Killzone Trilogy Coming Soon To PlayStation 3

killzone Trilogy_3D

Hello everyone. I’m very pleased to share with you news that I hope will bring some excitement to those readers with a predilection for all things Helghast and ISA and those who perhaps could well have in the very near future. I can confirm that 24th October will see the launch of Killzone Trilogy.

As you may ascertain from the Trilogy moniker, this forthcoming release will feature all three ground-breaking PS2 and PS3 titles that form the critically acclaimed Killzone triptych.

Here’s a rundown of what you can find contained within the appropriately dark and brooding box. Firstly, we have Killzone HD – which, as you may have guessed, is the curtain-raising original Killzone that kick-started the series, but now with a stunning HD makeover and full trophy support.

Killzone HD_1

Killzone HD_2 Killzone HD_3

In addition to Killzone HD, the package also includes Killzone 2, which brought an even more ambitious sense of scale, storytelling and action to the franchise. Finally, drawing matters to a dramatic climax, there’s the breath-taking last instalment – Killzone 3, providing a fittingly cinematic dénouement to the series.

Killzone 3_2 Killzone 3_4

Kilzone 3_3 Killzone 3_1

But that is not quite all. Not only will the Trilogy include the three titles, but the package will also include all the Killzone 2 and 3 multiplayer map packs free of charge. The full map package is as follows:

Killzone 2 Map Pack Bundle

  • Steel & Titanium Map Pack
  • Flash & Thunder Map Pack
  • Napalm & Cordite Map Pack

KZ map 1

Killzone 3 Map Pack Bundle

  • Killzone 3 Steel Rain Map Pack
  • Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack
  • Killzone 3 From The Ashes Map Pack

KZ map 2

Killzone Trilogy will launch at a RRP of €49.99/£40.84 and will be coming to a gaming outlet near you very soon. There will be regular news and information to come as we rumble towards launch, both here on PlayStation Blog and over on the official Killzone site.

Finally, check out the new Killzone Trilogy trailer, which we hope will whet the appetites of those yet to enjoy the Killzone experience and allow veterans of the series to relive some golden moments. Are you ready to take a trip to Helghan?

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OH MY LORD!!! YES!!!:P ‘KillZone 1’ in HD with Trophies!!!:P
+ Will ‘KillZone 1’ be available on its own? On PSN? ;)

Will Killzone HD be for Purchase on it’s own, either from the shop or on the Playstation store?

As i already have killzone 2 & 3 with all map packs and only really want to purchase Killzone HD even though i have the ps2 version


keep it PSN is dead

the case looks to be the thickness of 3 cases, does this mean that killzone HD will be on its own disc? if yes does that mean people who paid for 2 and 3 will be able to purchase it on its own via a disc or psn?

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 14:18

Killzone HD is on its own disc as part of the trilogy. It’s also available on its own, but only from the PS Store.

Will you be able to just buy Killzone 1 HD? If so what price will the be?

Killzone 1 HD with Trophy support WHHHHHAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Where did that come from?!

Oh wow, you had me until the price…£40..Are you serious?

£40 is a bit much don’t you think?

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 14:16

Killzone 1 will be available on it’s own as well from the PSN store.

Might get this just for the awesome box.

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 14:23

Glad you like it!

Finally I can play Killzone on my PS3. I think including 2 and 3 is a bit superfluous though since us fans already have it.

Also with the release of this, Guerilla Games should restore the Killzone History page on their website. It was removed some time ago and it had the entire history of the Killzone Universe. New fans should know of the story that led to the Killzone trilogy.

Ahh that sucks, would of bought the new HD remake if it was on its own, I already have both killzone 2,3. And I aint buying them all again just for the first one :p

For £40 that’s a good deal, 3 games and 6 DLC map packs. Factor in that places like will likely sell it even cheaper and it’s even better.

7# It’s the RRP… So you will be able to find it for like £30.

£40.84? Whats that all about?


Will all of them support Move or is it just killzone 3?

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 14:33

It’s just Killzone 3 that supports the move.

The Killzone 2 and 3 versions are the originals including all DLC packs.

Killzone HD is a new conversion for PS3 with Trophies and quite a bit of updated content.


