Gamescom Art Contest: The Winners

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago we put out a call to the creatively-inclined to submit a piece of art directly influenced by video games. 10 finalists would then be selected by the members of our gamescom ‘games as art’ panel, mounted on canvas, signed and shown during our livestream of the event.

The panel – which was held immediately after our gamescom press conference – has of course now been and gone. So, for the benefit of those who didn’t manage to catch a glimpse of the winning images in the background, here are the 10 victors, complete with a description by the artist.

1. Nills van Dammen - Gamescom Art Contest

Nills van Dammen: This piece of art is a combination from two of my favorite games: Patapon and God of War. If a (new) Patapon game came with a God of War DLC pack, this would be the result. A perfect combination of violence and cuteness. I really love the whole composition of the battle against the Basilisk.

2. Ramón Varela - Gamescom Art Contest>

Ramón Varela Arrabal: With this artwork I’ve tried to highlight the artist behind every game (Fumito Ueda this time). The artists are true protagonists in the stories and magic worlds that make us dream and live innumerable adventures. Thanks to them the industry evolves and may become something more than just blockbuster entertainment.

3. Andy Fairhurst - Gamescom Art Contest

Andy Fairhurst: This work was inspired by the awesome artwork from the Assassin’s Creed series. I loved Raphael Lacoste’s concept artwork in the games. This was something I thought would work – a female assassin in Victorian London.

4. Mateusz Kudranski - Gamescom Art Contest

Mateusz Kudranski: The World is in Play. This is my interpretation of what “The World is in Play” means for me. I’m a big Vita fan.

5. Heather Louise - Gamescom Art Contest>

Heather Louise: I love painting in my spare time. Only a beginner artist at the moment but seeing my friends work inspired me to pick up a paintbrush and paint. I’ve never painted anything before. Also I really love gaming and so do my daughters.

<6. Egor Stolyarov - Gamescom Art Contest

Egor Stolyarov: As you see, I am an enthusiast of Heavy Rain and PlayStation consoles. With my artwork I try to ask everyone: ‘What are hardcore emotions? May hardcore emotions be hardcore gaming experience?’ And answer is… should be somewhere in your mind.

7. Matthew Hogben - Gamescom Art Contest

Matthew Hogben: I was inspired to do this piece because I absolutely love Naughty Dog and their games and I’m really looking forward to The Last Of Us! When I saw the gameplay footage at E3, straight away I had ideas to do a piece for the game! I loved the look and colours to the game and tried to put as much from the gameplay as I could in this picture, with things such as Ellie with the brick and Joel setting one of the enemies on fire with a molotov cocktail.

8. Hannah Bakewell - Gamescom Art Contest

Hannah Bakewell: I used Insomniac’s Spyro The Dragon as inspiration for my painting, because I’ve always thought the game has a very distinct, surrealistic look. The combination of the colourful skyscapes and the floating, elongated platforms really captured my imagination as a child. And 14 years later, I still think the game’s environments are very artistic.

10. David Stirzaker - Gamescom Art Contest

David Stirzaker: My artwork is inspired by Journey. With its engaging and serene world, its enigmatic character and its shared experience, Journey provides an emotional experience that rivals that of any book, movie or piece of music.

9. Daniel Navarro Guerro - Gamescom Art Contest

Daniel Navarro Guerrero: This picture was painted with a digital pen in Photoshop. My inspiration was Shadow of the Colossus. I think this game has an atmosphere and tone that create images with magic. I think it’s a good choice for the theme ‘art and video games’.

Congratulations, one and all – fantastic work. Please take a bow! Your pictures are in the process of being sent back to you now – and believe me, they look wonderful on canvas.

If you missed the panel – which featured Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida, Media Molecule‘s Alex Evans and thatgamecompany co-founder Kellee Santiago, among others – you can watch a highlight reel below, or the full hour-long debate on YouTube. Put your feet up and enjoy – it was a fascinating discussion.

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:D Thanks for the signatures!

Wow, some top notch stuff :)
Love the patapon of war!

Fred, Just to recap – still no Rock of ages for ZA.
Jawad said he would look into it.

Tonight is the last time i get to check online before the update.


Yep, so now we know for sure that some real and great artists are Playstation fans. Huge surprise! ;)

My 3 favorits:
1. Patapon + GoW
2. Heavy Rain Controller
3. Ueda theme


The Fumito Ueda one really makes me sad since he left Team ICO, and Kenji Kaido too not to mention the state of TLG. What’s happening? My favourite studio is dying before my eyes ;_;

ashton_philip 28 August, 2012 @ 13:26

They look amazing! Just made the shadow of the colossus inspired one as my wall paper they all look great though well done for those who competed!


these are amazing, really great pieces of art, is there a chance we could have these on the store as wallpapers

@ Greenpeace08
Whatfor do you need them on the store? Click on the pics above and you’ll see that they are up on Flickr in high resolutions. The rest is up to you.

Unrelated but are scee really screwing us over again with the walking dead? two weeks running, well done.

Nicko_McBrain 28 August, 2012 @ 14:25

Some awesome artwork right there!

But I have a question. What happened to the Character design contest for When Vikings Attack?


Sorry for the delay on WVA contest. You’ll be hearing more on that very soon.

Nicko_McBrain 28 August, 2012 @ 15:27

Didn’t expect an answer, thanks very much!

Just awesome artwork i love it.

Thank you so much for picking my painting. I didn’t expect to be one of the winners at all, I’m only a beginner so will continue to paint when I get the time. The other art pieces are amazing.
Well Done to all the winners. :-)

Wow, those are amazing pieces of artwork, I would buy them all in a heartbeat! (if I had any money now ha)

My canvas arrived earlier this week, I’m going to treasure it forever! Thank you for picking my painting. All of the winning entries looked great together at the panel.

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