VidZone Update: Lopez Leads Summer Superstar Stampede

VidZonians, that’s what you are. Whether occasional or fanatical (Hey Sully;)), if you use VidZone you are a Vidzonian. Congratulations!? And what do we have for our loyal followers? We have some HUGE videos for your viewing pleasure, that’s what we have. Whether you “heart” Ne-Yo, The Killers, Yellowcard, Nicki Minaj or even Justin Bieber (don’t judge, we know you’re all secret beliebers) we’ve got something for everyone. Unless you don’t care for music videos, in which case… go read a book?

Artist Of The Week – Jennifer Lopez


Actress, singer, model, dancer, cheese aficionado, skunk trainer and business woman…Ok a couple of these may not be true, but the (big) bottom line is that the mega-star, Jennifer Lopez, has become (quite literally) a household name across the globe. Here at VidZone Towers we like nothing more than a big summer dance tune to perfect our dancing skills. And Jenny from that block’s newest couldn’t be more well, up our block, because as you probably know, ‘Goin’ In’ featuring US rapper Flo Rida, is already a huge hit thanks to it being featured in this year’s biggest dance movie, Step Up Revolution. Check out her playlist which features her full video catalogue including recent hits like ‘On The Floor’ and older classics such as ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’.

Check out below for all the highlights of the next couple of weeks.


Featured Zone

As well as JLO, here are just a few other additions to the Featured Zone this week.

  • Nicki Minaj – Artist Focus
  • Bob Marley – Live At The Rainbow
  • Young Guns – VidZone Recommends
  • Calvin Harris – Artist Spotlight
  • George Michael – Greatest Hits

Festival Madness

  • Reading & Leeds TV (UK + IE)
  • Creamfields TV (UK +IE)
  • SW4 Weekender TV (UK +IE)
  • Rock en Seine TV (FR)
  • Official PlayStation Magazine TV including videos from N.E.R.D, Mötley Crüe and OK Go.


Maximum Bass Zone

Video Exclusive | Substantial Error – Sunshine


Bursting through the (Shabba?) ranks with their bass heavy shenanigans is young Brummy production duo, Substantial Error, who are ready to drop this summer’s feel good dubstep anthem ‘Sunshine’. With the likes of fellow wobble merchants Rudimental, Modestep and Skrillex storming the charts lately, it won’t be long before Substantial Error is the name on everyone’s lips.

Alternative Zone


Rejoice! Sing from rooftops! Dance a merry dance! The Killers have returned after a four-year gap. With new album Battle Born being released next month, we’re shining our Artist Spotlight on Brandon and Co. so you can watch their latest video ‘Runaways’ as well as all their previous hits incl. ‘When You Were Young’ and ‘Bones’.

Other Zone highlights include…

  • Bastille – One To Watch
  • Gotye – Artist Focus
  • Festival Anthems TV
  • Passion Pit – VidZone Recommends (UK + IE)
  • Lana Del Rey – Centre Stage (DE + AT +CH)
  • Animal Kingdom – VidZone Recommends (DE + AT +CH)

Pop Zone


  • No Doubt – Artist Focus
  • George Michael – Greatest Hits
  • Owl City – VidZone Recommends
  • Justin Bieber – Artist Spotlight
  • Cover Drive – Artist Focus (UK + IE)

Live Zone


We have loads more Moshcam concerts for you this week, plus a brand new playlist featuring the best performances. Check out the full list below:

  • Atreyu
  • Fanfarlo
  • Five Finger Death Punch
  • Ingrid Michealson
  • Mystery Jets
  • Nightwish
  • Tegan and Sara
  • The Cinematic Orchestra
  • The Kills
  • The Wombats

Latest Videos

Feast your eyes on our great selection this week…

  • Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me (Pop)
  • Bastille – Bad Blood (Alternative)
  • Owl City Ft. Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time (Party)
  • Calvin Harris – We’ll Be Coming Back (Dance)
  • Timbaland – Hands In The Air (RnB)
  • Young Guns – Towers (On My Way) (Rock)
  • Substantial Error – Sunshine (Maximum Bass)

As always, please keep in touch. We read everything and love your comments so don’t be shy!

