SunFlowers Beaming To PS Vita This Autumn

Hello everyone, we are very proud to present SunFlowers, coming this Autumn to PS Vita.

Sun Flowers for PS VitaSun Flowers for PS VitaSun Flowers for PS Vita

At first sight this game may look pretty casual — indeed, its objective is pretty simple: you have to grow flowers using chain-reactions.

You control the Sun, and you have the power to grow beautiful flowers on the ground. To do this, you shoot rays of sunlight through passing clouds, which turns the sunlight into water, which in turn causes the plants to grow. But if a sun ray touches a seed or a flower, it starts to burn. Thankfully, a drop of water will clear that burn right up.

When a flower reaches maturity, two new seeds pop out on both sides of it. If one new seed drops on an empty space it will be planted. If there’s already another flower the seed will bounce on it until it reaches a clear slot (and that’s how you make Combos!).

Every flower grown during a game goes directly in your virtual garden, where you can watch your collection and even offer them to your friends or a “near” player. See if you can collect all the flowers!

Everybody can enjoy SunFlowers, from casual to core gamers, so the game’s got three different difficulty modes. The most unique flowers can be found in “Normal” and “Hard” modes, and also during bonus stages.

Whether you prefer taking care of your flower collection (you’ll come across 330 flowers among the two different worlds), or beating the highest-scores (from one of the six leaderboards), there are plenty of ways to enjoy SunFlowers.

The PS Vita had not yet been announced when we came up with the concept for SunFlowers, but it seemed very logical to use a vertical display for a game like this. When Sony presented us the PS Vita at the beginning of 2011, we definitely thought that SunFlowers was a perfect fit for this console so we kept the display as is, just as it was originally designed in the early concept.

Every world is split into seasons, where specific weather happenings occur — you will need to use the PS Vita’s various features to get rid of them. For instance, during Autumn some unexpected falling leaves cover your flowers — lightly shake your PS Vita to make them go away.

Last but not least, you may have noticed that the music from SunFlowers is directly inspired by Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. We thought that this classical masterpiece would fit our game quite well. Speaking of culture, you should know that every flower you can collect in SunFlowers is based on a real one. Are you ready to level up your botany skills? Grab SunFlowers when it’s out later this year!

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hitman_stephen 22 August, 2012 @ 15:05

The Playstation Vita was not supposed to be for these kind of games, i know your trying to reach out to different target markets with nds/mobile like games but ahhh! ±_±

Looks great :) My daughter should enjoy it I am sure

Carnivius_Prime 22 August, 2012 @ 15:09

@1 I thought the Vita was meant for all sorts of games for example ‘Proper’ playstation gaming with the dual analogs and buttons and the touchscreens included for casual gaming (and quick iphone/android game ports). Nothing wrong with having a good variety of games to suit all tastes and schedules. Looks like a decent game to play in quick bursts while waiting for the darn bus to turn up.

Another poster on the blog who doesn’t know that seasons are not capitalised.


Looks like a fun little game. Might pick it up if priced properly.

I think the beauty of the Vita is that it has the potential to play ALL kinds of games, both “phone games” and console games on the go.

This will be a free download, right?!
I’m all for variety and innovation on the Vita but this is a mobile phone game through and through so I hope we don’t see an insulting price tag :-/


The game will be avaiable for free in demo mode, allowing you to play until level 6. Then if you wish to play further you will be able to switch the game to full by purchasing it.
And don’t worry the price shall be really really small!

1# So small dev teams should not be allowed to make games for psvita?

This is neat! I’ll definitely pick this up, if priced fairly :)


Thanks to this news I can’t stop smiling. =D *hugs the dev team* Looks fun and entertaining and I’ll gladly share some sun and flowers with the friends. ;3

hitman_stephen 22 August, 2012 @ 15:46

Guess i was being a bit harsh, just keep checking this blog and vitas sites a few times a day, waiting for something to impress me thats out soon and not out in 2-9months (like lbp, kz, cod etc). Then when some news/game is out its this kind :( was just having a bit of a rage moment, all of us do!

Looks fun, I like that Vita also offers these small games, which you can pickup and play for a short while.

i dont mind a good range of games on vita. quite enjoy treasures of montezuma. i thought thus was one of the free discovery apps? what happened to those? wake up club, t@g, and the others?

really really small price sounds good, along the lines of the AR suite games of the unlock for frobisher says is great.

Thanks for the reply Dr. Lakav. It’s great to hear that pricing will be sensible and I think you’ll gain more support because of that; it’s also good to hear there’s a demo as it would have been easy to not bother for a cheap game.

will this have trophies?


Yes, SunFlowers has 15 trophies in total (including one Silver and one Gold).




You can play this kind of crap for free all over the internet. What makes you think people are going to pay for it? Oh wait, I got it, you are aiming this scam at those suckers who paid 300€ for a Vita and thought they got a next-gen portable and instead got a Android emulator!

Very clever.

Why so many negative comments?I am happy that small development companies will be working on Psvita.Besides it is still a game,some people will like it,others wont.

*hitman* i hear ya was going to be moody myself. I check like 10times a day hopeing for something new for the vita a new game worth playing this is not it by a longway but hay its something and is it just me but so what ps1 games are goin to work on vita yes I no ff7 and that but its a god dam vita I want vita games atlest ps2 so i can get some ok fps going the hole reson I got a vita was for hardcore ps3/2 games not water the flower the vita rocks just needs more support rant over

Looks like I wasted my money on a vita. iv only brought two games since release. thought I was buying a PlayStation not a phone or iPod.


and why not a platinum?

Small scope games like SunFlowers are limited in points for Trophies, so no platinum.

Good news everyone: SunFlowers will be available this wednesday (September 12th) on the European PlayStation®Store.
Warm up your PS Vita!


Actually, most PSN games do not have a Platinum trophy while a few do.

Couldn’t resist getting this nice little game today, and have had great fun with it. It’s not too difficult, at least not on ‘easy’ and the first 30 levels.Then, the thunder-clouds get more regular, and the difficulty increases.
This game has some of the easiest trophies to my knowledge, after one hour of gameplay, I had about 50% of all trophies. Some are going to be difficult (getting all the rare flowers), and some require endurance (100 storms etc).

All in all, a great game for simple pasttime while commuting or when waiting on someone. And at a very reasonable price! (sadly no PS Plus reduction though).

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