You will be able to get KZ1 HD from the PS Store as a stand alone download.


why is the first game being sold on a disc only with the trilogy, once again screwing over people who bought these games brand new

Hi Michiel, may you please tell me if the map packs will be on the discs or if they will be downloadable with a voucher? Thanks.

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 14:34

Hi there.. The map packs will be downloadable with a voucher. Enjoy!


I hope they have update killzone 1&2’s controls so they are like killzone 3

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 14:36

We’ve updated Killzone 1’s controls to be more in line with the rest of the series and to account for the fact that the SIXAXIS and DualShock 3 are of better quality than the original PlayStation 2 controller.

almighty-slayer 06 September, 2012 @ 14:34

Just buy Killzone 1. Save yourself money and get the only good game in the series :)

Will the Killzone Trilogy be released in Germany?

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 14:36

Confirmation on release in Germany and Austria will be provided shortly

I’d love Killzone 1 on disc but I’ve already got 2 & 3… spent quite a lot to get the limited edition KZ3 too so I don’t really want to make it superfluous by getting this box set… shame it’s only on PSN individually, I’m seriously running low on disc space even though I have a 640GB drive!

Any chance of a limited release of KZ1 boxed on its own? For the true fans who have the others and would like to complete the trilogy? Please don’t make me buy all 3 again!

As for the guy moaning about it being £40RRP… it’s THREE GAMES you dolt! And DLC! It’s a great price!

Will there be any vita remote play, maybe for killzone hd?

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 14:39

Unfortunately not, sorry.

22# Killzone 2 had the best controls!

I has question!

I have KZ2 & 3 but not the map packs, and I’d love KZ1 on disc…

So my question is… are the discs the same as the KZ2 & 3 boxed releases, with the map packs as DLC codes… or is the DLC content included on the discs already?

The reason I ask this is because I would consider buying this box set and giving the KZ2 & 3 discs to a friend (because I have steelbook KZ2 and Helghast Edition KZ3) IF they are the “standard” releases… and keeping the DLC codes for me.

This would be perfect. But if they are “new” versions I’d be less inclined to do this.

And if they’re “Platinum” boxes, you can keep ’em! I hate Platinum releases and their horrid boxes! Mind you I’d feel even less bad about giving them away then…

Ooh @26

That’s a good question


I’m kinda shocked to hear that KZ3 was the end. Atl east this post makes it sound like that. So that’s it for Helghan, that’s how the empire ends ???

On another note £40 for all 3 I think is a deal considering you get 3 games and 6 packs of DLC and a HD upgraded and trophy supported game. It probably works out at like just under £15 for each game, which is decent imo.

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 14:52

We just announced Killzone Mercenary for PS Vita! So you have something to go on for a while :)


OMG! Yes! Think I will just get KZ HD though as I have the others with the DLC (and even KZ MP).

You say there’s no chance of remote play for the Vita, but what about it being copied to the Vita? It is essentially just an upscaled PS1 game, surely…

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 14:52

Actually, it was a PS2 game. And we did a little more work to it than just upscaling..

It’s an interesting thought though..

will this trilogy be avalible on the ps store?

The problem is of course that most people will already have 2 and 3 if they already wanted them.

I’d buy the original Killzone on disc but on PSN…not so sure.

Very urgent question!!!!!

Is Killzone 1’s split screen multiplayer (with bots) still intact in the HD version?

Please say yes :(

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 14:53

YES! And I can tell you that if you liked the original, you’ll like this better. The PS3 really does it more justice..

Awesome! Now I can play the first Killzone, and in HD too!
Definitely buying this from the PS store, since I already have two and three.

One thing that upset me though was that you called Killzone 3 the last installment? Does this mean that there definitely won’t be a Killzone 4? :(


ten ps vita y ps2 ahora quiero un ps3


ten ps vita y ps2 ahora quiero un ps3

This is awesome news, I’ve never got around to playing the original KZ, glad it will be available to DD.

What will be the framerate of the HD remake?

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 14:55

Killzone HD is running at the same specs as the other two in the trilogy. It runs 30 FPS at 720p native without any frame drops.

Has the framerate been improved since the original PS2 version ?

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 14:59

Yes, quite significantly. Not to say bad things about the original, but this one is a lot better!

