MotorStorm RC Is Better Than Ever Thanks To A New Update


Attention all Motorstorm fans! Motorstorm RC — one of the most popular PSN games this year — has just received a community-focused update and I’m here to give you all the details! Beginning today, Motorstorm RC fans will have access to new tracks to try out for free, experience fun and more accessible races, the chance to share challenges whenever you like, and recover lost medals!

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to MotorStorm RC or if you’ve been playing from the start: This update makes MotorStorm RC better for you and your friends. I might be a little biased, but it’s definitely worth a look if you’ve got a PS3 or a PS Vita – and even more so if you have both! So please give it a go and tell your friends about it too.

The update will be available to download today from 5pm GMT / 6pm BST. Please note that it can take up to an hour for the update to be available in all territories. You will be prompted to download this game update when you next start up the game from the PlayStation XMB or PlayStation Vita LiveArea.

MotorStorm_new_trial_1hq MotorStorm_new_trial_2hq


Jamie: What does the update do for MotorStorm RC?

Paul: There’s been lots of activity in MotorStorm RC and there have been lots of stories shared about it, which we’ve been paying very keen attention to as we’ve continued to enhance and improve the game since it came out. Over and above lots of little ‘behind-the-scenes’ tweaks and adding a method for recovering lost medals, there are three key improvements in this update that will make a big difference to the quality of the experience for everyone: we’ve fine-tuned the campaign to make it easier, we’ve increased the opportunities for sending challenges, and we’ve changed which races can be played in the free trial. All in an effort to make sure that when you play this game, you and your friends get the most out of your time with it.

Q: How has the ‘Festival’ campaign been fine-tuned?

A: Many of you told us that “the Festival gets too tricky too quickly” and the stats we see from the game backed this up, highlighting 23 races in particular that only a small percentage of people were able get all three medals on compared to the other races at that stage of the campaign. This wasn’t what we’d expected to see – the campaign is intended to be challenging but the progression should be smooth. By the time you reach the formidable Supercar events you should have built up your skills through every other race to be able to handle them!

The update re-tunes and re-balances these races, to iron out the unnatural spikes in difficulty and make the journey through the game more enjoyable overall. After a lot of testing it looks set to make a positive difference to the game, so we expect to see new players getting into the swing of the game and progressing much more fluently, although they’re still going to have to rise to the challenge to get every medal from every race and go on to earn the prestigious “Lunatics Unite” Platinum Trophy!

Q: Will these campaign changes affect those who already have the full-game?

A: There’s more room for improvement in these races now, so if you were short of a few medals, or you were stuck at any point, go back and have another go!

And give it another go even if you’ve already mastered the Festival to see how much you can improve on your previous personal best – maybe you can get the edge on your friends and challenge them to do better, or rise above your rivals on the Leaderboards!

MotorStorm_new_trial_3hq MotorStorm_new_trial_4hq

Q: How does the update increase the opportunities for sending challenges?

A: Sharing a performance you’re proud of with your friends and challenging them to do better is an exciting part of MotorStorm RC. It really keeps the game buzzing and it works so well because it’s up to you when and who you share it with. The way it’s always worked is that you’re given an opportunity to send your race result as a challenge at the end of the race itself – a point in the game carefully chosen in order to make it easy to send relevant challenges directly to friends, but not so easy (or forced) that it makes challenges become hollow or spammy. In that regard it has always worked perfectly and we’ve always had peace of mind that the thousands of challenges that are sent every day are done so meaningfully.

We came to learn – and again this is from community feedback and analysis of game stats – that while being able to send challenges at the end of the race works well, it is easy to miss the opportunity, so we’ve improved it. Now you can send challenges anytime after the event from the Leaderboards as well as at the end of the race as before. So if you ever wished you’d sent your awesome result as a challenge and though you’d missed your opportunity, you can go back and do it, whenever you like!

Q: What was the reason for changing the races that can be played in the free trial?

A: There are a lot more vehicles, tracks and race modes in the full-game than you can see in the trial, so by changing up what’s available we’re giving everyone an opportunity to see more of the game for free. You’ll get a better feel for just how much value MotorStorm RC offers if you haven’t yet picked up the full-game. And it’s a good thing if you have got the full-game too as it means more opportunities for fresh competition with friends and rivals, which will improve your experience and might just be what you need to earn some of the challenge-based Trophies!

Q: What about any challenges sent from the original free trial?

