Weekend Debate: Your Highlight Of Gamescom 2012

Greetings all! Just a quick-and-easy Weekend Debate today as I’m about to dash off to catch my flight home from Gamescom. All in all, I’d say it’s been a pretty successful week, with big game announcements for both PS Vita and PlayStation 3, as well as exciting updates for PlayStation Plus and other Sony services.

So, my question to you:

What was your highlight of Gamescom 2012, and why?

I’ll kick things off with a massive shout out for Media Molecule’s bright, breezy new Vita title, Tearaway. If this one didn’t charm your socks off I’d recommend pressing yourself up against a radiator to thaw out your frigid, icy heart. Trailer below to refresh the memory.

Anyway, leave your thoughts below – and feel free to pick out third party efforts too, of course. Bethesda’s action stealth adventure Dishonored, from Deus Ex co-creator Harvey Smith, was a real stand-out for me too in that regard. Look out for more on that here on the PlayStation Blog next week.

Oh, and you’ll be wanting prizes, yes? Well, I’ve got five download vouchers for the thoroughly brilliant Sound Shapes up for grabs this week, to be awarded to the most thoughtful respondents.

Right, one more mouthful of pretzel, then off to the airport. Bye for now…

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PS1 compatibility coming to Vita for me and a lot of others i suspect. Have games ready and waiting to be played unless i need to re-download them that is.


I usually like this events but… I’ve been out without internet, so I don’t know anything that happend in the Gamescon (I have to start reading the blog again to catch up), so my highlight of Gamescon 2012 was me on the beach 😉

    Fred Dutton 17 August, 2012 @ 5:00 pm    

    Fair enough! There were plenty of moments this week when I wished I had been on a beach rather than in a cavernous convention centre, believe me!

MikeyR_3000 17 August, 2012 @ 4:47 pm   3

Tearaway’s reveal and seeing as I’m very anxiously waiting for DOA’s comeback to the PlayStation, Tecmo Koei’s DOA 5 stage presentations.

supersmith2500 17 August, 2012 @ 4:50 pm   4

Some things are good must say. Superbot announced 4 characters for All-Stars Royale which are pretty interesting especially Dante from Devil May Cry so let’s hope more characters get announced. The cross-play and cross-buy feature, buy a PS3 version and get a Vita version no charge and of course, MM’s new project looks interesting.

Ziggy_Marley_93 17 August, 2012 @ 4:50 pm   5

I’d seen an article a week before talking about a leaked list of games that were going to be at the show. So when Alex Evans entered the stage at Sony’s conference I expected him to talk about the PS3/ Vita connectivity that was going to be announced for LBP2. I couldn’t have been more surprised when he started talking about Media molecules new IP. Tearaway and Iota look incredible, I’ve even printed out the template for the Elk as well. Its moments like that, that make watching Gamescom and E3 worth it. Left me with a warm feeling insides afterwards as well!

Stonesthrow 17 August, 2012 @ 4:51 pm   6

There were a lot of highlights for me. I especially love all the weird and original games coming, like Tearaway, Rain, Unfinished swan, that Move horror game,.. These are exactly the kind of experiences I want on PSN, games like Journey and Datura.

Killzone on Vita was a highlight too, I’ll consider this to be the spiritually first shooter on Vita, because Resistance didn’t really do it for me :p

And lastly, how you get the vita version for the exclusives when buying a ps3 version is some nice fanservice. I was already having doubts on which platform to get those games but was probably gonna go for ps3 to get the big screen, but now I don’t have to worry about this at all.
This is the difference between Sony and Microsoft; Sony hands out a free vita version, Microsoft charges their players to play online (btw Sony, you guys better keep online gaming free (the way it should be) next gen too:p). They’re both companies, but Sony always does it with a love for games, a responsibility to raise the bar higher, and respect for their consumers.

matirishhh 17 August, 2012 @ 4:52 pm   7

My favourite highlight and personal preference was most definitely the fact that Gamescom out shined E3 in every way this year. I was completely blown away by the conference and so many announcements. It was a true threat for a big fan like me. I was left with questions and worries after E3 regarding the future of Playstation. But now, things have shifted totally. So many good games popped out on my radar. I need to really start saving now. Games that made the biggest impression on me were – Rain, Tearaway and Until Dawn. Biggest graphics surprise was – Killzone Mercenary.
But the thing I loved the most was the Cross buy initiative. Now I can buy one game and play on my PS3 and VITA.

helghast102 17 August, 2012 @ 4:53 pm   8

What’s up with GeoNet? Still “under maintenance” in EU.. it’s been at least 24 hours now.