Does Guerilla Games have any plans to restore the webpage that had the history of the Killzone universe? People that buy the trilogy may want to know the complex story behind the KZ universe.

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 14:59

We’ll look into it.

What are the Killzone trophies like?
Why did you take out the secondary fire of the guns in K2 and K3?I loved that!!

TroubleMaker411 06 September, 2012 @ 14:57

Stupid question.

I really don’t want to get rid on my steel books for KZ 2 and 3, will they fit into what looks like a boxset with 3 seperate boxes in it?


The origional Killzone 1 had split screen multiplayer maps and such, are they still on there with split screen?

i had been telling my gf about killzone 1 and how i loved it and played the split screen with friends and family allll the time, now i can get a chance to show her! (whether she likes it or not)

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 15:00

Yes, the splitscreen option is still in, we enjoyed it quite a lot at the office here as well. I hope your gf likes it too ;-)

It is great to see you on the blog Michiel! You should join twitter!

Can I just say you are a technical genius :)

Guerrilla games get stronger and stronger with every release.

Killzone 3 is still the best looking shooter on a console! I was just playing multiplayer last night on Bilgarsk Boulevard and nothing comes close to your art-direction, audio, effects, and all-round technical wizardry. Also, the fact that KZ3 is one of few shooters to actually render in HD 720p speaks volumes…

So I’m delighted that you have gone back and redone the original Killzone in HD – I cannot wait to play it again on my PS3.

Looking forward to your next project.


Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 15:07


I hope you’ll enjoy Killzone HD on the PS3:-)

TroubleMaker411 06 September, 2012 @ 14:59

ooh ooh.
Another one.

Any chance of bringing KZ:Liberation to PSN/disc (a la god of war origins disc) for us that didn’t play the psp version?


Is killzone also going to be as vita version?

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 15:09

We recently announced a brand new Killzone game especially designed for PS Vita: Killzone Mercenary


Been a long time since I heard about Killzone one being in HD. Didn’t think it would be out anytime soon. Am looking forward to it. However i wish Killzone 1 would come out on disc on its own as I already have the others on disc. I’m not much of a buying from ps store fan and certainly wouldn’t buy the trilogy just for 1 game so can have it on disc. Like to save my space for games i get with ps+

Did stereoscopic 3D make it into KZ1 HD?

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 15:10

No, KZ1 HD does not support 3D, sorry.

in the light of this news any chance we can see killzone liberation working on vita? americans can play their psp copies fine, why cant we? :(

Will the much talked about Nurbs in Killzone 1 revolutionise graphics as we know it?

Also, thanks again for naming a Killzone 2 level section after me (‘Wollan’s View’).

Has the audio been upgraded in Killzone HD at all?, sounds effects, 5.1 etc?

@ Comrade-Bozzey

“I’m kinda shocked to hear that KZ3 was the end”

It’s the end in fact a sequel hasn’t been announced yet.If that really was how they ended the story,then whoever was in charge needs to find a new line of work.

Not sure if I’ll buy them again.I’ll probably wait on the inevitable KZ1,2,3,PS4 4k edition.:/

oh yeah!
even if i already own 2 and 3 i will still get this box

also wy is Killzone Liberations not in this box
Not that i care sins i already have it but still i wonder wy?

One of my favourite series of any console, looking forward to this.

Meanwhile, on the US “Killzone Trilogy — hitting stores on October 23rd, 2012 for $39.99”

so $40 no longer equals 40€ but 50€ instead ? seriously ?

looks like a fab collection, cant wait to try out Killzone HD! sounds like alot of work has been put into it, will you be doing any ‘making of’ posts for the Blog to show us what went into it?

kinda guessing that KZHD wont include its multiplayer side of things? though i remember single player being great anyway and 2 & 3 online are still awesome :)

Will Killzone 1 HD have Online multiplayer?

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 15:20

Killzone 1 HD will have offline multiplayer against bots.

I’m a Big Fan Of Killzone. Thank you!

Killzone 1. Why in this version there is no:
– 3D?
– 1080p?
– 60 frames per second?


I want competitive online

Has the AI in Killzone HD been updated at all?


Thank you GG, i finally get the chance to play killzone 1 my favourite shooter of all time. Killzone ftw :)


I forgot to ask, do you have an estimate release date for Killzone 1 to be up on store?

