PlayStation Home: Hip Hop Heroes


In PlayStation Home everyone loves to dance. Wherever you go there are people showing off their moves. This week though there are some new dance kings and queens arriving to destroy the dancing competition. Street Moves Vol.1 from nDreams is a collection of four full body outfits, available individually, each with their own unique street inspired dance animation. You have B-Girl and B-Boy who will leave everyone dazzled with their moves and then there is Hip-Hop Honey and Hip-Hop Hero who will bring their own attitude to PlayStation Home.

And you can’t dance without a little accompanying music so you should check out the Street Moves Vol.1 Companion, your very own Boom Box that will follow you around helping to set the stage wherever you are to pull out some seriously impressive moves. Check out the Street Moves crew at the nDreams store or any shop in Aurora.


When it launched three weeks ago Blueprint:Home allowed users to create their own apartment space for the very first time in PlayStation Home. The last two weeks have seen the Classroom and Asylum style packs released giving users even more options when customising their apartments. The community has been using their imagination to build some great apartments including a Silent Hill inspired maze created by AkumaPrince and how about mybro92’s Killzone inspired Helghast Base of Operations?

To aid in even more fantastic creations, this week sees the Bling Style Pack being released for Blueprint:Home. The Bling Style Pack gives you access to six new feature items to compliment your own furniture, six regal looking interior wall options as well as new ceiling, floor and external wall options. When you have put the finishing touches to your creation make sure to share any images or videos with nDreams and the rest of the Home community.

You can pick up the Bling Style Pack and all other available Style Packs from the Blueprint Store, the Estates store or any shop in Aurora.


Also this week, get your full Men in Black fix with the release of The Ultimate Men in Black Collection, The Men in Black Collection – Weapons and the Men in Black Private Space and Clubhouse! The Ultimate Collection is packed with every Men in Black item sold in Home at a discounted price! Looking for a defence pack? The Men in Black Collection – Weapons has every agent and alien weapon (handhelds and ornaments) you could ask for from the Men in Black franchise. You can get both the HQ Private Space and Clubhouse for one low price, and you’ll also receive the 11 exclusive HQ furniture pieces to help you decorate! Private Space and Clubhouse also available in the Ultimate Collection! Suit up!

Take pictures with friends or by yourself – Everyone’s Picture for PlayStation Home has arrived in Great Edo of Nippon’s store and tenements! With customisable backgrounds, frames, poses, and photo effects, you can take a variety of photos, ranging from singular portraits, to romantic lovers, and even fun group photos. With weapons at the ready, snap a picture of yourself together with the mononoke and the citizens of Edo!


There’s also new clothing from Granzella. Stand out and make a wild impression with the Embroidered Jacket five-coloured set. Flashy embroidery decorates the back, making a simple, cool impression. It’s not the latest fashion, but it will bring out your own personality. Cool, yet rough, dress in style with a rebellious charm!


Novus Prime gets an update this week with three new Novus Prime Ship Companions! Control the airspace around your avatar with the Mini Gladius, Mini Witch Doctor, and Mini Obsidian Blade companions, each equipped with custom aerial maneuvers and sounds. They’ll follow you faithfully to the edges of space, pausing only to briefly recharge on your shoulder. Pick up all three to complete the collection!


Konami updates their popular B’Loons line with four new outfits! Run around with a Viking, Rockstar and Mafia hitmen, each with their own unique custom animations. Strum your guitar lazily as the Rockstar or Jump and Shoot your B’Loon gun as the Mafia Hitman or do a spinning float attack as the Viking. Check out all of the latest updates at the Alter Ego Store!


Konami also answers your prayers and makes the Gothic Cathedral available as a Clubhouse. Enjoy the fireplace, large hallway, gargoyle courtyard and moonlight balcony with your friends.


Make someone’s day with PlayStation Home’s first Giftable apartment, the Sunlit Meadow, available from the Lockwood Gift Machine. Send a gift like no other, this beautiful outdoors environment is perfect for a relaxing picnic for two or a party in the woods. Let yourself go and the power of nature will make you feel alive! Find the golden butterfly to unlock a hidden reward. Visit the Dream Island Open House for an advance preview of this incredible tropical paradise.


Following the release of the Avalon Keep from Heavy Water, you can now champion purity, honour and chivalry with the White Knight bundle, or get tooled up with a selection of medieval weapons.

It’s Hammer Time! Keep the athletic spirit alive this summer and get involved in the new addition to the Home Sports day series as the Hammer Throw hits Home Square!

If you ever fancied yourself as a true Olympian, you can now realise that dream with a new selection of Greek God costumes. Zeus, Poseidon, Aries and Athena are available in the Alter Ego store.

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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Shutting down the iconic Studio Liverpool and announcing sub-standard overpriced Home content on the same day. Good luck PR-ing your way out of that one, how disappointing.


Right on the money there dude. Dreadful.
Sony I love the fact that you deliver more new IP then anyone else out there but shutting down that studio is crazy, all the while releasing this crap… its really unthinkable.

“Visit the Dream Island Open House for an advance preview of this incredible tropical paradise” Can’t find it ?

Hello iSabreman,

We were so excited about this Open House preview we thought we would mention it early to let you all know it was coming. It will actually be released next week 30th August. Definitely check it out next week when it’s Home :-)



Just buy it from your local game store… The game got such dreadful reviews that it basically bombed. You’ll be able to find the thing for a song…

Its good to see that more clubhouses are finally coming to Europe. When will be the Tuscan Villa, Crystal Seashores, Island Bungalow, Hillsite or Desert Haven Clubhouse released in Europe? As far as I can see they are all made by Sony…

Hello Stefan,

Definitely stay tuned and keep checking the Blog and Forum Weekly Updates. There are lots of club spaces coming to the EU :-)

I would buy things on home but I havent for ages.. Why? Everything is over Priced.

thunderking1981 23 August, 2012 @ 09:14

hi zoba thanks for replied me yesterday i was looking on www but home was offline i was waiting for you to update ps home message here before home was close however a very good update thanks i hopy looking looking for this weeks update see you next week bye tc foam thunderking

LockwoodVoice 23 August, 2012 @ 16:07

You can check out The Dream Island Open House on August 30th, iSabreman :)

SirJake_Brookes 23 August, 2012 @ 17:33

Okay I hope PSH server being offline is to fix hideaway because it lags way to much and it’s like 5 minutes to load up. This happens every time we get weekly update some space gets affected by it. As HRH Crown Prince of Sodium along with many others from Royal House of Sodium, your monarchy we all want home to be 100% working for all spaces including new ones from updates. I hope PSH team can fix the problems what most of us suffer from on PSH. Yours Faithfully HRH Crown Prince Jake

beauregarde12 24 August, 2012 @ 11:13

Is CS go online yet? cuz not putting it online and not telling us when it will be or why it wasn’t is like a huge f**** up.


Why do we keep getting all these dancers? If you just want us to spent money make it to where we can buy the different dance moves for our avis pleeease. Want to dace but don’t want my avi looking like a weird cartoon just to do it.

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