Anyone Fancy Cheap Access To Eurogamer Expo? Better Be Quick…

Eurogamer Expo

Hey Blog-fans,

Short one, this! We’ve teamed up with our mates at Eurogamer to get you guys cheap access to the Eurogamer Expo taking place at London’s Earls Court this September. PlayStation Access community members can grab a 20% off discount code over on our Facebook page RIGHT NOW!

You’ll need to hurry. The code has only 500 redemptions and it’s first come, first served. Good luck!

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PARAN0ID_PANDA3 25 July, 2012 @ 17:12

god damn it i bought my tickets yesterday

MusterBuster 25 July, 2012 @ 17:20

Sod’s law! Sorry we couldn’t get this up any sooner for you mate. Still, if you’ve got friends who were umming and ahhing about going, you have something to push them off the fence with!


i see our new manager pulled some strings ;) right Fred?

Been going to this for 3 or maybe 4 years now. Last year was awful, few games, masses of repeat booths for the dud games but few booths for the big hitters, games already out, some downright awful games, massive open space going to waste and you let way too many people in compared to previous years, standing in line 40 minutes to play 5 minute demos is about as lame as it gets.

SuGaR_rAy_RiDeR 26 July, 2012 @ 10:55

Already booked my ticket a few months ago :-( Oh well, see you all there!!!!

Immortal-Wolf-- 26 July, 2012 @ 12:44

No thanks eurogamer expo sucks. If its a japan game expo im there as tokyo game expo shows games before they arrive to euro 2 years later lol. PS3 was out 1 year in tokyo before usa & euro got there hands on it same goes PS4/Orbis will be out in japan 1 year before anywhere else so i say import it from japan easy. Like Tekken Tag 2 already out since september 2011 in japan we get it september 2012 get my point everyone.

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