Perhaps an estimate price also aswell as if ps+ subscribers get a discount or not?


Are there going to be trophies for the offline multiplayer with bots? That’d be pretty interesting if there is, but i’m thinking it’ll likely be like 35 trophies all for single player

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 15:39

Yes, there are Trophies for offline multiplayer against bots too!

shakinsherlock66 06 September, 2012 @ 15:32

Love it like that. I never had the pleasure of KZ(never had a PS2)
Im wondering as well as the HD polish,have those Guerilla’s KZ3’d the gameplay too.As in the shooting mechanic which was brilliantly improved
from KZ2 to KZ3.
Also….I dont mean to sound greedy but when are GG gonna drop Killzone4?


When are we gonna see the trophy list for Killzone 1?

Classic_Shooter 06 September, 2012 @ 15:32

Right I’m very interested in KZ hitting PSN, but not gonna get my hopes up, cause of late SCEE has let me down 3 times in a month, that’s not good. Will this hit the store same week as the triply release ??????


But i mean will killzone 1 hd also be on the vita?

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 15:40

No, Killzone HD will not be available on Vita, sorry.


Will there be any support for KZ1 multiplayer?
ps I would like to know if the audio has been upgraded as well…

Michiel van der Leeuw 06 September, 2012 @ 16:00

Unfortunately there is no online multiplayer, but split-screen multiplayer modes are all there. The audio has been upgraded as well. They’ve been re-compressed at higher quality from the original recordings.

EbcdicZehetbauer 06 September, 2012 @ 15:34

I first discovered Killzone when 3 came out. Wonderful game and a lot of good players to play with and against.
One thing that has really disappointed me and my other clan members is the small numbers of maps and the lack of patching for well known off the map glitches / cheats, like in turbine concourse.
Could we expect to see future DLC in the Trilogy? Or even expanding the current maps into other multiplayer modes, ex Junk yard in operations or warzone?
For the glory of Helghan, Please…

Great news.

So when is Socom Trilogy going to be announced?

any chance you can patch them all for remote play via the psvita, just like ICO/SotC HD collection and GOW HD collection.

Either way, i own the KZ3 helgast edition,KZ2 steel book and KZ3 mp download on PSN but i’m still gonna get this, now shut up guerilla games and take my money!!!!!!!. :)

Back KillzoneHD! Super!:)


Oops, I forgot it was PS2, felt so long ago! But yeah, can’t wait for these!

Only played KZ2 (and really enjoyed it) so would be interested to play the other two. Any of these games would make a great addition to the Instant Game Collection (hint) – or is there any chance of a PS+ discount for the trilogy or the individual games?

This is amazing news. I still have KZ2 & KZ3 steel boxes so i will certainly be adding KZ HD to my collection. Thank-you so much GG for this HD remake! Any indication of what price this will be on its own?

The trilogy looks great though the RRP is perhaps a little high despite there being a lot of content in there. I’m sure it will drop before long though for those who don’t want to pay so much.

if those arent platinum editions inside then day 1, if not I dont care


Lack of PlayStation Move support in 1 and 2 saddens me tremendously. :/

Thank you!
I’ve been wanting to play the original Killzone in HD since Sony talked about the first HD remakes.
The game had some great ideas like multiple protagonists in the campaign (which isn’t in the sequels) and multiplayer with splitscreen and bots.
Awesome news, now I want a release date for Killzone Mercenary! Please! :)

Guerilla Games, I love you! :D The box art is super smexy! I’m really excited to try out Killzone 1 in HD ^-^ Great job.

As much as really disliked Killzone 3 for its terrible story, change to characters like Sev and Narville into odious people and ludicrous ending I’m sad to see the word dénouement used. This is the end? With a good writing team Killzone could be the classic shooter of this generation. The gunplay and universe is great, the series just needs a compelling story that goes deeper than CoD and well developed characters. Something like Spec Ops: The Line attempted.

Multiplayer should be more like BF3, big open maps with mechs, dropships and the return of spawn grenades. It would be glorious.

Maybe more detail on the “stunning HD makeover” could be shared because the (over compressed JPG) screenshots and minimal expected framerate/resolution upgrades don’t explain it.

“Stunning” would be an upgrade closer to Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD or ICO HD.

