PlayStation Home: A New Breed Of Warrior

PlayStation Home will be offline from 8AM BST on Wednesday 11th July for routine maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…

Home: Granzella_dokuganryu_1024x576

Granzella introduces the Dokuganryu Armour series (Helmet, Armour, Lower Garment, Boots, Eyepatch) for PlayStation Home!

A distinctive arc rising from the helmet is evidence of a strong warrior. The defensive and offensive powers to repel foes are the strongest yet. Dokuganryu, the skilful one eyed warrior, has come to protect the city of Edo from Mononoke!

Home: raver_051512_684x384_EU

Konami brings you new Raver outfits which will make you the focus of any party! Check out the sexy GoGo dancers or glowing Neonman with their customised dance moves.

Home: steampunk_ap1board_071112_684x384

Juggernaut Games introduces their first “Adventure Pack”. Today’s adventure is all about Steampunk! Grab this bundle of clothing, furniture, profiled active items and a companion and go neo-Victorian! Includes a clock that tells real time (3 furniture slots) and an animated clockwork table (2 slots). Adventure awaits!

Home: TronApartment_1280x720

From Steampunk to Daft Punk! To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the groundbreaking Disney movie franchise Tron, get 50% off selected Tron items in PS Home until 24th July.

Enter the Grid to take advantage of these anniversary special offers, you’d be derezzed not to!

Home: Ultimate Fantasy Fashion Bundle_684Home: Ultimate Horror Bundle_684Home: Ultimate Party Bundle_684

This week nDreams are giving you the opportunity to make a massive saving on items from some of their most popular ranges. Their Summer Sale Bundles include the Ultimate Fantasy Fashion Bundles which includes many items such as the Barbarian and Amazonian outfits, the Ultimate Horror Bundle that includes the L’il Bling Reaper companion, the Bling Reaper outfit, Nipper and Benji companions as well as a huge host of other spooky clothing and furniture items. Finally the Ultimate Party Clothing Bundle includes the Funkster, Mobster, nSanity and Party props ranges, which is perfect for those of you gearing up to host a party in your apartment. Head over to the nDreams shop in Shopping Mall West or visit a commerce point in Aurora.

Home: Medusa_Large_Female_11-7-12_684x384Home: Medusa_Large_Male_11-7-12_1280x720

Over the past year, Medusa’s hair stylists have provided you with a style for every season. Now they’re branching out with a range of styles intended to help you fulfil your fantasies.

Always dreamed of being a high flier? Then you need the sleek, feminine Socialite, or the tough, business-like Power Broker. Maybe standing in front of hordes of screaming fans is more your thing? Charlotte and Sebastian know a thing or two about fame and their luscious locks are all part of the rock star look! Maybe you long to be an iconic actor like the Legend, or appear in a fantasy epic as the Elven Princess. Whatever you’ve dreamed of being or doing, Medusa has the look to help you get there.

Home: Wedding_ComingSoon_1280x720

The special day is fast approaching – look forward to the Lockwood Wedding set next week! If it’s not your special day, then you’d better send a little something so they know you’re thinking of them. The Gift Machine has plenty of knick-knacks available NOW to make sure the happy couple can start furnishing their new apartment together after their fantastic wedding!

2 Author replies

Stop making me sad. I’m already depressed my ps3 broke now I’m crying

blacklagoon-REVY 10 July, 2012 @ 17:59

great update, looking forward to the Edo stuff :). loving the new Lockwood hair :) Me want!

Hey Blacklagoon-REVY,

So happy you like the update! Have fun!


any chance while updating you can fix my helgast helmet its only avaliable in female when outfit bought in male section.

European_Gamer 10 July, 2012 @ 19:26

Now that you have launched the steampunk pack is that a sign you will launch the steampunk space soon

Hey EG,

It is on hold as the developers have been working on various updates to Home. At the moment there is no current date of release for the Steampunk space, but we will definitely update you if/when that changes.

richrich1991 10 July, 2012 @ 19:54

great update but until the error s fixed i wont be able to get them -_- hopefully the error s fixed before tomorrow .

abdirizak007 10 July, 2012 @ 22:15

God update but i have 0 chips can u give me more?

stranger Danger05
i miss you see you lovy

thunderking1981 11 July, 2012 @ 06:53

hi i got the ultimate fireworks dispay and i like the fireworks in pier park so will the fireworks in pier park say or go please replied me thanks

DiazVice1999 11 July, 2012 @ 10:35

What time the ps home will be online again??

Sigh, seriously hasn’t Home got enough clothes/costumes already?.

If Sony spent more time getting the developers to create Spaces with great built-in games like Sodium 2 and novus prime. Then Home may someday become highly successful.

chrisandsheva 11 July, 2012 @ 19:24

Agree with post10. If you put equel effort into providing games, or competitions as you do with making and marketing clothes and ‘other’ wares.. home could be much bigger.. i think the last time i ‘visited’ was to check out the uncharted3 game. promo type event, which was very good.. another good time was during the RE5 event, again good fun.. esp waiting to find right people to search for the hidden (was it) golden beetles ?.. or treasure with… but just being in the actual village that RE5 opened in was a xp alone… obviously you Have to cater for All, but it does (strangely) feel like your not doing what you can for some of us, but merely updating every week to allow for.. say different/new kinds of virtual clothes to work properly.. it is still early days however (imo) as to where/what, and whom home can be most .. appropriate for, and i do hope that you’ll get the right balance and direction, .. eventually.

Home wont ‘ave enough clothes and stuff untill it has afro pig-tails for guys ‘airstyles just like Ludacris was wearing in one of his vids along with his kid. Yeah… lol

Seeeeeeowww, ummm, does the Steamcome picture frame actually hold pictures from the xmb or do we in SCEE just get the dodgy doodle drawing we see in the window shot?

sorry for bumping, this is my last comment herein, but here’s a patch of what I have to say about the Granzella green speedos in US Home Blog:
The poor guy in the leaf-green speedos looks cold, like snapped-off & lost forever frozen cold… Just remember developers, if you can over state the bumps on the female form, then I’m sure, for the sake of the other half of humanity’s masculinity you could at least go to the trouble of understating the male form. It’s not the 1950′s anymore America, you don’t have to get offended at a possible discreet bump…

jfsebastian 15 July, 2012 @ 00:38

The new samurai armour is nice but £1.19 for an eye patch? Seriously? I’ll just use the free one from Cutthroat Island thanks.

CoolRichy008UK 16 July, 2012 @ 16:35

LMAO DAVIE222 ps3 is broke and my tv is broke but im getting a HDTV this week sweeeeeet now il have better graphics on my new HDTV this week WOOHOOO

when things go bad for people i get the good luck LMAO

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