PlayStation Home – Blueprint:Home Goes Live

PlayStation Home will be briefly offline from 8.00am BST on Wednesday 1st August for routine maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…

The wait is nearly over. After Wednesday’s maintenance window, for the very first time you will be able to create your own apartment in PlayStation Home using Blueprint:Home from nDreams. With the ability to create and save five different apartments and a huge amount of customisation options included, Blueprint:Home offers an unrivalled experience.

Since its announcement there have been a lot of questions asking exactly how it would work. Luckily nDreams have created a walkthrough video to show you just how easy it is to create your own apartment.

Blueprint:Home is the first of its kind and no doubt we will see fantastic community creations. It’s perfect for Machinima creators to come up with even more scenarios and with future Style Packs coming soon there will be even more customisation possible in the future.

To pick up Blueprint:Home visit the Blueprint table in Home Square, the nDreams shop or Estates in the Shopping Centre (East).



The sporting event of the year has arrived in Home Square! That’s right, it’s… the Home Sports Day! A season of games kicks off with the 100m sprint. Keep an eye on Home Square over the coming weeks as more opportunities will emerge for displaying your sporting prowess.


The Stylish Suit from Granzella has arrived! It provides a slim silhouette for a man, and is also available for women seeking a fashionable trouser suit look. Available in Black, Grey, and Black Stripe.

Mmmmm, the lovely warm smell of freshly baked bread, a pot of coffee keeping warm on the hot plate, the scent of foxgloves and honeysuckle drifting through the open window from the garden… All that’s missing is the quaint little oven and English country cottage furniture. Cucumber comes through once again with the Country Kitchen Set!


Head to the Lockwood store to find everything you need to create your idyllic kitchen scene. Versatile corner and cupboard units allow for a kitchen as snug or as grand as you please and kitsch knick-knacks like the kettle and the breadbin will make the perfect finishing touches. All items are created in Cucumber’s signature classic-meets-modern style.


Coming soon – VICKIE is breaking her programming and escaping the Sodium Hub. She needs your help to explore the rest of PlayStation Home! Look forward to VICKIE full body suits and Sodium Companions!


Other updates this week include the return of the Street Fighter X Tekken mini-game, and a new set of tattoos from Heavy Water. There are also 11 new items in the Wrangler store – a new range of tops and jackets will be available, including the classic “Western Denim Jacket” for the gentlemen and the “Robyn Blazer” for the ladies.


Also, make sure to join us starting this Friday 3rd August to take part in our EU-wide Home Fashion Week Challenge. Show off your style and creativity to be a lucky winner of prizes and praise. For more information check the PlayStation Home section in Community Forums

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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Nordlyset87 31 July, 2012 @ 17:46

Great update, will definitely spend some hours creating my apartment :)
Zoba, can you say when/if we are getting the Kitchen set from Veemee US got last week? I want it so bad ^_^

Hello Nordly,

Glad you like this week’s update. The Veemee Kitchen set should be coming to EU soon. Definitely stay tuned for more information.

Alwayzdreamin 31 July, 2012 @ 17:48

awesome! :)

this better be free

almighty-slayer 31 July, 2012 @ 17:52

Why would it be free? A team spent months of hard work making it. Of course it isn’t free.

Looks awesome, nice work :)


Still no new Cloubhouses for Europe?


@#3 If you’re referring to blueprint I have my doubts it’s free but…. who knows. Even it being free, the default option of customization suck and I wouldn’t expect more because they will try to make this a money cow and milk to the last drop, so you can expect to see the best custom. option as paid ones.

I think the idea of this is great but should’ve come years earlier and the fact that if you want to some something decent you will have to buy stuff, let’s be honest the default ones really suck.

It’s too much “buy this, buy that, etc.” and we’re talking about virtual items in a virtual world. Not for me. I’m not condemning anything and/or anyone, it’s just my personal opinion.

Very good improvement to home though. Now imagine it from the beginning and FREE.


it only Free when things are crap, but i like SCEE wording of EU home post then SCEA home blog post SCEE is jitter against UGC but SCEA post said UGC on thiers still cant stomach UGC in EU then it will FAIL.

@ everyone the price of the Blueprint: Home: £5.99 – €6.99 – $7.99 and the addon price idk yet i couldn’t find any of it right now.

but if u buy the Blueprint u get:

For that price you will receive:
•Blueprint: Home – first ever fully customisable apartment within PlayStation Home that lets you build an apartment up to 60m x 60m and up to 25 custom rooms
•2 style packs (Minimalist Style Pack and Classic Paint Style Pack) that offers up to 30 different room style variations
•Two Environments – Idyllic Valley and Paradise Island
•Two Sky types – Blue Sky and Dusky Purple Sky
•3 x Feature items
•6 x Ceiling and Floor Textures
•5 Save Slots so you can create and save 5 different apartments

so thats nice. all info i got here i got from:


the price for BLUEPRINT is. Blueprint: Home – £5.99 / €6.99 / $7.99

gr0undp0und 31 July, 2012 @ 18:47

Home is one of the most overrated concepts on a console and has delivered nothing of what it promised a few years back. I.e. the trophy room.