What I loved most about Gamescom wasn’t a single game or announcement – it was the fact that Sony are still innovating so far into the PS3’s life. While the competition are churning out sequels to major franchises Sony are offering unique games like Tearaway (a personal highlight for me), Rain, Until Dawn, Puppeteer as well as expanding on their existing series in new ways like Battle Royale and LBP Karting. As a Vita and PS3 owner I also adore the fact that cross buy is becoming a reality, thanks to everyone involved in that decision!

    Fred Dutton 20 August, 2012 @ 11:11 am    

    Yep, I think we can all agree that new IP is always good for gaming, and for gamers. Have a Sound Shapes code.


Lots of highlights for me. The Sony conference was great, loving all of the new IPs (Until Dawn especially looks interesting), third party stuff like Assassin’s Creed, Hitman, Dead Space etc all look great too.

The standout for me though: Vita. Everything. The games (Tearaway, Killzone, All Stars, Assassin’s Creed, Black Ops) look brilliant, Ratchet Q Force being on there too is awesome. Cross Buy is also a brilliant idea, really smart move. The cross control with LBP was fantastic too.

So yeah, amazing show in general, but the Vita stole it for me. I don’t currently own a Vita, but after this years Gamescom, I think that’ll change…

VictorAnalogy 17 August, 2012 @ 5:01 pm   11

Cross-Buy / Cross-Play was a huge announcement.

Most of a games cost is in developing it, creating the art, the levels etc. Putting it in boxes / sending it down intertubes is a tiny fraction of that cost. The Vita titles in Cross Buys all seem to be direct ports of the PS3 title (not suggesting it is a one click process by the way) so most of the expensive work has already been done. As such it makes sense that people buy the right to access the content. Rather than buying the 1s and 0s that they downloaded to a specific device.

By allowing users access to the game on both PlayStatoin devices and having those devices share save data Sony are going beyond either PlayStation console as a place to play specific games and transcending that so the PlayStation Network itself is one unified platform. It also means that the Vita becomes an incredibly affordable experience for any PlayStation 3 owner, since many of the best games available on the device are the same as the ones they are playing at home and have in practice come to the Vita free of charge.

“Never Stop Playing” is the perfect tagline to sum up PlayStation’s new philosophy. I’ve found it very difficult to stop playing Soundshapes both on my PS3 and my Vita.

wanderly7 17 August, 2012 @ 5:07 pm   12

My highlight of Gamescom 2012 was The Last Of Us. It was a dark, brilliant trailer that truly emphasised the bleak, post-apocalytpic feel to the game 🙂 Cant wait for it to be released :3

ieatpixels 17 August, 2012 @ 5:07 pm   13

[DELETED], Gamescom is over? Where’s the PS3 Super Slim? The weird grill slidey thing?
That’s my highlight, the letdown of that not being shown.
And why? Because I was hoping to get a better look at the thing and plan whether or not to buy one. I want one ASAP and I bet this lack of revealing is going to push back the release date. 🙁
Very sad.
but I guess Sony want to reveal it at TGS when the Wii U will be getting the spot light. Very ambitious, Sony. Might actually be a pretty smart move, considering how much is weighing on the event for the Wii U.
Either way though, I still really expected it to be shown here since the original slim was shown at this event and the big price cut/2nd revision model was also.

UltimaDTG 17 August, 2012 @ 5:09 pm   14

It was when… no wait it was that awesome…. or the brilliant… ah but then there was the spectacular… Pretty much all of it? lol

mulletboyjay 17 August, 2012 @ 5:13 pm   15

Cross-play and cross-buy: definitely the things I was most pleased with.
Otherwise, Killzone: Mercenary. I love the Killzone franchise so can’t wait to see more details on this.


Quite simply, the highlight was that the Vita got some much needed attention. This was sadly lacking at E3.

Tearaway looks excellent.

PS+ on Vita is a mouth watering prospect, particularly if it is even half as good as the PS+ for PS3. Of course I’ll need a new memory card. Or two.

Biggest appeal for me is the Cross Buy Cross Play. I do my handheld gaming at work (only during my lunch break boss, honest). I bought the Vita to get a PS3 experience away from home and this announcement takes it a step further. It is a bargain to start with but being able to play a game at home and continue at work suits me down to the ground.

And PS One support, it’s been a long time coming so… HOORAH!!!

