Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles Releases This Week On PSN!

Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles Releases Tomorrow on PSN!

Brand new Marvel Pinball tables will be available on Wednesday via PSN on PlayStation 3!

Marvel’s The Avengers, based on Marvel Entertainment’s BILLION dollar movie, World War Hulk, The Infinity Gauntlet, and Fear Itself make up one of the most exciting videogame pinball releases ever. Each table is based on a huge event in the Marvel Universe, and I cannot hide the fact that we are so proud of these tables! We have taken major steps forward with our pinball craft and of course, I could go on forever and ever about how great I think the new tables are, but I’ll let them do the talking! Check out the trailer below for Fear Itself.

So, what is new and different about this set of Marvel Pinball tables? Previous tables were developed around individual characters, pitting you against their enemies with table elements focused on capturing their personalities. With the Avengers Chronicles tables, we focused more on storytelling, basing each table on an event in the Marvel Universe. In order to accomplish this, we recorded more voiceover than in any previous set of tables, and most of the lines are straight out of the comics. For example, The Infinity Gauntlet table alone has 139 lines pulled directly from the comic series and outlines the events of the story arc. And if you want to know more about Thanos (no spoilers here), may I suggest The Infinity Gauntlet table as a means to learn about the Mad Titan?

Infinity Gauntlet - Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles

Did anyone happen to see a little movie released back in May that has broken box office records??? Yes, Marvel’s The Avengers!!! I don’t want to spoil anything for those of you who have not seen the movie, but the Avengers table is based on events in the smash-hit flick. Back in the glory days of pinball machines, pinball was the centre of pop culture, and a table was released for everything big in mass market entertainment. It is pretty cool that we have a table based on a movie that has broken countless records! Our friend Chris Baker from Marvel Entertainment wrote a post here on the blog about Marvel’s The Avengers table a few weeks ago – so if you need more info on that table, it is a great read.

Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles Releases Tomorrow on PSN!

Finally, Hulk is making his Marvel Pinball debut. We have had about ten million requests for Hulk, so we are happy to give him to you in a big way. World War Hulk is an explosive story, and the table reflects that in every way. I am sure you will all enjoy playing in the ruins of Manhattan as you crank up the volume on Hulk’s intense one liners. You’ll also get a cool cameo appearance from the Punisher!

World War Hulk - Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles

I also wanted to take a moment and update you on Zen Pinball 2. We had planned to release the new Avengers Chronicles pack in line with the release of Zen Pinball 2, however we are experiencing some delays, and unfortunately this will not happen as planned. Technically speaking, Zen Pinball 2 is a very complex game and we have been working very closely with Sony to get it released as soon as possible. The wait will be worthwhile – I am proud to say that Zen Pinball 2 was nominated for Best of Show from IGN, and Best Portable by Destructoid at E3!

As always, I want to say thank you to all of you from all of us at Zen Studios. We truly appreciate your support and look forward to hearing what you think about the new tables.


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Looks great but am I getting confused???

I’m sure there was talk that this was coming to both PS3 and Vita?
Also those that already have Marvel Pin Ball would get some dual download benefit like Hustle Kings?

Is the game coming to Vita and is there a buy one get both deal?

Zsolt Kigyossy 18 June, 2012 @ 15:50

Yes, these tables will be available for Zen Pinball 2 later this summer. If you buy them now for PS3, you can import to Zen Pinball 2 for free, and then also download and play them on PS Vita for no additional charge.

Zen Pinball 2 is slightly delayed, but it will be out soon for both PS3 and PS Vita.

RagingAvatar 18 June, 2012 @ 15:43

No Vita version?

Zsolt Kigyossy 18 June, 2012 @ 15:51

Not for this week. However, any Zen Pinball or Marvel Pinball content you have ever purchased will be playable on Vita via Zen Pinball 2 in just a few short weeks!

Zsolt Kigyossy 18 June, 2012 @ 15:53

Not this week. However, any Zen Pinball or Marvel Pinball tables you have purchased for PS3 will be available for PS Vita in just a few short weeks! You will be able to play these on Vita at no extra charge:)

love marvel pinball and ill be getting this day one :)


zen pinball and marvel pinball will get a title update later in the year (soon hopefully) and both will become zen pinball 2 at that time zen pinball 2 will be playable on vita.

just to be clear you will get both the vita version and the ps3 version if you already own or buy zen pinball 2.

at this time marvel packs will essentially become dlc packs for zen pinball 2 and you will get a whole new trophy list for free :)

more info here

@ Zsolt Kigyossy

any chance of another spiderman table?

thinking along the lines of the avengers movie table but this one would be linked to the amazing spiderman movie?

