John Cleese Is Your Smart As… Narrator!

Hello PlayStation Nation! We have some exciting Smart As… news to share.

SMART AS-Voice Over

We are delighted to confirm that John Cleese, the inspirational English actor, comedian, writer and film producer is injecting his unique personality and sophisticated sense of humour into the game as the voice of Smart As….

Best known for his hilarious antics as a member of the Monty Python comedy troupe and his unforgettable performance in Fawlty Towers, it’s great to be able to confirm the comedy legend’s participation in the game.

His instantly recognisable voice and distinctive style deliver intelligent and witty narration during the game, always encouraging – and sometimes goading – you to improve every time you play.

Regardless of how smart you are, John’s creative and comedic dialogue will keep you hooked as you play to improve your Brain Power and pursue your goal to outsmart the world.

Coming soon for PS Vita, Smart As… is a social brain-training experience that will put your brain to the test in 20 unique, engaging, tactile puzzle games and location based challenges proving exactly how smart you really are.

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well.. this makes me go for the game :D

HOLY BANANAS! And I couldn’t wait for this game before. now i’m PUMPED.

Oh, And if your having any beta testing for this, I’ll be happy to oblige. muhahaha

Well, that makes me instantly more interested! Cleese!

I need this!

almighty-slayer 13 August, 2012 @ 19:46

Oh wow. Definitely sold. Absolutely LOVE Cleese :D

gotta love Fawlty Towers
gotta love all new vita stuff

Yes, YES, YES!


Radioactivist 13 August, 2012 @ 20:25

Wow, that’s awesome!
Just a question, since i think the game will be multilingual: Is there also info about other narrators? Would love to have Christian Tramitz for the german version. :D


I hope this time the talent isn’t wasted on a half-baked rushjob like Kevin Eldon was with Frobisher Says.


Yes yes, when will we get this game?? I want this, and my Vita NEEDS this! Im willing to pay from 0€ to 50€ for this game, just as i will get it!
Oh and if theres a beta coming.. Count me in to the interested people -list.

I think it’s sad that Sony markets a game that claims to boost your “brainpower” even though there’s no scientific evidence that a game actually can do this. Just remove this claim and instead market it as a fun and challenging game.


Do we have a concrete date for this?

I tip my hat to you, mighty John Cleese!

SavageDragonbert 13 August, 2012 @ 21:57

John Cleese is always a plus!

John Cleese = LEGEND ;)

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