Sack It To Me: Sackboy’s Summer Fun!

Summer Creator’s Kit Released

It’s summertime and to celebrate the lovely weather, we have released the Summer Creator’s Kit for no additional charge!

Summer Creator's Kit

This pack contains 26 Stickers, 4 Objects, 4 Decorations and a brand new Material.

Everything Sackboy will need to have the sunniest of Summer holidays!

This pack is available for one week only though, so don’t delay and head to the PlayStation Store now to pick it up!

Mm Picks

We have quite an amazing mix of levels for you in the Mm Picks this week!

There’s the 75 minute long Ninja Cat movie, the retro Red Knight adventure game, a rather puzzling platformer that will make you Think Before You Jump, an excellent arcade shooter in Galak-Z Raiden: Resurgence and finally the Tread Carefully puzzle game.

Ninja Cat

NINJA CAT/猫忍!ハンゾー君(75mins) by SAMURAI-09

The Red Knight

The Red Knight Part1 -Dragon’s Eye- by o-tera

Think Before You Jump!

Think Before You Jump! by FULLGORR

Galak-Z Raiden - Resurgence

Galak-Z Raiden: Resurgence by RoDRiGo-FiLiPiNo

Tread Carefully [1P]

Tread Carefully [1P] by SneakySteve1983


Community Highlight – Pocket Moon Podcast

Today’s Community Highlight takes a look at the Pocket Moon Podcast that is run by community members, amazingflyingpoo and tsr13.

Pocket Moon Podcast

This regular Podcast has recently passed its 20th episode and is a brilliant and informal look at the recent events in LittleBigPlanet, whilst discussing a wide range of subjects and is always an enjoyable show to listen to.

Since this podcast is so awesome, we will also be awarding the Pocket Moon Podcast with the Awesomesauce Secret Pin! A very rare treasure amongst LittleBigPlanet collectables!
Congratulations guys!

Be sure to check out their latest escapades on the Pocket Moon Podcast!

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2 Author replies

Thank you very much little big people!

Artemisthemp 26 June, 2012 @ 14:37

First out Wednesday

I take it this goes up tomorrow? I hate it when blog posts say stuff like “don’t delay and head to the PlayStation Store now to pick it up!” when the content isn’t live. Makes you go crazy searching the store cos you don’t want to miss out

Simon Rosenkotter 26 June, 2012 @ 17:16

Today in the US and tomorrow in Europe. :)

Steven Isbell 26 June, 2012 @ 18:51

Apologies, this blog post was published in both the North American and European blogs which have different PlayStation Store update dates.

The Summer Creator Kit will be released in Europe tomorrow during the scheduled PlayStation Store update and will then be available for one week only!

I free stuff so COOL:P

@4 i.e Me:D
I meant – “I love free stuff so COOL:P”

no wonder I can’t find it yet. Oh well. back to the LBP Beta on Vita :)

ChelseaWatson 27 June, 2012 @ 15:40

i cant find it :C is it out in the UK yet ?????

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