A: They’ll still be active, but from this point on, when you download and play the free trial you’ll get just one chance to play the original 4 events that were hand-picked by Evolution Studios, so you can take on any challenges you’ve been sent from them and settle any rivalries you’ve got going on them. This will be your last chance to play those events until you get the full-game though, because when you fire up the trial again you’ll get to play the 4 different events that have been chosen from the most popular events in the full-game right now.

We encourage you to play it (and tell your friends to play too) and please let us know what you think!

Q: How can my lost medals can be recovered?

A: If you’ve had the misfortune of encountering the rare incidence of losing all of your campaign medals, you can now contact the PlayStation Community Team to recover your progress on the Official PlayStation® Community Forums.

Even though only a very small percentage of players have been affected, this was one of the most important changes we wanted to make in this update because as passionate game players we know that there’s nothing worse than losing something you’ve played hard to achieve!

18 Author replies

That sounds a top update, I bought this as one of my first Vita games and loved the fun pick up and play nature of it. Also the cross play with PS3 is really cool.
I did however reach a point where I’m not too proud to admit it, that it got too tricky so the fun stopped for me.
Looking forward to giving it another shot. Thanks!

Phenom_Evolution 13 June, 2012 @ 19:16

The really good news is that if your existing times on the events that have been re-tuned already beat any of the new target times you’ll be awarded them automatically when you update your game!

So there’s every chance that you’ll make progress towards 100% completion (and more Trophies) just by updating your game. :-)

Good luck – I hope you enjoy giving it another shot!


Looks good! I can finally get my medals back! Can’t wait to see any little changes that may have been made to make the game better :)
I will be contacting someone about how to get my medals back right away!

Phenom_Evolution 13 June, 2012 @ 19:18

I’ve contacted you with details.

If anyone else has been affected by the rare medal synchronisation issue and has lost all of their medals, please feel free to drop me a message via PSN and I’ll endeavour to assist.

Alternatively, you can contact members of the Community Team on the Official Forums as outlined in the Q&A.

I renew my question in new post cause i looking for an answer:
How long games like Hamster Ball, Magic Orbz etc. will be avilable for PS+ subscribers for free?

What happened to the price drop that was gonna occur for this game today?

Phenom_Evolution 13 June, 2012 @ 19:23

The Store team are aware of this: keep tuned to the blog (and follow @MotorStormRC on twitter and facebook) for further info.

DieFliedermouse 13 June, 2012 @ 18:35

Ha! Didn’t need an update to get all the medals in festival. I just needed skills and a long enough commute every morning.

Phenom_Evolution 13 June, 2012 @ 19:28

Very nicely done! Have you claimed the “Lunatics Unite” Platinum Trophy yet (and sync’d PSVita & PS3 progress for double the reward)? :-)

It’s really great to see more from this game, it’s been a refreshing triumph from the start and even more so to see continued support.
The update sounds great although I’m not too keen on making things easier, that devalues the platinum somewhat for those of us who already have it.

Phenom_Evolution 13 June, 2012 @ 19:31

Thanks MikLSP! The Platinum Trophy is absolutely not down-graded, I can assure you!

It takes serious skills to triple-medal the 16 Super Car events and none of those have been made any easier in this update. The prestigious MotorStorm RC Platinum is still the pride of my Trophy Collection. :-D

You really can not fault these developers, top class in every regard. They create a game that is both fun and refreshing, give you both Vita and PS3 versions together at the cost of less than a fiver. Then continue to create add on content that cost pennies, and now they give us a great update. Seriously, well done on not only creating a great game, but making it so cheap to be accessible to everyone. Refreshingly rare in the gaming world these days.

Phenom_Evolution 13 June, 2012 @ 19:38

Thank you so much for taking the time to post your message! I’m going to share it with the team here at Evolution Studios because I know it will put a huge smile on everyone’s face. :-)

A lot of hard work has gone into this update and into every other aspect of the game, so it’s fantastic to see appreciation for it from the people who matter most: PlayStation gamers!

Alexander1345 13 June, 2012 @ 19:55

Just updating my PS3 now sounds like a cool update but I’ve already platinumed RC. Evolution you guys are awesome you make the best racing games, spent many hours on all your game been a fan since monument valley :)

Phenom_Evolution 13 June, 2012 @ 20:01

There will definitely be room for improvement in some of your times after the changes to the Festival!

Focus on the races listed here and get the edge over your friends and rivals: ;-)

Challenge your friends on the 4 new trial tracks too. Even your friends who haven’t got the full-game (yet ;-)) can compete with you.


