Summer Sports Sale Kicks Off This Week

Hello everybody

This week a certain major sporting event hosted in the UK gets underway, with pretty much every country in the world competing across a huge variety of sports. To mark the occasion we thought we’d host a Summer Sports Sale for all you athletes at home, including some of our sporting and Move-enabled games for you guys at home to ‘medal’ with.

We have a heap of great titles and DLC available for you from the 25th July until the 1st August.

Here’s just a taster of what is on offer:

Sports Champions (PS3)
Was £19.99/€29.99 – Now £15.99/€19.99
Get ready to take part in the ultimate sporting showdown! Featuring six fun-filled events, Sports Champions is the classic PlayStation Move game that challenges you to master real-life sporting techniques. PlayStation Move motion controller and a PlayStation Eye camera required.



Hustle Kings (PS3)
Was £6.49/€7.99 – Now £3.19/€3.99
Step into the world’s coolest pool hall and hone your skills in Hustle Kings. Crystal clear visuals, ultra-realistic 3D gameplay and a host of game modes including online multiplayer match-ups make Hustle Kings a heaven for hustlers, hipsters and pool fans everywhere. Download it today and bag some baize in style. PlayStation Move motion controller and a PlayStation Eye camera required.


Top Darts (PS3)
Was £6.49/€7.99 – Now £3.19/€3.99
Download Top Darts to try your hand at classic challenges like Around The Clock and mini-games like Cat & Mouse. Join a league and compete against up to seven players to see who’s the daddy of darts! PlayStation Move motion controller and a PlayStation Eye camera required.



High Velocity Bowling (PS3)
Was £6.49/€7.99 – Now £3.19/€3.99
Grip your wireless controller like a bowling ball, set your sights on those pins, then swing your arm to release the ball and knock them down. Have you got the bowling action to become king of the lane? Find out in High Velocity Bowling!



Move Fitness (PS3)
Was £19.99/€29.99 – Now £15.99/€19.99
Grab your motion controllers, step into your own virtual gym and get in shape with over 25 fun, intense exercises and a personal trainer to guide and push you all the way. Two PlayStation Move motion controllers and a PlayStation Eye camera required.



Everybody’s Golf: World Tour Complete Edition (PS3)
Was £23.99/€29.99 – Now £10.99/€12.99
Download the ultimate edition of Everybody’s Golf: World Tour, with bags of extra content, 3D visuals and support for PlayStation Move. This game is playable in 2D or 3D. To enjoy stereoscopic 3D features, you will require a 3D TV that supports 3D stereoscopic display and 3D compatible glasses. PlayStation Move motion controller and a PlayStation Eye camera also needed.


Everybody’s Tennis (PSP)
Was £6.99/€7.99 – Now £3.19/€3.99
Download Everybody’s Tennis and take the starring role in a quest for on-court greatness. Prepare to lob, volley and smash your way to victory against top tennis champs in fantasy locations across the globe. Compatible with PSP and PlayStation Vita.



We also have some more PSP, PS2 and PS1 games on offer too! Dive into these first place offers!

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Its the olympics yet the official game isn’t on sale… fail lol

Hi there!

Can you tell us please if Hustle Kings and Top darts are also discounted for the Vita too ?

Also any idea if Primal will come as a Ps2 classic?

Andy Stewart 24 July, 2012 @ 12:27

For Hsutle Kinds and Top Darts, if you buy the PS3 versions you get the PS Vita versions for free and visa versa.

Andy Stewart 24 July, 2012 @ 12:28

I meant Hustle Kings, apologies

hustle kings and evry bodys golf should have a vita sale not just ps3!!!! god dam it i thought they were vita tittles !!!!

Andy Stewart 24 July, 2012 @ 12:30

These two games for the PS Vita have been on sale recently already, sounds liek you missed them. However if you buy Hustle Kings for PS3 you get the Vita version for free.


So instead of a proper summer sale (like the US had) we just get sports games? or is there another sale coming soon?

Andy Stewart 24 July, 2012 @ 12:30

Oh this is not our main summer camapign, just the warm up. Our main Summer Sale starts next week.

heathengray 24 July, 2012 @ 12:10

Everybody’s Golf: World Tour Complete Edition – £10

Oh hell yes.

