Free PS Vita App Treasure Park Out Today

Treasure Park 3

Hi everyone. I hope you’re in the mood to hunt for some hidden gaming booty, because I’m pleased to announce that Treasure Park for PlayStation Vita is out today.

Treasure Park is a fun puzzle app to while away the hours and it’s exclusively available for PS Vita. The premise is simple – create your own puzzle sheet and hide your treasure and medals. Friends will be sniffing around hunting for treasure, so make sure you plant some well-placed bombs to trap them. With the touchscreen it’s quick and easy to set up and get going.

Treasure Park 1Treasure Park 2

Once you’ve created your puzzle sheet, you can share it with your fellow fortune hunters using the “near” app or find other puzzles to play and collect treasures. The more you play, the better chance you’ll have at getting a high score. You can also team up with your friends to earn big scores. See the trailer below for a closer look.

Fancy a fun diversion for free? Download Treasure Park from PlayStation Store now.

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Sounds good for a freebie, will be downloading this one.

Looks interesting; and free. I’ll get this; thanks!


Can’t argue with the price. Something to do challenge my friends with!

I cant believe this app is only out for 5 countries. What the hell Sony? Its like the youtube app, that is only available for selected countries…and since i cant have multiple accounts on Vita, I just have to come here and rant about it!


Sorry for any confusion – this is being released across Europe.

Looks very.. different. Worth a go, hope it’s good.

Speaking of apps, where is the alarm clock app? And now that Liverpool Studios are no more will Wipeout2048’s AR Museum ever see the light of day?
(PS+ and Vita owners friends requests accepted!)

When is the Wake up club app releasing then?

We like free, Will give it the once over before I get my hands on Zen pinball 2. Otherwise it has no chance of getting played on my vita.

P.S I hope Zen doesn’t do a CS:GO, :-)

The vita’s struggling as it is and all we get are these silly apps :/
I think im going to trade mine in, maybe get one in 2 years time when there might actually be some games for it.

Will this require a 3G vita?

Very nice suprise for EU vita owners today! Hopefully it’ll end up being a nice little app to use on my vita now and then.
Should keep me occupied a little while I wait for all stars beta and LBP the week after!

hey fred what happened to the other apps like this and are they still being made for release?

I cant remember all of their names but there was atleast 5 like “TAG” a clock app, a app with some red and looking thing and so on lol


Yes, plenty more apps coming. I’ll give you plenty of warning when I have confirmed dates.

oops “red ant” I meant

NGR: OK, SCEE, where the f is The Walking Dead E3???? Can you tell us something?

Sorry for the rant, thanks for clearing that up Fred. I will be waiting for the store update.

What happen to the clock app any news on that.?

nemesisND1derboy 05 September, 2012 @ 11:27

Where’s Wake Up Club? I need some waking up action!

Also, can we change the name back to its Japanese name, Alarm Alliance? Because that’s way cooler.

I’m deadly serious you guys.

TheSourceOfPower 05 September, 2012 @ 11:32

if it includes the netherlands, yeah i will get it tonight

Will this work on the PSP GO? >.<

No joking aside, i like the look of it! :)

Would have totally ignored Treasure Park if it wasn’t for Shuhei Yoshida’s incessant tweeting about this game lately :P Now I have to at least give it a try, just to see what all the fuss is about.

Looks good and at a good price too ;)


Does this have trophies?

How much space does this take up? I’m close to filling my memory card, and I really don’t want to delete stuff in order to do more. Although I still have game patches to do anything.

It’s annoying, really, I love the Vita and how you focus on supplying content and games digitally, but because of the insane memory card prices I can’t recommend it to anyone.

Until the 32GB card comes down to £50-£60 to around £15-£20, I can’t purchase any more digital stuff on the Vita.

I suppose the good side is that it saves me a lot of money.

Will Treasure Park be trophy supported? If so, are there any details on the trophy list, please?

I follow Yoshida on twitter and he’s been playing this alot, seems like a cool little app to get friends all playing together!!

looks cool :)

wake up club app please… i start college on monday so i need that app soon

Netflix app please.


Sounds good, but some gamers don’t even own a Vita due to high costs. Btw, any chance you can try and get those apps on the Vita too?

– BBC iPlayer
– BBC Sport
– t@g
– Wake up Club

– Netflix
(We only got this for consoles but US has them on portable consoles.)

I like apps that are actually games, I have a phone for social media and internet. This looks good, if I just had some friends

Looks innovative so I’ll be taking a look. I don’t often travel with the Vita though so I expect I will very quickly exhaust my local supply of content seeing as near only ever shows the same 6 people despite saying 70 players nearby (how do we see those other people?!)

I have no vita friends :/

when will this app be released on the US store???

At what hour we may expect that? Always eager to download new apps for my Vita, so can’t wait! :)

Yes, WHEN can we download? I keep checking, but it’s never there :(

Like these little games, although regrettably I don’t have my Vita anymore these little games are pretty addicting, I was never off Frobisher Says

Great Game got nobody on my friends list playing it but great game all the same.

If you need some friends add Flukey73

I don’t get the craziness about trophies…do you score a trophie and then is it sent to someones home so he can put it in display in a shelf? lol
It would be nice… :P

Disappointed that you really need other players involved before you can play this, Good idea in theory but as I’m the only one on my Friends list that has a vita and no-one this far close to me using near is using the app, It pretty much becomes redundant.( for me at the moment)

A message to ALL people who need more Vita friends

Go here:

Hope that helps


Hmm link not working so anywho got to the EU PS Forum and go check out the Vita general discussion area and there is a sticky thread about PSN Vita IDs! loads of people looking for Vita friends to be found there.


The app would be pretty sweet (minesweeper in a new skin kinda), but the fact that I can’t play it without others in NEAR using it is absolutely stupid.
thats the best way to ensure that nobody is gonna start it more than one, leading to no shared puzzles leading to no existance.

You really should have gotten a global share or ‘latest 100 unsolved puzzle’ functionality in

To Whom it may concern,

I love treasure park to death and play play it every day. In fact, my friend list tripled because of that game.

however it will not boot anymore, it gets stuck on the “Please wait” screen indefinitely. I believe it is because I have too many levels coming in from friends but I am not sure.

I have restarted the vita, re-installed the game. Which deleted my save :( Once I get through the tutorial, the game gets stuck again and I have to manually kill it.

I am trying to find out who developed that game so I can ask them

Any ideas of how I could do get support on this?

It’s sad that this game could only share puzzles to those people that are actually NEAR you, not like the NEAR sharing function of other PS Vita games where PSN friends can all get it!! Moreover, you CAN ONLY send 10 requests to FRIENDS in a day, that is really…..

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