Funnily enough, I just got the Platinum last weekend, and that’s one I am proud of, as it was pretty tough!

Even though I managed, I did feel the game was a tad too difficult at times, so I think this update will be welcome. Good job, Evolution studios!

I have a question, though: do the difficulty tweaks also affect the DLC Festivals? I still need to unlock some trophies in those, so that would affect me ;-)

Phenom_Evolution 13 June, 2012 @ 21:36

Congratulations for earning the Platinum Trophy!

The Carnival & Pro-Am Festivals are unchanged: they’re intended to offer a challenge, but if you’ve earned Platinum I dare say you’re more than capable of going all the way and earning 100%. ;-)

LOVED the game(well i love all the MotorStorm games) :P
But i really, really did try to get the Platinum Trophy but just couldn’t do it :( It was just to hard :-/ Hopefully with this update i can get it now;) Er hopefully:D

Phenom_Evolution 13 June, 2012 @ 21:39

Hopefully! Give it a go – with a little practise and determination I’m sure you’d be able to earn the Platinum. Challenge your friends and get them to challenge you – you’ll be surprised by how quickly you can learn and improve from racing against their best efforts. :-)

jonny_hart_digit 13 June, 2012 @ 21:37

agreed. good game, good update, good community participation. well played!

Phenom_Evolution 13 June, 2012 @ 21:41

Cheers! :-D





Phenom_Evolution 14 June, 2012 @ 14:34

2x awesome, I agree. :-)


Not a question about RC but about MS:A.

These may have options i’ve not found.But can you share the reason why bunny hops and the horn were taken out of the game?
I cant see a use for trick’s over hops,I dont think i’ve even tried a trick.

Also were staff ghosts removed,or is there an option for them.PR’s TT mode was brilliant because of them,and forced me to improve.

lastly,is there known connection issues,or is there set downtime periods.It can feel a bit flakey connecting with leaderboards and stuff.

Phenom_Evolution 14 June, 2012 @ 14:38

The tricks in MSA are purely for fun and for show-boating. I believe that ducking & bunny hops were removed because of the unfair advantage they gave to the already extremely nimble Bike and ATV classes.

There are live Weekly Challenges in MotorStorm Apocalypse rather than Staff Ghosts.

The servers were upgraded yesterday to offer a better and more stable experience, given the massive amount of activity we’re seeing now that the full-game is included as part of the PS+ promotion.


Interesting that you say the Super Car events haven’t been changed. I was stuck getting under 17 seconds on ‘Wipe Out’ after trying many times, yet I managed it straight after the update. It felt easier, so has the handling changed slightly?

Phenom_Evolution 14 June, 2012 @ 14:40

They really haven’t changed! Maybe going back after a short break allowed you to break bad habits (on corners, etc.) and make up the time? Anyway, well done and best of luck gunning for that Platinum Trophy! :-D

AlexAtkinUK 13 June, 2012 @ 23:56

The only fault with this game is I can’t help thinking how cool these environments would look from a cart racing perspective.

There is clearly a lot of detail there that is almost impossible to make out from such a zoomed out perspective on a 6″ screen.

Now that would be an awesome DLC, a whole new game mode that makes it into Motorstorm RC Kart Racer.

Phenom_Evolution 14 June, 2012 @ 14:43

I agree that it would be really cool but I’m not entirely sure it’s actually feasible. The game was developed to showcase the racing from the classic top-down perspectives and it’s part of the game’s character now. Thanks for your comments, I’ll share them with the team!

I went back to it;) I had 6 or 7 races i couldn’t do before but now it’s only 3 races :P to get 3 golds. 1 is a drifting one(i find them so hard to do, i am just cr*p at it) :D + the last 2 races(Super car ones) still seem to hard really(it still seems you have to be robot/computer perfect) :( but i will try again later;)

Phenom_Evolution 14 June, 2012 @ 14:44

You don’t have to be a robot to do it; you just need to practise and refine your approach to each of the corners – and then put that one magic run together where everything comes together!

You’re so close to 100% now – I hope you can go all the way! :-D


Easily one of my favorite Vita games. I like it so much.

This update will make me play it again. I’ll update it later today.

Thanks for the support.

Phenom_Evolution 14 June, 2012 @ 14:44

*Thank you* for the support! Have fun! :-)


Thanks for the update.

When I started the game I liked it very much but it soon became frastrating and difficult for me and I gave up after 100 medals. I am not very good in racing games anyway. The most difficult races were the drift and superacer ones. Anyway you gave me a reason to give it a try again!!

