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Sound Shapes

Sound Shapes is out on PSN next week! It’s the culmination of a long journey for our boss-men Jonathan Mak and Shaw-Han Liem, who worked on the concept for… more years than they probably want me to say before the reveal at E3 2011. Having worked on the game for a year myself, now I think I can speak for the whole team when I say we just want you to play it. Like… we don’t want you to even watch the launch trailer we made. We made Sound Shapes for you to play!

The game will cost you €12.99/£9.99, with an additional 20% off for a limited time for PS Plus members). Most importantly however, Sound Shapes is a cross-play title. Whether you buy it on PS3 or PS Vita, you receive both versions for one price. We cannot stress this enough. We’ve definitely tried to stress this enough. Both versions are yours when you buy it, and all trophies and community levels are shared between them, whether you own a PS3 or a PS Vita, or both.

If you’re looking for more of a general overview of what Sound Shapes is, well, why not watch our brand-spanking new launch trailer?

If you’re *still* here, I guess I should recap the information you really need to know to make sure you’re making the right purchase when you finally dawdle over to the PlayStation Store next week.

So: Sound Shapes is a 2D musical platformer in which every level is a song. You pick up the notes placed in the level to construct the music, but at the same time the creatures (friend or foe) and interactive objects are instruments too. We’ve worked with different graphic and musical artists on each album of level-songs, with the likes of Shaw-Han in his I am Robot and Proud guise, Deadmau5, Jim Guthrie and Beck working with graphic artists like Vic Ngyuen of Capy, Pyramid Attack, PixelJam and Superbrothers.

If the game stopped there that would probably have been more than enough work for us but we also decided that players should be able to use these notes, creatures and so on to make their own songs and levels. Therefore we’ve included a full level editor and online community which will allow you to share your creations across the entire world, reaching players on both PS3 and PS Vita no matter which version you’re using.

Oh, and on top of that we’ve also included trophies (there’s a platinum) which are unlocked by defeating Death Mode, which consists of intense platforming challenges based on our main campaign, and Beat School, which hopes to inspire players in the fine art of beat-making by challenging them to recreate a piece of music in our level editor.

So, we hope that’s rather a worthy offering for your €12.99/£9.99, if you’re still dilly-dallying. One of the nicest things for us is that although we’re super excited to have you play Sound Shapes, we’re even more excited to play the levels you create in the community. To be honest, this could be a total win-win. We get to make the game we wanted to make, share it with PlayStation’s community of gamers, and then have them make levels that we get to play? Amazing! (And don’t worry, we do plan to support the community beyond launch with DLC. Not that we’re going to say any more than that for now!)

If you do find you want to know even more about Sound Shapes, check out our website here! But we wish you’d just pick up the game and get to making levels. Come on, it’s your turn, we’ve been making them for ages!

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I love everything I played of Sound Shapes so far. Can’t wait for the release! It’s a title I could recommend to pretty much any Vita owner :) suits perfectly to handheld!

I have save my money a long long time now The last lever editor video make me to want this game more :) Amazing sounds and the best is level creations ! Only one question how many levels has the full game ?

almighty-slayer 07 August, 2012 @ 17:32

Looks fantastic. Pity you felt the need to delay it in Europe without actually telling anyone.

flaming_fist_17 07 August, 2012 @ 17:46

i thought it’s coming 8/8 for EU … why next week ? … it’s coming today on NA … :(

Good reviews for it –

But, again, why the hell next week?

I still don’t know why it’ll also come out on PS3. It’s the perfect Vita game, and Sony need to sell more Vitas, but that will never happen when all games comes out both on PS3 and Vita.

Anyways, I will definetly get this day one. I’ve been looking forward to this since I saw the first trailer and every gametrailer since has just made me anticipate it even more.

I have been playing our review copy today and I am that impressed I have to tell everyone how great it is :D My review will be up tomorrow. :D

This game looks MINT !!! Been waiting for it for ages so gutted it’s been put back till next week.
I will be a happy plus day one buyer and the PS3 download is an added bonus but I reckon it’ll be the Vita version that I play. It looks perfect for the Vita.
It looks and sounds great. I am a big fan of Riff Everyday Shooter… was kind of hoping it’d get a PSP PSN price drop so I ca pick it up for my Vita as it’s currently near enough the price of SoundShapes!

So lets drop the Riff EDS price in the PSP sale to make up for the extra weeks wait and I’ll be buying them both straight away!

I don’t reply very often, but I felt a need to reply.

Why do people complain about a week delay? In the old days it took years for games to be released, if someone was willing to localize it.

The Playstation Store Team (I think it was Jawad) have given a couple of reasons why the delay between Stores exist. Legal issues and localisation being two of them. Everytime I read this blog for the Heads Up Store Updates and certain Game Updates it’s the same story again. People keep complaining and complaining…

I mean, what’s a week on a whole life. The game is still very nice after that one week. :) In the meantime you can try to finish off other games of get a Platinum Trophy once more.


Pretty much what this guys says. There are a whole range of complex issues that go into scheduling a release in Europe – generally revolving around localisation and region legal issues. Trust me when I say Sony tries to keep these delays to a minimum.

But yes, it’s going to be a painful 7 days. This one is a gem.

almighty-slayer 07 August, 2012 @ 21:45

^ Because there shouldn’t be any delay at all.


Looks cool, can’t wait.

fjernbetjening 07 August, 2012 @ 21:48

@9 I agree, I don’t really care about stuff being released 1 week later in Europe, either.

What I do care about, is when we have to wait years for something to be released in Europe, or if it doesn’t get released at all. I understand why certain Japanese games don’t make it to Europe – because they wouldn’t sell enough. However, I personally felt unfairly treated when the 32gb PS Vita memory card wasn’t initially meant to become available in Europe. As if it would sell any less here than anywhere else… And considering that it’s just a different-sized memory card, I think it’s safe to say it wasn’t for legal reasons either, actually, I don’t think there was any reason at all.

But yeah, waiting one more week for a game isn’t that bad.

This game is totally a day 1 type of purchase. I have to agree with what’s been said earlier. Why would I want a Vita if I can get the same game on my PS3? I’ll admit if you already own the Vita this news is a win win however if you don’t own one this gives even less incentive for people to buy the Vita. Sadly I’m really starting to question whether or not I should get the Vita even though PS3 has the same games…only time will tell.


Why aren’t there Australian prices anymore? Since we have to visit this site to find out any information surely the prices can be added for Aussies?


Good point – I’ll do my best to get Aussie prices from product managers for future posts.

Can’t wait for this! If only it was coming out this week

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