SingStore Update: Skunk Anansie, The Saturdays And More…

On your marks! Get set! Go…

Who’s been watching the games, then? I must say, the atmosphere in London has been great so far and everyone is getting right into the spirit of things. Good luck to all your respective teams this week.

But just because sport is everywhere right now, that doesn’t mean you have to refrain from entering into the odd competition yourself. In fact, what better way to celebrate a few gold medals than earning some trophies of your own with SingStar? (Plus it’s a lot less sweaty.) You can always check out our games-related lists in the Charts section if you need some inspiration.

This week’s update features great tracks by Skunk Anansie, Chris Brown, The Saturdays, Carly Rae Jepsen and the B-52’s, all of which are brand new additions to the SingStore. Gold!

Skunk Anansie_Weak Chris Brown_Beautiful People

Interested in finding out what your favourite summer tracks have been so far? Have a sneak peek below at the Top 20 SingStore downloads chart for July:

SingStore Top 20 July 2012

Adele Someone Like You
Adele Rolling In The Deep
Jeff Buckley Hallelujah
Adele Set Fire To The Rain
Rihanna feat. Drake What’s My Name?
Shania Twain That Don’t Impress Me Much
Lana Del Rey Video Games
Backstreet Boys I Want It That Way
Emeli Sandé Next To Me
Rihanna feat. Ne-Yo I Hate That I Love You
Celine Dion The Power Of Love
Evanescence Going Under
Coldplay Paradise
3 Doors Down Here Without You
Pixie Lott All About Tonight
Backstreet Boys Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
Lana Del Rey Born To Die
OutKast Ms. Jackson
Tasmin Archer Sleeping Satellite

We’ll be out at gamescom in Cologne next week to show off DanceStar Party Hits, so if you’re out there, please come and say “Guten Tag” and have a dance (and sing) with us. For the full announcement of the tracklist, keep your eyes peeled to and follow us on @DanceStarHQ on Twitter.

Nina xx

In English

B-52’s Rock Lobster
Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe
Chris Brown feat. Benny Beautiful People
Katy B Katy On A Mission
Skunk Anansie Weak
The Saturdays 30 Days
Tina Arena Chains
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HumpyMunky 6 August, 2012 @ 4:16 pm   1

I don’t care what anyone else says, this is the greatest update simply because of “Call Me, Maybe”!

THANK YOU NINA (and everyone else at Singstar)!

Graffin_UK 6 August, 2012 @ 4:32 pm   2

Hi Nina,

With DanceStar Party Hits – will that support the use of SingStar microphones?

DanceStar would have had more playability if it had that support, rather than using the PS Eye’s speaker as a mic.

It would also give us a wider range of songs to sing (with proper mics), since the SingStar updates have been rather average. I’m still waiting for more greats from artists that already appear in the SingStore (eg. Karma Police by Radiohead & Meds by Placebo).

jonnanaut 6 August, 2012 @ 6:10 pm   3

Jeppo and Katy B for me this week, what day does the Singstore usually update?


My kids will be well pleased… they love the Carly Rae tune.

If future updates could include any Katy Perry tracks they’d be over the moon!

SideshowN 6 August, 2012 @ 6:59 pm   5

B52’s and Jepsen for me. Dont really know are care about the other tracks.

MonsterRacer 6 August, 2012 @ 9:16 pm   6

Hi Nina,

2 good songs for me this week.

I take “Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe” & “Skunk Anansie – Weak” this time.

Can you please tell me is there any chance that we see some new dutch songs in the store?



ObroniGuy 7 August, 2012 @ 12:17 am   7

This is a much better update than the last.

At least Singstar has gone out & got one of the most popular songs out there at present with “Call Me Maybe”. Personally, I’m not a fan, but it’s encouraging that known & popular songs can still get released.

I’ll get “Chains” & “Rock Lobster” as well.

Now that B-52s are on board, I hope they allow some other tracks to be released in the Singstore, and not just rest on one or two good song without releasing anything further (like Dire Straits, Johnny Cash, Robert Palmer, Cyndi Lauper, etc….)

Hey Nina,
Great update… 🙂 3-4 songs for me!
Is there any possibility of getting any Hilary Duff songs anytime?
Also like everyone else Katy perry would be great! 🙂
Keep up the amazing work!
<3 SingStar

Mr_Writer 7 August, 2012 @ 10:34 am   9

As normal just one song for me 🙁 the updates for the past two years have been so small and lacked choice. I used to buy 10/11 songs an update.

Why has there been no new disk? Are you now more focused on dancestar? I know for years people moaned about not enough ‘new songs’ where on. But I was happy with that as mordern music is awful and same old same old. And when the updates where bigger you had a bit of everything.

To add insult to injury you raised the price of the songs. I’m probably in the minority here though since I find most of todays music awful. So will probably be ignored.


London Studio who gave us the once wonderfull Singstar and the not so succesfull Eyepet is now probably very bussy with their next project Wonderbook that had a horrible boring preview at E3.
I guess that’s the reason the updates aren’t as awesome as they where 1.5 years ago and we hardly see any disks.

Handige_Harry 7 August, 2012 @ 6:12 pm   11

Still no love for the Dutchies right?

AlphaChris 8 August, 2012 @ 8:43 am   12

Hi Nina,

my wife and I are Fans since the first SingStar games back on the PS2. You did an increcible job in bringing the music genre to the consoles. My wife is simply better than me and almost always wins. She even got the Platinum trophy for SingStar (it is just very hard, especially the online requirements…).

I just wanted to ask if there is any chance that we will ever see a SingStar Bon Jovi, SingStar Michael Jackson, SingStar Robbie Williams or SingStar Bryan Adams? After the brilliant Michael Jackson: The Experience I realized that i enjoy having a whole disc of a single artist.

It would also be nice to have some new trophies. It is somehow nice, especially for games that “have no real ending”, to have something special to focus on. (But no more online Trophies please…)

Keep up the good work. SingStar is just a brilliant concept. There are not many games, that you can play together when you have invited some non-gaming friends and we had some great evenings playing SingStar.

Raingmc 9 August, 2012 @ 1:40 pm   13

I’d also like to request new discs….

I do not care which music is on them because i enjoy finding new songs that i have never heard about…. maybe Singstar duets or something like that…. we haven’t gotten a disc in north america since 2010 its almost the 2 year anniversary with no discs.

if it was an artist or group disc id suggest “Weird Al” yankovic or P!nk

Raingmc 9 August, 2012 @ 1:42 pm   14

also is there a way we can sort the songs suck as the Katy B ones so all the katy B is listed in the same artist and not 4 different ones because of all the featured artists, goes for paul mccartney, you did it with chipmunk until the newest one was released…