I missed the last time it was on sale, so thanks!

hitman_stephen 24 July, 2012 @ 12:12

Sadly sports games are not my taste (at the moment) but nice to see a summer sale is on, i presume this means other titles/genres will be having a sale sometime too?

Andy Stewart 24 July, 2012 @ 12:32

This is not our main Summer Sale campaign, that kicks off next week.

La_Mangouste 24 July, 2012 @ 12:20

What is the size of “Everybody’s Golf: World Tour Complete Edition” ?

And will we get a demo of “Sports Champions 2” ? I was a big fan of the first one.

Huono_peleis 24 July, 2012 @ 12:29

Pool, darts and bowling are Summer Sports? :D

Andy Stewart 24 July, 2012 @ 12:33

Sure they are :P

Well I play them in the summer anyway down my local.

Then again, I play them all year a bit like computer games.

Any extra discounts for Plus members by any chance? ;)

CookieMonsterES 24 July, 2012 @ 12:43

Good work, Andy.

May I suggest some Marvel Pinball tables packs to be discounted in the coming summer sale or is it too late? :P


God Of War ghost of Sparta – will there be a discount in Summer Sale?


nice – now if you could stick vita VT4 back in the sale it’d be appreciated since I logged to buy it on the last day of the sale (sale ends Monday – logged in Monday) and it had been removed! :(

SuGaR_rAy_RiDeR 24 July, 2012 @ 12:55

Nice little sale to start things off, might pick up hustle kings.

Is there any chance that we could possibly get Parasite Eve 2 psone classic a discount? would pick that up in a heartbeat :-)

UnlikelyMelodies 24 July, 2012 @ 13:00


That’s because the game has only just been released. You can’t expect it to be in the sale straight away!

is there a filesize you have for everybodys tennis?


Track & Field PS1 Classic, would have been nice :(

I hope the Summer SALE is decent & not SALES of previous SALE items!

I would like to see Dead Block, Dragons Lair 2, Age of Booty, Assault Heroes, Blade Kitten, Burgertime World Tour, Buzz Junior titles, Droplitz, Eat Them!, Fret Nice, Galaga Legions DX, Journey, Hasbro Family Game Night, I Am Alive, Max & the Magic Marker: Gold Edition, Namco Museum Essentials, PAIN DLC, Scarygirl, Savage Moon, Shoot Many Robots, Skydrift, TerRover, Top Gun, Voltron: defender of the Universe, Wrecked: Revenge Revisited & various DLC just to name a few ;)

No Fifa:Soccer for psvita? :/. Might as well wait for Fifa 13 anyway I guess.

AaronSOLDIER 24 July, 2012 @ 13:16

Any chance of a MotorStorm RC sale?

andrewsqual 24 July, 2012 @ 13:19

@orton131 Maybe when Sega get the finger out and stop releasing awful ports of Dreamcast games and shutting down an awesome fan made game, Streets of Rage Remake, that was in development for 8 years and they waited for the guys to release it before telling them they couldn’t (phew), then just maybe they will do a sale on The Official London 2012 Olympics Game.
Sony are taking the initiative by putting their own games on sale.

Move Fitness is fantastic. Already got it at launch from PSN, but I highly recommend it, one of the coolest things you’ll do with a Move. It may not look like it on the surface, but the tracking is just superb.

S-o-h-a-i-l 24 July, 2012 @ 13:27

Hey Andy, I just recently purchased a £25 Playstation Network Voucher and was hoping to spend it on games for my Vita. Could you just give me a heads up on whether there’ll be any Vita games going on sale in the summer sale so I know whether to hold off on spending till then or not, thanks.

Will definatly be picking up Hustle Kings and Top Darts to play on the Vita.

andrewsqual 24 July, 2012 @ 13:32

Only noticed Andy’s pic lol. “GOTTA LOT OF GOOD THINGS ON SALE STRANGER”

Andy, a couple of weeks ago you hinted on the blog that you were working with Konami in regards to a promotion on MGS Peace Walker. Have you managed to get anything lined up? Ps, Nice pre-sale ‘sale’, not much for me as I have Hustle Kings and Everybody’s Golf on my vita (hope the snooker pack dlc for HK is reduced tomorrow) but hyped for next week. August should be good: puddle, Dyad, sound shapes…

@Andy Stewart

how about atually getting some new content 2 the store instead off putting the same content on sale constantly.
seriously and you guys think your providing a good service’s how bout som discount info on like the games U.S got with their PLAY sale offer.