I recommend this games to anyone who enjoys racing and challenging games. Its price is great too!

Phenom_Evolution 14 June, 2012 @ 14:46

All of the Drift events have new, more palatable triple-medal target times. Challenge your friends (and get them to challenge you) to help motivate and inspire you to victory! ;-)

This is like lowering the standards in school because some kids can’t cut it. I didn’t platinum the game but completed all races. Still a great game but I’m not sure about this update.

Phenom_Evolution 14 June, 2012 @ 14:49

Well done for completing all of the races before any were fine-tuned!

The standards haven’t lowered: 24/64 events have been re-tuned to offer a more gradual increase in difficulty. The Supercar events remain the ultimate test of skill that separate the best from the rest, so don’t worry, having 100% is still as impressive as it’s always been!

What’s stopping you from getting Platinum? :-D

windsorblue01 14 June, 2012 @ 09:31

bought the ps3 version yesterday no good at it but i like it


Nice be made a lot harder, you are doing this backwards, the games difficulty a joke compared to the other Motorstorm games, only the style/stunt type challenges had any challenge, every other race would lap opponents.


Needs be made* not nice be made.


So……not only was this game very cheap in the first place, we have received lots of free content & cheap add ons & now this huge free update!

I’m very impressed with Evolution Studios so far & long may it continue. You definitely have my continued support, that’s for sure! ;)

I smell a load off COW Dung !

windsorblue01 14 June, 2012 @ 12:01

hey how come the price has changed from yesterday i payed £4.75 or something near it yesterday after 5pm and now its under £4.00


Mmmmmm after the update I win 3 medals and a trophy but today the medals are gone, the trophy for luck not but i want them back them, how!?!?
Before the update I never lost a medal!!!!!!


Please make new roads voor Motorstorm Apocalypse: see you FB-page. THATS the best race game i ever played 8)

@windsorblue01 It was announced on 12 June as being part of the Vita game sale – there was a delay with reducing the price though. That’s why I’d held off getting it for a couple of days.

windsorblue01 14 June, 2012 @ 14:38

@Esarty not really that upset its not like i lost £2 or £3 ill survive still fun little game

DimDim10Dan 14 June, 2012 @ 14:52

I didn’t feel that the game was that hard when I platiniumed it. But when I saw my world rank (something around 400), I felt very proud !

Motorstorm RC remembers me Trackmania, from the french Nadeo Studio. A very challenging but addictive game, with a simple yet great gameplay.

Speaking of Trackmania : I guess it’s not planned as you sell DLCs, but what about an editor for RC ?

What would be great too is to be able to split the leaderboards, in order to see our national or even regional rank (like Trackmania United does). It would be fun to see who’s the best in my region and to challenge him !



Thanks for reply.

I can sort of understand the reason of removing hops.I used to love hopping of cliffs or over crashes that i’d probably hit now.For me,while I still like bikes,they’ve lost a certain awesome feeling by removing hops.
The horn,I’ll never be happy with that.I’ve got such awesome memories of purposefully staying on someone’s bumper for a lap in a rig and stabbing the air horn every so often,just to pressurise them for my amusement and watch them crash.Doing it now,I just miss not having it.

I guess I caught the tail end of the server stuff yesterday.I tried getting the challenges,but wouldn’t connect.about an hour later the boards showed up in SP.

Milky_Magic 14 June, 2012 @ 20:03

Well done to Evolution for making the best value game on Vita, and for continuing to support the game so well. You really have set the benchmark for other Vita developers to match. Great game, thanks.

chrisandsheva 14 June, 2012 @ 20:49

Is it just me, or anyone else feel this game has prevented ‘real’ games from being released, or at least delayed em a while. I kinda felt like this since Feb, the game itself Does tick All the right boxes (for most) but can’t help but think that if ms-rc hadn’t of been That price, and offer those rewards, double game/one price, double/trophies, getting over 5000 (top) ratings etc.. Then sony ‘may’ have given us earlier/other vita releases, apps or games.. thats the only prob i have regards ms-rc, though to say that i guess i’m saying it to all who made it so popular !, funny how it didn’t really find similar ratings in US, anyway, though i am yet to get ‘addicted’ to this, played a few laps, will you’s Stop making good value, entertaining little games till After we get vita’s ‘promised’ features.. thnx.


That really is strange that the Super Car events haven’t changed as I managed them pretty easily after the update and got the Platinum. They were all I had left and oddly I found them harder than the events you’ve since made easier. As you say, maybe leaving them for a bit and coming back helped me.

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