I’m off to train a skunk like JLO

Ben ft Candice

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WHERE IS CS:GO?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????-????????????


Hey all. Honestly, I appreciate your frustration about CS:GO. Rest assured you have all been heard. Like I said in the Store thread yesterday, as soon as I have an update for you I will let everyone know immediately. It is my very highest priority. In the meantime, please let’s not spam unrelated threads. It won’t make things move faster.

this is an update for vidzone you understand that right??

I don’t even…

RealBOSSoriginal 23 August, 2012 @ 11:31

I don’t even… care about VidZone…

I don’t even… care about VidZone…. because the constant buffering and the grainy quality makes me wanna hurl!?


hi funkpower

If you have a decent internet connection you shouldn’t get any buffering issues. One step to try is to physically connect your ps3 into your router and see if that helps. Sometimes a PS3’s wireless connections can struggle with bandwidth heavy applications like VidZone. If you continue to have issues then email us on and we can help you some more

Any chance we will se a section with vidz in 3D?, would had been awesome! :)

Wasnt their supposed to be some exciting news coming or have i just missed it. people that dont care about vidzone obviously dont care about music, i use it all the time with no problems.


Hi Voddy0518

We are working on a few things, nothing that we can announce yet. You will be the first to know when there anything exciting to announce. Glad everything is working for you and that you like the service!

scottsymons1985 23 August, 2012 @ 13:35

I love VidZone! It’s a very important part of my entertainment choices. Speaking of choices, That is one thing i don’t really have much of in VidZone because i don’t like Pop music. Pop music is for people that don’t care about music (The type that just likes ‘Background Noise’). Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Me, i love music. I’m currently listening to ALOT of Heavy Metal. I guess i’m just thankful that there’s a great amount of Metallica and Manson available but would love to see more; e.g. Five Finger Death Punch, (More of) Rob Zombie, Lamb of God, Stain’d, W.A.S.P., Alice Cooper and so on.

P.s. I know the chances of theses artists getting on VidZone are slim. ;) lol.


Hi scottysmons

We do try to get as much content to suit everyone’s taste and we certainly don’t focus on any genre more than another. Unfortunately sometimes it’s harder to get some of those equally awesome but slightly more niche videos. Picking up licensing agreements can be tricky for this type of content but we do have a dedicated team trying to license all videos that our users want/ask for. Sometimes we are able to, sometimes unfortunately we are not.

We will try our very best!


Also… I have just been informed that we may well have some Five Finger Death Punch videos coming very soon! watch this space!

any plans for vidzone to come to vita? i like it but when im in front of the PS3 I’d rather be gaming. this would be perfect for the vita to watch music videos anywhere around the house


Does everybody in Europe get the same VidZone content? I was surprised to find Yelle (French artist) via Search a few months ago… but searches for other artists from the same country didn’t produce many results.


Hi Fauxtronic

Not always, each video can be licensed to a different label in every country or to just one label for all countries, or anything in-between. If we have a license with all labels that license a video in all countries then it can go live everywhere, if we don’t then it may only go live in a few countries, sometimes only one. We do try to get all videos in all countries but as you can imagine it can be tricky. Hope that makes sense.


Yes, that totally makes sense. Thanks Ben!

Wow… you’ve actually got something I like (The Killers) for a change, keep the ball rolling by getting us some Juno Reactor, Solarstone and Darren Tate (aka Jurgen Vries, DT8 Project and Citizen Caned).

I dont watch vidzone as much as i did.

The volume on the ads is way too loud compared to the videos.

So everytime there’s an ad i need to turn the volume down cause my speakers start cracking.

Plz fix this.

Project2insanity 23 August, 2012 @ 23:57

Good job on bringing Atreyu and 5FDP to VidZone. I use the service way too irregularly (can be every few days to every few months…) but if bands like that keep coming, I’ll be on more often for certain.

Also giving a shout out to Breed 77! Coming back very soon with a new album! Let’s see ’em on VidZone! And yes, I have sent a request before anybody calls me a clueless, hyped-up fan (although it may help if someone else does as well… please?).

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