“Presenting Sports Champions now on SALE! WAS $ripoff.99, NOW STILL a $ripoff.99.

SCEE, giving you the oldest games at record breaking prices since AGES ago! You’re welcome loyal oblivious PSN users, YAY!”

seriously, why do you people put up with SCEE and their extortion?

supersmith2500 24 July, 2012 @ 16:04

Aww no PSVita version of Hustle Kings? btw. Andy, quick question. Do we get the PSVita version free when bought the PS3 version?

Not into sports and watching at the so called sale prices it’s not as exiting as the awesome steam sales.

Shou_Kobayashi 24 July, 2012 @ 16:28

I hope there will be some kind of MEGA RPG sale, that would be a big money dump from me!

Nice very nice only 4 euro Hustle kings amazing! i wiil buy it and the foosball too, are both is great games for Vita! Buy the everybody tennis guys don’t miss this chance is the best tennis game for psp, actually is the best tennis video game ever :)


I’d love to get the digital version of Sports Champions.

Is this one of the games that has a compatible save file between the PSN and Blu-ray versions?

I will only purchase it if this is the case.

Can I also please ask what is the reasoning between making the save files incompatible? Surely this is making you lose sales.

Is it possible to see a DLC sale in the future? Particular titles I want DLC for are Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3.

Is the DLC for Motorstorm Pacific Rift going to be on sale in the near future?
Servers are closing on 1 october and the 2 DLC packs are still 5,99 euro each. You can find the main game for 5-10 euro in retail nowadays. I might buy them to get 100% in the game, but I need to do so before servers close and 5,99 each is a bit too much in my opinion. Won’t buy them without a discount though.

QuietlyWrong 24 July, 2012 @ 20:32

Hey Andy, the descriptions suggest that Hustle Kings and Everybody’s Golf require Move controllers and PlayStation Eye… But both work just fine with a Sixaxis or DualShock. :)

CoolRichy008UK 24 July, 2012 @ 22:21

here we go again more games being recycled

SONY WE WANT NEW GAMES not games that get cheeper


At first I was all “Boooooo, sports, booooooooo, outside and physical activity and sports, booooooooo” and that, but then I saw Everybody’s Golf and Hustle Kings and began nervously eyeing my wallet.

Looks like it’s time to open once again, old friend!

Also, can’t wait to see what legendary summery goodness is coming in the big sale.

MitchZombie 25 July, 2012 @ 02:48

Looks at wallet after Steam Summer Sale ……..

Stonesthrow 25 July, 2012 @ 10:37

I’ll probably get Hustle Kings to play on my vita at that price. One question about it though : Can it only be played with the touchscreen and motion controlls? Because I’ve seen vita footage of it and it seemed like they could only move their cue with touchscreen. Not the one where you have to ‘power up’ the cue, but just for looking left and right and select other targets, can this be done with the joysticks too? Because it seems kind of unresponsive with touchscreen. I’d give the demo a try but if it’s touchscreen only, I don’t even need to bother.


Can we please get more PSP games available on Vita?
Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow and Medal of Honour please!
Oh, and a price drop for Ghostbusters on PSP please, it’s been out 3 years and still full price! :(



Hustle Kings can be played using nothing but the joysticks and buttons, with the exception of taking the actual shot.


It’s only $4.99 on the US PSN just for comparison! ;)

thebluegaloo 25 July, 2012 @ 13:40

When is this meant to start? I’m gmt and still no sign of it at nearly 1400hrs

Thank you Andy, for putting Everybody’s Tennis in the sale this time. Already purchased it for only 3 euro. :D

Stonesthrow 25 July, 2012 @ 16:58

@39 Thx for reply.


Seems a bit daft that Hustle Kings and Top Darts dont show as that price on the vita when you get the other version free anyway? Why does it not show at that price on Vita & PS3? I dont see a logical reason for this cause its the same purchase unless its intended to stop those without a PS3 getting the price maybe? So HK is £6.49 on my Vita so I have to get home to switch my PS3 on and buy it there which odds are I’ll forget to.

What makes it more odd is that Everybodys Tennis IS at the sale price on the Vita as well

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