Payday: The Heist Pulls The Trigger On First DLC

Attention Payday crew!

Payday: The Heist has today officially launched Wolfpack, the game’s first downloadable content pack, in Europe, with a North American launch planned shortly!


We’ve been busy casing some new jobs for you. The DLC pack comes equipped with two never-before-seen epic heists – ‘Undercover’ and ‘Counterfeit.’ The ‘Undercover’ heist forces players to drive away the pesky police interrupting a back alley deal, while the ‘Counterfeit’ heist pressures players to use silenced weapons to keep whistle-blowing civilians from escaping an underground money printing gig and blowing the whole operation by telling the 5-0.

We’re also arming you with new weapons and crew members to ensure the job goes smoothly. These new heists will require advanced skills, but will have bigger payouts.


Key features of this DLC include:

  • New weapons: Got a problem? Solve it by spraying some lead on the move with the all-new auto handgun and assault rifle. Want people to fear you? Show them the shiny new grenade launcher; it will blow them away, literally. Need someone to watch your back? Release the brand new deployable sentry gun to take out your enemies.
  • The Technician: Based on the character Wolf, the technician is a man who knows how to get things done. With a new skill set and equipment, the technician is a techno-sociopath using the sentry-gun and tool kit.
  • One plays, all plays: Got friends in high places? If you are tight on cash until the next score, all you need is a friend with the content. The new heists can only be hosted if you own the DLC, but anyone with the base game can join for free.
  • Just when you think you are out…: With all-new trophies and achievements, there is a whole lot more for you to brag about. Also, the sky is the limit with a raised level cap.


The Wolfpack DLC pack is available for download now on the PlayStation Network for £7.99/€9.49. Check out the Payday: The Heist website for more info.

Thanks again for your support. Looking forward to the in-game action!

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I just posted this in the store update post but I’ll post here again. I have the US version of Payday will the EU DLC on on the US version

Wasn’t expecting this :O

Great news, the dlc sounds amazing!

Meant will the EU DLC work on the US version?

No, they never do

xxSamuraiGirlxx 01 August, 2012 @ 15:45

cool you guys are still supporting the game.

it would have been cool to have a plus discount on the complete bundle tho…

Any chance the full game can get a PS Plus discount soon? Or maybe one of the free games this month? Also when is the DLC with the
Left 4 Dead Mersey Hospital Map coming out.

is it just me that still have the damn attatchment glitch where the sight and stuff dont show up? :(

so… “No Mercy”??

No mercy needs l4d2 parts which the ps3 dont have so i dont think we will get No Mercy.

I just bought the DLC but now every time I get to the character select screen the game freezes, not happy at all, fix it!

I’d like to know why do the PC players get more items for this game than the PS3 players… They got more masks, exclusive PC heist… what about us? If this game was made in partnership with Sony (that was what they said at least) shouldn’t we AT LEAST get something exclusive too? Just my opinion…


This needs a serious pricecut, might give it a try then.

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