In typical Playstation style, it could have been better.

residentSteve 31 July, 2012 @ 18:58

Home seems to be down more often than ever every time I see these posts, I never understood the point of home it always felt a bit pointless to me IMO.

thunderking1981 31 July, 2012 @ 19:29

wow very cool update thanks sony keep up yhe good work

thunderking1981 31 July, 2012 @ 19:31

wow very cool update thanks sony keep up the good work

CoolRichy008UK 31 July, 2012 @ 19:31

ps home rip off. give it time ps home will be shut down when ps4 is out & yet again DAVIE KEEPS MOANING about stuff sayin is it free NO IT INT FRE YOU NEED MONEY 2 BUY rip off stuff if sony wants the ps4 i say remove ps home its waste of money n ye what 9 said each week home gets more useless tat. SONY DONT YOU DARE ADD HOME TO PS4 Or me & ppl who dont see the point to it will hit the roof



Blood-Red-RoseUK 31 July, 2012 @ 19:53

I agree Cool Richy, but if you think about it they probably will add pshome to PS4 as a means to getting more money, don’t u think? Loads of people spend hundreds on ps home so it’s possible they’ll do another for for the upcoming console. Tbh the only reason I see why they should not add a ps4 home is because all these fams and clans tend to do ur head in, not to mention the many psychos who think they’re god or something, and ‘beef’ people without any real consequence.. but then, sony wouldn’t care about that would they? They’re only after dosh right? ( no offence sony )


LMAO @ #16 Welcome to my reality, I’ve had that a long time ago but even worst than that, not only from him but from a few mates of his probably on his “order” all of them trash talking me via PM on PSN which I report of course and kindly added to block list :p

At least I stand to my ideas and ideals every week, and I don’t come here moaning for the sake of moan, I actually base my thoughts and present facts. But hey, you don’t pay taxes to talk crap so this things will keep happening LOL


Richy AreYouFnSeriousBRO????

You get exposed & you pull the police card, well, go to the police there is EVIDENCE AGAINST YOU so your putting yourself in it, not the smartest are we? LMAO.

CoolRichy008UK 31 July, 2012 @ 21:37

im just gonna grow up and stop being a stupid idiot if i cant think of anything to say on this blog im not gonna say nothing at all and i deserved what happend to me and from now on im gonna think before i speek

CoolRichy008UK 31 July, 2012 @ 22:13

orton131 like i said if i cant think of anything to say on this blog website i wont say nothing at all and so what if im not smart just because i got a learning disability its NOT MY FALT and dont you dare say i havnt becuase IVE HAD IT SINCE I WAS BORN

and im just gonna ignore replys from now on

I wouldnt say Home was crap, more like Sony didnt have a clue on what they wanted it to be at the beginning and just let any developer add any boring space to get advertisement for their games, and to the us this just sucked.

Now Sony’s finally realised that people want to play games in home they have indeed lately made great progress. But the problem is they left it a bit to late in the ps3’s life cycle and many may never return.

My only complaint with home is that I think its ridiculous that they expect you to spend money on things like furniture. And clothes with their advertisements (they should be paying me) And wish that it was more Advert based on the billboards etc

nfskingrlinworld 01 August, 2012 @ 03:43

very awesome


If you don’t like PS Home, don’t use it. I don’t. I explored it for a month or two after I got my first PS3 and thought it had great potential, but quickly lost interest when I realised what a corporate money making racket it was. However, if other people like it enough to use it and spend money on it, then who am I to criticise? Why would I give a fig whether it’s on the PS4 or not if I don’t intend to use it? There are plenty of PS3 apps I don’t use, but I’m not such a special snowflake that I think they should be removed on that basis.

Make home advert based with billboards instead of purchasing worthless virtual items and i may consider using home more.

hello zoba nice update but can we get the predator costume again i missed it first time and would like to have it

No possibility for multiple floors? If I’m going to buy this, it really should have more complex customizing options like floors and stairs.
Blueprint may have potential but this is really being held back by the limited customization options and the price.

Hey Silven,
This is only the beginning! There is a lot more coming and more to build on. It had to start somewhere right :-) Hope you will continue to check out these updates and see how things evolve.

SirJake_Brookes 01 August, 2012 @ 20:54

For people which don’t like PlayStation Home don’t comment on PSH post, common sense really prevails here. @Richy once again your switching to one moment you like PSH i.e last week and now you hate it. You need help or time away from PS3. Davie I understand where you are coming from about him. I myself have had similar problems. @Zoba update is really good especially vickie update that’s going to be cool & PSN monarchy will very much like that.PSH should be on PS4 as I can’t see no reason why it shouldn’t apart from PSH haters which obviously no one listens to.USA yachts & new usa clubhouse should come to EU & UK severs or desert heaven clubhouse rather then that it’s okay. so I give it a 9/10. Yours HRH Crown Prince of Sodium & p.s Please people stop fighting over pointless comments it’s Quite sad.

I bought Blueprint today and when I try to load it it says it’s accessing HD and web but then just stops with a blank screen and I have to reset back to dash everytime.

How DARE you. Youre not the only one in the village with a dearning listability. DON’T YOU GIV ME EVOS…!

FLUFFTRAKTRBULLE 02 August, 2012 @ 03:57

Awesome!!! I remember first time i went to HOME and just the old plaza was there and gravity crash, now ucan build your own personal space, very gut improvements so far, love HOME lots :D

bullterrier2005 07 August, 2012 @ 12:37

I know this doesnt fit into the things here but how do you get the Renegade Ops beret ( hat ) . Ive completed the game but ive not got it . Can someone help please.

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