It is reassuring for Vita owners that this handheld is not doomed to fail but I also thought there were a few announcements that should catch the attention of those who have ignored the device so far.

ryannumber3gamer 17 August, 2012 @ 5:18 pm   17

There were so many things i enjoyed seeing. I loved the Sly trailer while being disapointed it’s been delayed till 2013. It was cool seeing Sackboy,Ratchet,Spike, & Dante joining the fight in Playstation all stars. Sony’s cross buy idea was great as i think it encourages people to try to Playstation Vita and get some great games free if you get the PS3 version.Call Of Duty Black Ops Declassified was Ok but i wish we would have seen more gameplay, and a bit of zombies mode in it (I say Zombies Mode because i hope these guys had put in one of everyone’s favorite modes in Call Of Duty.)It was cool to see how the Vita works with the PS3 by being able to use the vita as a controller. But my highlight had to have been Tearaway. I love seeing how creative Media Molecule has been with this title being able to use your fingers in game,Being able to change the world like pulling down a bridge to help you get across it. We first seen Media Molecule’s creativity in Little Big Planet, Allowing players to make their own levels and how creative Media Molecule has been in making the levels and stuff you can collect.

Highlight for me is the whole sony confrence truly awesome and apic in all the production nd hard work the whole team put in ,oh and musterbuster getting cosey with a sackboy gottal love that haha

ryannumber3gamer 17 August, 2012 @ 5:20 pm   19

Also Fred i still didn’t get that Last Guy code i won last week.

    Fred Dutton 17 August, 2012 @ 5:27 pm    

    Yep, fear not, I’m on it. I’ve been in Germany all week and haven’t been able to sort these. It’s first priority on Monday morning.

ryannumber3gamer 17 August, 2012 @ 5:28 pm   20

Ok thanks Fred 🙂

residentSteve 17 August, 2012 @ 5:30 pm   21

Still a bit disappointed with what was announced for the vita still would like a god of war for vita or a port of re revelations, r&c is looking good and sly 4.

DAVIE222 17 August, 2012 @ 5:44 pm   22

fav moment of gamescom? it was in ps home during the wonderbook time, me and orton131 kept saying no no no no no and people got angry at us 🙂

Mikal_Drey 17 August, 2012 @ 5:47 pm   23

hey hey

What I liked about gamescon is that it is all about the games and not the companies or publishers its all about the games they bring.

E3 can get tedius with the sibling rivalry between sony/microsoft/nintendo and the long winded speeches by the execs can get in the way of all the cool stuff.

games con is more gamer friendly rather than stuff for the journalists


Cross buy really I thought that was personally pretty amazing.

earlsignet 17 August, 2012 @ 5:51 pm   25

Rarely get stuff on PSN, but been looking out for Battlefield 3 to not be at a silly price for months. Spotted it at 19.99 at lunch time but had to dash. Got in from work, thought… you know what I’ll go get it now before its gone.

TADA! Its gone. Back at 49.99

Well done PSN, thanks for keeping me interested. Nothing else of interest on there and looks like I won’t be buying Battlefield 3 now after all!

Remember Me from Capcom was the big surprise for me and I look forward to see more from it.

I watched the Sony conference, but unfortunately there wasn’t much that interested me. Rain do look fabulous though, can’t wait to see more about it.

As for Dishonored, I’m pretty sure that this will be the game of 2012 for me, with a larger large margin.

The PS1 compatibility coming to Vita is nice too, I hope a stronger effort will be made to get those classics out to the European PlaystationStore, like Klonoa, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the two Suikoden games and hopefully more US imports as well like Chrono Cross and Threads of Fate.


I think my highlight has to be the gameplay trailers of the awesome upcoming vita games likes call of duty and killzone. I must admit tearaway looked pretty dam unique aswell so cant wait to try that out 🙂

I think the other great highlight for me was when Sony announced that some of the games coming out soon for PS3 will give users a free copy for Vita, Thats great new for me 😀

vonhammer 17 August, 2012 @ 5:58 pm   28

If im honest,i’m surprised at the response towards Tearaway.The trailer was great,but from a gameplay standpoint I thought the actual stage demo looked boring.

Lol,another negative was seeing the christmas line up,and thinking “I’m not buying anything this christmas”.The only candidate is All Stars.
Was just thinking,i’ve only bought one SCE retail game in 2012,that was the SCEA version of Twisted Metal 😮

The SCEJ games are already day 1,unless Rain is repetitive and a one trick pony.I really liked Until Dawn.I do worry it’ll be a dumb down survival horror trying for mass appeal,and losing both the serious horror fans and the wider audience.

Buying soundshapes tonight,so in the unlikely event this post was selected,pass it on.

