The Resistance: Burning Skies Graphic Novella Has Been Found!


The arrival of the Chimeran forces and the destruction and carnage they inflicted upon America has been a well-documented event. Among those caught up in the chaos was one Mr. Henry Stillman; an American radio announcer from Radio USA, Philadelphia. He documented the rise, movement and eventual world domination of the Chimera.

Following the global cover-up stories, the loss and the fear within the human populace, Henry Stillman managed to build an account of the events and collect them together within his own Graphic Novella. Unfortunately, over time and wear, the integrity of the document has since diminished and become illegible. We have, however been able to collect all the pieces together and can now bring you the truth as to what happened those many years ago.

Now you too can uncover the truth about the meteorite strike, Tom Riley, the Chimera and more! All you need to do is download the codex here, find all the codes and place them within the Novella here. It will definitely be worth your while.

If you are keen enough of sight you will be able to uncover a portion of the Graphic Novella that will lead you to an interactive video wherein you may find additional codes to unlock rewards on

So what are you waiting for? Do your part to uncover the truth.

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The link does not work.

I’ve put in all 12 codes I can see on the image, but there are still two images at the bottom locked, hmm…


nice I like these kind of things!:)


how about releasing an online multiplayer patch that fix the overpower mule and network connection errors? a co op mode addition wouldnt hurt either

I have retrieved all 5 codes from the video but they don’t seem to work. The first three were incorrect on the graphic novel and I have subsequently been blocked from entering any codes for the next 15 minutes and ALL of them say code invalid on :(


I’m looking for some alternative to tl;dr that means “I couldn’t be bothered jumping through hoops to see your advertisement”.

So, this competition requires Facebook? Figures.


The article specifies AU but the second link doesn’t work from Australia.

“Victor is sorry but this competition is only for some European countries. If you follow me, you will be sure to find other challenges you can take part in!”

Huono_peleis 10 July, 2012 @ 00:16

Crap campaign worth the crap game.


same issue as scubafinch, this post says AU but the link says EU only, I’m probably one of the biggest resistance fans around, and your going to deny me back-story??? not cool.


Yeah it says up top its for New Zealand as well but I have same problem as above posts, very disapointing :(

Can anyone else get a code from the video to work either in the novel or on


Well glad to know that its as good as the game was.

5 codes and not working on the novel or they stopped working?

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