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Good news sport lovers, a new version of the BBC Sports App Beta is now available and it’s equipped with new features, more coverage and many, many more pixels.

The new version of the beta supports high definition footage across the live events featured in the app and, since the PlayStation community will be amongst the first in the country to try it out, we’re really keen to get your feedback on how it performs. Once you’ve given it a go, leave us a comment down below to let us know what you think.

In addition to HD goodness, the BBC is adding more and more content to the app to cover off this Summer’s big sporting event in London. Be sure to pay it a visit for oodles of live coverage, highlights reels and even a medals table so that you can track each country’s success.

If you’ve not grabbed the BBC Sports App Beta yet – just visit the “My Channels” icon under TV/Video Services on your PS3 system to grab it.

The BBC is still adding features to the app as it goes through its beta trial, so don’t forget to comment below with your feedback! See you in the comments!

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This post has been included in the IE channel. Is this app available to Irish PS3 users? I doubt it.

MusterBuster 27 July, 2012 @ 10:45

Hey Brodie – sorry that’s my fault for not telling the shiny new blog manager to make it UK only. Apologies!

completly unrelated but musterbuster please re add me on psn.

MusterBuster any chance of BBC Sport coming to VITA?

one more thing, after the oliympics what will come to this app?

Jacko_the_lad 26 July, 2012 @ 17:28

It actually works quite well. Decent picture quality now, and there doesn’t seem to be any buffering like with iPlayer. Good stuff.

I’ll use this to watch the Olympics seeing as I’m the only one in my house who actually cares about the Olympics. :P

CoolRichy008UK send me a verry mean message, i will make a video on it and give the blog a link to the vid.

almighty-slayer 26 July, 2012 @ 18:05

Davie, do you have to spam every blog post?


Not sure if I am the only one, but when I try to play todays matches in HD it just seems to lock up after a bit. Not a problem with my internet I stream Netflix in max HD and BBC sports on the website in HD. Get 14 down and 1 up, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

It working fine in SD.

MusterBuster 27 July, 2012 @ 10:45

Thanks for letting us know addnan, we’ll pass that on to the BBC.

Jacko_the_lad 26 July, 2012 @ 20:25

@addnan, It’s just started doing that for me, too. It was working fine earlier though.

It was the same for me in HD when trying to watch the GB match live. It would just freeze after a minute, no issues with my connection and it didnt do it in SD.
Hopefully it’s just a early issue that’ll be fixed ASAP as its otherwise a great app!

yayy downloading!

I love this app as I don’t have Freeview HD or Sky here. Unfortunately, I too am having trouble with the HD viewing. On the BBC One HD and BBC HD streams, the video freezes within seconds. On the BBC Olympic channels, it works for an hour or two and then freezes. If I switch to standard definition there is no freezing at all.

I know my connection is adequate (14Mbps) because I can watch HD programmes on the iPlayer app on the PS3 with no issues.


tried HD. it looks great but it stops like 5 seconds or so & then it turns to a black screen while options are working, SD is fine & has no problems, please fix.

Yep, same as most others. HD is broken. Feed starts then 5-10 secs later the feed freezes forceing you to back out and reselect the feed, then the same happens again. Just ran a speed test and currently running at 10mb download, which should be enough and is enough for the normal iplayer HD feed.


+1 to the HD issue. Flicking over to SD then back starts it up again for a while, only for it to freeze again shortly after.


1.put hd option on.
2.sound is on but no picture.
3.2-4 seconds later picture comes in sync with sound (That’s good)
4. you’re watching HD then 4-5 seconds, the picture stay’s frozen.
5. eventually picture turns black.


HD coverage is sadly broken for the time being, as everyone else is saying. HOWEVER, standard definition is FLAWLESS. :) Thoroughly enjoyed the opening ceremony last night with no freezing or pixelating issues, great job!

ObsidianKam 28 July, 2012 @ 11:26

As has already been said, the SD live stream works perfectly, but HD only lasts for 5-10 seconds before stuttering.


Having the same problems – HD streams for a few seconds then freezes. Sometimes HD streams well, but mostly it doesn’t. Please fix it!

for me when i try and stream the main bbc one channel in hd it freezes up but when i play any other stream in hd, it works like it should

Is this app able to stream the 3d content the bbc is broadcasting also?

Mr_KNIGHTRIDER 28 July, 2012 @ 21:04

this app sounds good going to download it now.

supersmith2500 29 July, 2012 @ 11:41

Same problem also occurs whilst playing in SD,

Jacko_the_lad 29 July, 2012 @ 20:15

This freezing is becoming a real pain now. They really should have released this app and the HD in it way earlier so it was ready for the Olympics.

Nothing but jerky in both SD and HD. Plays for about 5 seconds pauses for a second then carries on playing. Know there is nothing wrong with Internet as I’m now happily watching on laptop. Very disappointed in this app

I’m having the same buffering/stuttering/freezing problem as others in both SD and HD formats. I have a 100mb connection and can stream perfectly fine from iPlayer, Sky Go, etc. I can also watch perfectly via the BBC website on laptop and iPad so there’s definately nothing wrong with my connection. It has to be either the app or the PS3.

This is a great shame as its a brilliant app (once you get used to the controls which are somewhat less than intuitive) but as it stands, is completely unusable.

I don’t remember having this problem when I tried the app prior to the HD streams being available but I didn’t really use it in anger then as the Games hadn’t started.

HD only seems to work if you are NOT watching the BBC1,2 or 3 live streams. If you watch a sport’s specific stream in HD it appears to work fine for me.

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