Gamescom 2012 – The Monsters And Magic Of Soul Sacrifice

It’s been a while since our last Soul Sacrifice blog post, so with Gamescom taking place this week, I thought I’d take a moment to share some additional game details. In our debut post, we talked about the reality blended experience and the concept of sacrificing in Soul Sacrifice, and now I’m very excited to provide a deeper insight into the game.

In the world of Soul Sacrifice, monsters are what have become of humans who succumbed to darkness, using magic according to their desire. The mission of a sorcerer is to exterminate these monsters. Now, you may be wondering what sort of monsters you will come across and how they succumbed to this fate. Today, I’m here to introduce the back story of one of these monsters – “Griffon” – and share with you his story.

Soul Sacrifice - Griffon


He was a noble. His lands were vast, and he lived in opulence, supported by heavy taxes exacted from those who lived in his dominion. One day, he was presented with an offering from the people – a golden statue of a figure combining beast, bird, and man. His heart was swept away by the figure, and he felt an unnatural adoration for it. The power of the unnatural love was such that it drove him to kill his wife for hiding the statue from him.

The years passed and eventually the people rose up in rebellion, unable to further shoulder the burden of the noble’s oppressive taxes. They swarmed around the noble’s castle and found him in his treasure vault. By the time they found him, however, he was no longer human. His love of gold had allowed the golden statue, which he loved without limit, to take over his body, transforming him into the statue’s likeness.

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse into the background of how Griffon was spawned, let’s see what magic you have at your disposal to battle against him and other monsters. Plants, stones, and other materials obtained in the game are given up as offerings. Then the offering is consumed in exchange for the sorcery it enables. The more valuable the offering, the stronger the sorcery it unleashes.

Soul Sacrifice - Plant Sword

Plant Sword

Plants such as “swordsman’s seedlings” and “swordmaster’s seedlings” can be given as an offering to harness this close combat magic. The seedlings grow sharp and hard, cutting enemies with their edges.

Raijin Statue Axe

“Thunder stone razors” and “Thunderstone blades” can be given as an offering to harness this close combat magic. The axe, shrouded in thunder, can strike tremendous blows.

Soul Sacrifice - Giant's Bones

Giant’s Bones

“Giant’s bones” can be given as an offering to harness close combat magic. Your fist becomes hardened and massive, striking down all before you.

Stone Wall Ruins

“Stone wall ruins” can be given as an offering to harness defensive magic. An enormous defensive wall appears, protecting you from your enemies’ attacks.

We’ll be bringing you a lot more on Soul Sacrifice. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!

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You have no idea how much im looking forward to this!
I cant wait to play sme co-op, with my fellow SS lovers!

Thanks for the art and update!

My most anticipated psvita game!!

I will get this game Day One!
The only thing that concerns me is the conection & lags of the online Multiplayer.If it will be working Great then i will be very satisfied and happy!:)

How come it that this game was not showed at either E3 or Gamescom? Alot of people don’t even know it exist!!

Plebeianprint 15 August, 2012 @ 18:58

I still adore Keiji Inafune. After seeing the recent footage of Soul Sacrafice I can tell you that this title is easily the must under-appreciated/known upcoming title. I can’t wait to play it.

hitman_stephen 15 August, 2012 @ 20:03

Getting. Please come out in the UK

the game looks great! The co op will work good in games like this. I guess it will keep us busy until a Monster Hunter announcement appears! Im happy with PSVita, as the time passes by we get many great games!

ChameleonVector 16 August, 2012 @ 12:57

This can’t come soon enough. (Well, it can. Don’t rush it. :P Haha) The art style, concept of sacrificing, everything about this looks and sounds beautiful. 4 player co-op as well, can’t see it getting better than this. :D

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