Legendofshaw 17 August, 2012 @ 6:01 pm   29

has to be the cloud storage upgrade, with so many awesome games coming out I will need the space for saves. well done Sony for thinking of customers needs

moosevernel 17 August, 2012 @ 6:02 pm   30

A couple of things stood out for me and im quite surprised at the amount of great things to come from gamescom so far. Here they are in list form:

1: I have been waiting what seems like forever for The Last Of Us and the new trailer whetted my apetite even more. I think this game is probably going to go down as one of the best and certainly to me embodies the ‘Videa games are art’ discussion. I dare anyone to say its not after viewing this game.

2: Ps plus. A very exciting time for us plus users,1gb cloud storage alone is worth th subscription but with rdr (which i have done but would love to do again) and all the new games etc just put the icing on the cake for me. And a 25% discount just intime for my renewal =D. well done Sony.

3: I do not own a vita. something i will probably remedy soon with the announcement of ps plus for vita and the fact that buying ps3 versions of games and getting the vita one free id be insane not to buy one. Another big thankya to Sony for that one..!!

There are many other things to be excited about but there is no point listing them all as they are already here on the blog but these 3 things stand out the most to me and quite frankly this is one hell of a great year to be a ps3 gamer =D


Since the Vita was released, there’s been such a constant steam of negativity on various gaming forums… It has no games, it was dead on arrival, Sony doesn’t care about it, it’s a pointless device, it’ll be pulled off the market by the end of the year. It was so prevalent that it became hard to ignore and became a negative aspect to a console I don’t really think has any major fault in and of itself.

So for me the highlight of Gamescom was watching the Sony press conference live, and seeing such a thorough rebuke of it all. Finally there’s some real positive buss surrounding the Vita again!

    Fred Dutton 20 August, 2012 @ 11:12 am    

    Yes, some really exciting stuff coming to Vita. Look out for more from Media Molecule on Tearaway right here later this week. Sound Shapes code is yours.

tiago-kun 17 August, 2012 @ 6:08 pm   32

The highlight for me was the Japan Studio new games on the conference. Those games are so different than what we have right now, and really reinforces the reason I have a PS3, those crazy unique experiences. Rain seems like a great game but I’m more excited about the Puppeteer Theater. I always love the idea of playing a puppet show.
In a lot of ways Dynamite Heady was kinda like that and I love that game 😀
That was really the highlight, but that is not to say there weren’t other news I didn’t enjoy. The new Last of Us trailer is great, and Remember Me is really refreshing.

Phoenixfire90 17 August, 2012 @ 6:11 pm   33

My highlight of Gamescom this year has got to be the cross-buy program being announced, why? Because of the fact that fans have been asking for something like this since the Vita’s launch and you guys and girls at Sony listened and gave us what we wanted.
My friend and I were watching the live stream on my iPad and we were both cheering and clapping when they talked about it, specially when they said that not only was the new R&C was coming to the vita but it was also on the Cross-buy program!!!
Now, what to decide on which of the three games on the promotion to get… 🙂
Oh and on an added note, glad to see that the vita finally got some cool games announced, looking forward to Tearaway and Killzone (which BTW didn’t see that coming lol!!) along with PS plus sub being extended to the Vita!!


My highlight has got to be the developments around Playstation Mobile! As an XPERIA Play, PS Vita and Sony Tablet S owner, I am really excited about Playstation Mobile, and can’t wait for the ability to play Playstation Quality games on my mobile phone! Though in addition, I cant get enough of Tearaway! Definite buy on release!

PMurphy1978 17 August, 2012 @ 6:25 pm   35

Tearaway for me was a surprise and a welcome one at that. It is similar in style to a Nintendo game, but seems unique in its own way.

Had this been announced for the 3DS, it would no doubt be getting even more praise than it already is.

With this and LBP, you have two titles on the Vita which would appeal to the masses, and to those that would not have possibly have bought a Vita.

If Sony market Tearaway correctly, Vitas would start shifting so much more.

