the gaps something was pulled of E3 and replace it with a rush wonderbook demo that took ages to finish.

Wraith_Bringer 05 June, 2012 @ 20:48

I totally agree with BigBoss587 in post 12.

Even so, it’s really sad how the slew of announcements has been summarised into 11 bullet points.

Where was the Vita section? PS3 was brilliant, but where was Vita? Really?

Wonderbook took too long and Far Cry 3 was needless, valuable time that could have been saved.

And speaking of time, you didn’t use the full two hours. I was expecting better, if even the conference was the best.


First,it feels from a consumer perspective,the PSV is dead.I don’t see it shaking that perception now.

I wish Wonderbook had a 4 minute section.It’s eyepet tech,so we know the score.We didn’t need 4 people on stage trying to get it to work and the director trying to find one that did work.

Sereal_Killer 05 June, 2012 @ 21:50

I dont get why sony reveals als these games before e3 and then then there is no real new reveal at e3.

battle royal, GoW and last of us could have been kept secret.
the only real reveal was beyond and even that was leaked before e3.

it was a good show but there was nothing new besides wonderbook and bey


With the excpetion of Beyond and the Last of US this years conference was shocking and probably one of the worst in recent memory. It was short, very few reveals given the amount revealed before the show and just could have been so much more. Still no new info on Agent or FF13 versus/FFIV amongst the other stuff like the new guerilla IP and Santa Monica IP. PS plus over haul was underwhelming and only spent like 2 minutes on it. As for vita it was a joke. Video app’s that’ll never see light outside of the US and no song and dance about great new vita games. Hell the ps3 new some new firmware and feature updates. can’t help wondering if anyone in Sony R&D or marketing is really that bothered about the future of PSN/PS3/PSVita anymore. Worst thing is the competitions shows were worse than Sony’s showing. disappointing


Congrats on having the best show of E3 Sony… for what little that’s worth considering how poor the rest were (Ubisoft’s possibly excepted).

Really did seem a missed opportunity though, there are a ton of new games that I understand are actually at E3 that weren’t even mentioned during the conference and/or were consigned to being part of the show’s opening montage video.

Plus, I’m dying to know what that mysterious futuristic looking action game was that had footage leaked on monday. Rumour says it’s a new Sucker Punch IP… and if you have something like that in a footage ready state then I don’t know why you wouldn;t have announced it already.

Misjudged show on your part I think.

Hey jack, wheres all the 3d stuff that you were bangin on about last year?


massively dissapointed on PSV news, expected alot more


Very disapointed with the almost no show of the vita this year, also whatever happened to the promise of FULL remote play with the vita. I mean playing batman AA on vita while my gf watches tv would be epic. I really hope Sony instead to unlock remote play soon cause the hackers online are showing you how it should be done…….. Ok rant over now, am loving the plus update, very very good idea

Iv got to say that at the moment im glad i didnt buy the vita, Any games that i like that come out on it, comes out for ps3 as well.. Im sure sony have given up on the vita like they showed 1 game that looked like a pill of crap and that why do they annouce a game that is coming out and a good trailer then show it at E3, Like whats the point? Worst E3 this year by far.

Best thing about E3 was the e3 home event. Cmon free rewards, Whats not to like about that? ;P

Sony had the best conference at this E3. Beyond: Two Souls, The Last of Us and God of War: Ascension were fabulous!


really exciting to hear what Sony Playstation has in store for us in the near future !

Katy Macdonald 06 June, 2012 @ 18:22

Thanks gary1974, it’s been a really exciting couple of days so far!


Good stuff, almost all vita stuff is only for US, Persona 4, Zero Escape… Europe got again shafted, and Sony doesn’t do anything to change that.

Not even going to unbox gravity rush when it comes. Will be selling VITA as there is no future for it. Don’t give a dam about another Assassin’s Creed… ~_~

This is the last time I got trolled into buying handheld console from Sony…

Other than that… PS3 seems to be going strong, can’t wait for The Last of Us and Beyond :)



The Kingdom Hearts HD Remix Collection was supposed to be announced within Nintendos Conference but nothing :( It’s a WiiU title but also coming to VITA & PS3! I hope it’s still announced either today or tomorrow & Final Fnatasy X HD Release date, would be nice!

AaronSOLDIER 06 June, 2012 @ 11:48

Well the Collection was on a ‘leaked’ list by some Nintendo fanboy which also includes Final Fantasy Racing, Resisdent Evil 6 etc. which all proved fake.

Personally I can’t see it being for anything but Sony systems like FFX because Sony owns the entire European translation just like FFX. But its probably not evben in development because Square Enix doesn’t do what their fans ask instead we’ll get FFXIII-3 that nobody wants.

KingKjellboy 06 June, 2012 @ 13:19

“PS One Classics will soon be available for PS Vita” Although not the reason why I bought PSV, this was also mentioned last year that PSone Classics would be playable on the Vita. So, soon, do you meen in June/July or something? Would be awesome if I could play a few of my games on the go, on bigger screen and dual joysticks.

The DLC coming to LBP2 was just awesome. A good way to use our Vita, and a fresh breath to PS-games. I love it. I hope other games will be able to use the Vita as a seperate screen with information and/or for mini-games in the games. :)

Can’t say there was anything else that interested me, besides Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale(PASBR or PABR?:p) and GOW: Ascension. Looking forward to those titles. :)

Now, awaiting information about FFX HD for Vita and PS3. The only reason why I even bought PSV on release. xD


enjoyed the press conference sony, you also had the best announcement in Beyond: two souls cannot wait for that i loved heavy rain im still watching the other press conferences so i dont know which conference was the best but the guys from south park was brilliant but beyond: two souls announcement was better :)

Katy Macdonald 06 June, 2012 @ 18:24

Thanks jozhster! BEYOND: Two Souls does look awesome!

AaronSOLDIER 06 June, 2012 @ 17:43

Trey & Matt were at MS’s conference, just so MS could say they were there. They did the same with Tony Hawk and The Beatles when they got the Rockband game. They have to do stuff like that and timed exclusive DLC because they’ve got no games.


Ha lol i always like when a sony Rep just skips over negative commets to the happy ones.

it always makes me chuckle :D

anyhow president of Sony worldwide had talk that we should had talked more about vita there wont be a vita price cut we focus more getting content for vita he added.

so 1 sony rep says it went well others do not think so.

only gamescom can save sony bacon. :)

hitman_stephen 07 June, 2012 @ 18:11

Guys/Vita fans i recommend following:

As they keep you better updated about vita happenings.

Such as a vita games show reel which Sonys released!


when does playstation all stars battle royale come out on the ps vita. i need to now!!!!

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