GRID 2 Roars Onto PlayStation 3 In 2013

GRID 2 on PlayStation 3

Hey there everybody. Back in 2008 the team here at Codemasters released Race Driver: GRID, which set new standards for damage, AI and visuals, and introduced the Flashback rewind feature. All our hard work was recognised the following year when the game went on to win a BAFTA award.

And now it’s time to unveil the sequel, due out in Summer 2013. One of the big talking points around the original GRID was the way the cars felt. We’ve built on this for the follow-up with our new TrueFeel Handling System, which uses real physics to hit that sweet spot, ensuring that GRID 2 stays true to its predecessor and delivers exceptional handling throughout.

We can’t talk about GRID 2 without mentioning the cars – in your garage there will be a selection of handpicked automotive icons spanning four decades and three continents; USA, Europe and Asia so no matter where you race you’ll always be behind the wheel of something exceptional.

Talking of locations, you’ll be visiting the likes of Paris, Abu Dhabi the California Coast and many more. Whether on beautiful city streets, licensed circuits or knife-edge mountain roads, you’ll be experiencing some of the most visceral and exhilarating races imaginable in breath-taking locales.

If multiplayer is your thing, you’ll be pleased to hear it will be well represented with an entirely distinct and extensive gameplay component and unique progression system. At the heart of our multiplayer will be RaceNet, our online community portal for Codemasters Racing Games which will allow you to track your races, rivals and rewards.

We’re looking forward to showing you more of GRID 2 over the coming weeks and months, but for now check out the brand new trailer below. Be fast, be famous, be first – this is GRID 2.

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Pacman_Ownage 08 August, 2012 @ 08:26

So you’ve the drift events and added local multiplayer splitscreen right?

…Riiiiight? :I …. ‘cuz that was literally the only 2 things wrong with the original.

C’mon Codeyz, you were on form back in the day, Race Driver 3 was the pinnacle of this… By jove I hope you’ve implemented ha;f of the features from that beautiful game :3


Ben will be on here shortly to answer any questions – hold tight.


Hey there :)

We’re not talking game modes just yet but I can confirm there will be splitscreen multiplayer.


Pacman_Ownage 08 August, 2012 @ 08:28

I’m just going to be a pain and take this spot too… I may have missed out the word “ditched” in there, just before ‘drft’ …

But you can throw in whatever word you like that isn’t “kept” … I@m easy like that.


GRID was so sweet, the only downside about this is that we have to wait a whole damn year.

Please, no more stupid gymkhana….

support for the move and 3D will be?


Nothing to announce / talk about at this moment in time I’m afraid.


Hi there!

Nothing to announce or talk about at this time I’m afraid.

BUT…. Can you smash the cars up as mush as you can… like in GRID?, because that was 1 of the funnest things to do in the game, just smashing up the cars as see how i can make the biggest crash/pile up.

so, can you still crash? :P



It’s powered by our EGO Game Technology Platform so you can expect some jaw-dropping damage.

AND… What about V8 supercars?

That trailer did absolutely nothing for me. Let’s hope that you guys re-wrote the handling of the cars in this one – ‘cus in the first game the cars were floaty as *bleep*.

Why put stickers on every car in the game? just leave it the way it is.
The only thing I care about is the gameplay, this is not an arcade game, right? drifting, please make it fun

nfskingrlinworld 08 August, 2012 @ 10:49


Bit off topic :D but why can’t i play my music off my PS3 hard drive while playing your brilliant last game ‘Dirt – Showdown’? :-/ Any chance of a update/patch in the future please? ;)


The graphics looks better then the 1st grid, can’t wait to see some gameplay. Will you be showing some at gamescom?


No current plans for gamescom but we will be at the Eurogamer Expo where you can gets hands-on with it!


GRID is known as one of the best racing games and so from just that video, ive got high hopes for GRID 2

@Manutreble: That’s a CG trailer. That’s not gameplay. smh

I only enjoyed the Touring Car events in Grid. The controls for the events others were badly done.

Hoping for a Race Driver 4 or Toca Touring Cars 3 after this.

lianplay_1985 08 August, 2012 @ 11:38



@14 I mean to say will they show some gameplay at gamescom :)


now that we have trophies for Metal Gear Solid 4, you can see how that did put the game back on the “map”.
GRID would also benefit to the same treatment (and the launch of GRID2 too, not directly but by word spreading in the internet and other media), the add of trophies would be great… take it under consideration… its not too late! ;)


Here’s my question..
What platforms will it be on? (full list)
and what made you not wait for future platforms? :)

ah GRID one of my favourite racers on PC. this is good news for racing fans.


Must be a tiny Roar, as I can’t hear it

Really didn’t like the first,even for a arcade racer the handling felt off.Also that pee filter.

Trailer did nothing for me.To be fair I hold GT’s trailers as the best in the genre,so anything as far away as this is from that just looks poor :)

Will play the demo,well if there is one (not touched the F1 games because of this) before I decide if I like or not.

They’ve dropped the ball on this one by not having cockpit views!..what a waste thats what made Grid 1 so immersive ..epic fail.

Just read that the dashboard view isn’t in GRID2.Wont bother with it now.

Agreed Vonhammer..

Internet Hi five% Madmaz116

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