Zsolt Kigyossy 18 June, 2012 @ 16:18

At this time we do not have any plans for a new Spider-Man table. Thanks for your support (saw your earlier post)!


@ Zsolt

This is a reply you gave on the US Blog: “Zen Pinball 2 is a free download – it is only the content that will cost. Any content you have already purchased (Zen Pinball, Marvel Pinball, and add-on tables for those games) will be imported for free into the new game, and some of those tables will receive texture upgrades and bug fixes as well”

So we might awsell delete the CORE games to clear up some space & just use Zen Pinball 2 then? By doing this can you still acheive the trophies from Zen Pinball & Marvel Pinball or will you have to play the tables through the original CORE titles?

Kind Regards

Zsolt Kigyossy 18 June, 2012 @ 18:33

I would not advise deleting anything at this point. Make sure to import everything to ZP2 before you delete old content, just to make sure everything goes smoothly. What we are doing is quite difficult, I would like to make sure you get everything promised:)

I like how every one of the tables (Zen & Marvel) are so different and original.

I was frustrated at the delay for Zen Pinball 2 but seeing as it incorporates all the tables (I own) into one package and onto my Vita for free.. I can’t complain. Keep up the great work.

Could you let us know the time frame for the Popcap table?

Zsolt Kigyossy 18 June, 2012 @ 18:34

Thanks! And it is always our goal to give you guys the best value possible. Going cross platform for no extra cost to you is our way of saying thanks for your support.

We will have news out regarding the PopCap collaboration later this summer.

Carnivius_Prime 18 June, 2012 @ 17:34

I don’t even much care for modern Marvel but I can’t deny that ZEN have made my favorite pinball games in recent times. Haven’t enjoyed pinball video games this much since the old Pinball Dreams & Fantasies on my Amiga (and was overjoyed to see them rereleased as Minis a while ago so my PS3 is my all in one Pinball console of past and present :D ). Keep up the good work.

Zsolt Kigyossy 18 June, 2012 @ 18:35

Thank you for the kind words!


Day 1 purchase as always.. Obligatory request for ‘Howard the Duck’….. Make it happen!

Still no Zen pinball 2 :-(
How can a pinball game be 12+?
Looks awesome.

Zsolt Kigyossy 18 June, 2012 @ 18:37

Zen Pinball has been delayed. The game is really complex and we need extra time to test and make sure the free upgrade experience is seamless for all of you.

12+ Yeah, that’s funny, right! Some of the tables have elements that garnered that rating (Ninja Gaiden).

It’s a pitty that zen pinball 2 is delayed. But i think it’s beter to wait till the game is bug free! My PSVITA is bagging for a pinball game and Zen 2 is the one for me.

I’am glad that we can download it for the PS3.
Thxxx Zen for all the info.

Looking forward to this. Good work!

AlexAtkinUK 18 June, 2012 @ 20:42

Oh man am I gutted.

I have bought every table for Pinball FX 2 on Xbox, now I find out if I had gotten them on Zen Pinball instead I would have them free for Vita? Bummer.

I guess I will have to decide which tables were my favourites and get them for Vita/PS3.


I’m kicking myself for buying nearly all the tables on the Other console, I’ll have to rebuy them now but never mind at lease there not over priced so it won’t hurt my pocket too bad.

I wish I had friends to play it with, although my mum is hopefully going to be moving closer to me soon so I’ll be introducing her to this game along with many other Ps3 & Vita games.

I’ll probably play it mostly on the Vita when that comes out, if anyone looking for more friends feel free to drop me a req with FX2 in the message so I know. ^_^


I just hope the old tables pick up their associated trophy lists! If so, then great work guys ;)

@ Zsolt

Also, are you telling me you haven’t tested what I stated within my POST NUMBER 6?

viktor90rock 20 June, 2012 @ 10:02

Hello na most mi van zsolt szerda van de a psnen meg nicsen rajta az uj pinball tölcsetek fölfele röktön ^^

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