Cyberendpunk 17 August, 2012 @ 6:25 pm   36

My highlight of Gamescom was seeing SCEJ come back in full force. hey have been sorely lacking this gen compared to SCEE and SCEA but the two IP’s Rain and Puppeteer definitely brought them back for me. Both look positively amazing, just the kind of experiences I am craving. I just hope they don’t make us wait long and I look forward to SCEJ being a powerhouse of a comanpany like they were in the PS1 and PS2 era.

teetboy71 17 August, 2012 @ 6:27 pm   37

Keep up the good work. Enjoy everything. Only thing I need now is flash player.

lordloss-1994 17 August, 2012 @ 6:28 pm   38

gamescom was actually really good this year it seems you guys saved a lot of things up to be announced here which makes picking ONE thing really difficult. but if i was sat down and told i had to pick something or none of it would go through i would pick the PS3/vita cross play/buy thing because firstly that is a really good deal and shows how thoughtful and generous sony can actually be. but mostly its being able to use the PS3 and vita together as either using the vita as a portable device to play home games on the go or even a second controller and screen for you to play with your freinds or in sly 4s case spot out hidden goodies you couldnt find before


For me everything shown was a bonus and great news as a gamer HOWEVER the stand out point was the H.U.G.E love shown for the Vita. After E3’s poor showing it was important to get focus and hype back on the stunning handheld.

Cross buy, cross controller and the line up of games were simply awesome… along with PS+ coming for the Vita, and a discount and RDR and the increase to the cloud..

As I said, it was all great.

i_am_locust 17 August, 2012 @ 6:52 pm   40

It may be a bit lame but the announcement of the 1GB cloud space for Plus subscribers made my day. I hate managing save games. “What save file is important enough to earn a spot in the clouds? But what if the other one gets corrupted somehow?” The horror…
I also like how much effort Sony puts in PS+. I still read a lot of complaints in the PS+ section and I seriously don’t get it. They’re doing the best they can and I think they’re pretty good at it.

Spartanspur 17 August, 2012 @ 6:53 pm   41

Vita Cross-Buy scheme without a doubt!

Hope it becomes the standard…


The highlight of gamescom for me was niether the showing of new games, or the publishers presenting them. For me it was the public attending the event.

Not once have I read an article stating that a fight broke out, or that people were sneaking into showings and then leaking the video online; and it just goes to show how civil and respecting gamers can be.

To me, this is fantastic as it means that the media (BBC News ect.) havnt been given an excuse to blame video games for unacceptable behaviour. Although there was one incident where two guys stole two laptops with unfinished games on them, but everyone attending gamescom came together to try and find them (im not sure if they were found).

So I applaud you, attendants of gamescom; you’ve done us gamers proud. 😀

helghast102 17 August, 2012 @ 6:57 pm   43

“and it just goes to show how civil and respecting gamers can be.”

You can NOT be serious.


Soul Sacrifice (not entirely present at gamescom to be honest…)

AoNekoAmaru 17 August, 2012 @ 7:11 pm   45

My highlight would be the PSVita-PS3 Cross-Play shown in LittleBigPlanet 2. Combined with the Cross-Buy offers it is an impressive direction I’ve been hoping Sony would take with these devices. My girlfriend is more of a smartphone gamer whereas I just love sometimes quirky hardware/accessory setups and we’ve managed to have a wonderful time playing Foosball 2012 together, me dual-wielding Move controllers on the PS3 hile she was happily poking away at the Vita, and the Cross-Play future was shown to be even brighter. =D So thanks all for a great show! ;3

HouseQuake 17 August, 2012 @ 7:12 pm   46


That literally blew the dust off my soul. We need more creativity and artistic innovation like this in our industry.

Ni No Kuni

AWESOME-RANDOMER 17 August, 2012 @ 7:19 pm   47

Although there wasn’t much of this game shown, and what was shown was a tad dissapointing, it was during the sony conference when I was eagerly awaiting a new tidbit for the last of us, with popcorn at my side, that I most enjoyed.

toxic-inferno 17 August, 2012 @ 7:21 pm   48

Rain. No question about it.

As a (likely) result of my interest in Physics and my enthusiasm about narrative, I’m always fascinated by games (usually indie games) that utilise a brand new, innovative gameplay style to tell their story. Examples include Flower, Limbo and Datura, which all tried something brand new with their gameplay mechanic, and all featured silent (and sometimes, floral) protagonists, but managed to develop highly emotional stories. The Unfinished Swan, therefore is of great interest to me.

But obviously, it was Rain that took me by surprise and became my number one game of Gamescom 2012, for the simple reason that it seems to capture a fantastically emotional atmosphere, which I’m sure will build a great story, but will also prove to be an interesting gameplay style.

Can’t wait for it!

lisatsunami 17 August, 2012 @ 7:22 pm   49

Hi, Fred, SCEE’s little show was a winner in every way so I can’t single anything out. Although I will say I really appreciated the panel discussion. Trailers I can & will see any time, but hearing stories/explanations from the devs & Yoshida-san was the best part. We need to see more of Shuhei. He gives thoughtful & honest answers, not PR bull****.

Oh, since you’re a PR person, no offense, lol. Job well done to the entire SCEE staff!


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