I already have KZ2 and KZ3 with all the DLC for both games so I’ll definitely be buying KZ HD off the store.

Any chance you can sell me the empty box haha!

How much will Killzone 1 HD be costing? (i hope its cheap ;)…)

The exact same Killzone Trilogy will cost 40 dollars in North America. What gives?

It seems like the usual 1 dollar = 1 euro exchange rate is not enough this time around…


@ Michiel van der Leeuw

Kudos on replying to a lot of the comments! Proud of you guys!

i no this is nuthing 2 do with killzone but tell activision 2 stop updatein mw3 my ps3 doesna get a full game out of it sounds gos and it crashes done it with mw2 when they updated awhile ago


Thank you very much for doing this :D I’m glad you didn’t just push for a PS2 release but decided to give the fan an upgrade of the it. :D

I hate to ask this after all your kindness for bring the original Killzone to PS3 (with trophies might I add) but are you guys going to do competitions in the run up?

Here’s some ideas;
– The person who is number one in the global ranking for K2 and K3. – Host a community day where four GG staff members go up against people of the community.
– Or have a league where people of the community will band together to get a copy.
– Or someone who posts the quickest completeion times on the hardest difficulty on K3 etc etc.

Will receive a free download code for the game.

I think it would be really cool to do something like that :p

I have been playing Killzone 1 ten to 15 hours a week, online with friends until the servers were shut down, and now offline with friends at my house — since the game was released. I can’t even express how excited I am about the release!!! Thanks for replying to all of the comments.

For those Killzone fans that have not checked out the artwork, you must do so at Miguel angel martinez monje is my favorite artist. I have Jungle 1 from Cook and Becker hanging in my office and I saving to purchase as much of the collection as possible! I encourage Killzone fans to check it out. It would be great to have a Killzone 1 piece in the collection!

One simple Question the whole of the killzone fanbase want to no….


Man i really wish all the Maps could be one 1 game. I would play 24/7

waltersullivan88 06 September, 2012 @ 18:38

Are KZ2 and KZ3 in the platinum edition?

Hi , loved KZ2 and 3, i’ve just got a 3D TV and decided to play KZ3 again but PS3 locks up everytime just after Move warnings screens after 1.14 patch, any advice please

So remote play isnt supported? Then make a patch. The remote play vita patch for god of war was less than 4mb [CENSORED]. Not alot of work needed for 4 bloomin mb.
Sure, i buy killzone 1 on the store if its ever released there (can be guarenteed due to how [CENSORED] they are lately) but come on Sony and guerilla , gives us a reason to get excited about 2 and 3 again.

Killzone! My favorite game (and consoleshooter) back then, together with MGS :p This really blew me away. If I remember correctly, this was also one of the first consoleshooters to introduce aiming down sight, and all shooters without it felt outdated to me after that :p Good to hear it’s rereleasing anyway, I heard rumors it was cancelled. Guerilla games ftw! Just the thought of a series with this amount of quality and high production values is made so close to my home is unbelievable, keep on making us proud guys!

So kill zone hd will be on a disc and also have a seperate digital version?

twistedintoform 06 September, 2012 @ 20:29

@neutronbomb – the size of the patch is irrelevant. it’s the memory imprint required to make remote play work in the first place. killzone 3 is pretty much using the PS3’s memory to maximum capacity, it probably can’t spare the memory required without performance degradation. yoshida shuhei has pretty much said that remote play for most PS3 titles won’t be possible because of the PS3’s memory capacity.

twistedintoform 06 September, 2012 @ 20:36

haven’t played KZ1, so it will be good to see how it began, and to hear more of those visari monologues. brian cox’s voice acting is great.. it was sadly missed in KZ3.

i can’t see how KZ3 was a denouement – it left more questions than it answered about KZ2. i’d put a wager that KZ4 will definitely appear on the PS4. :p


This is awesome! The original Killzone is one of my favourite games of all time!

What a fantastic news! KillzoneVita announced in Germany & now K1 in HD! Thanks a lot ;)

I really can’t wait!

Will the sound effects, for example gun sounds be more similar to Killzone 2 or Killzone 3 or will they remain the same but upgraded/polished up?

The trailer is awesome btw!

WHY WHY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY is online multiplayer NOT included in KZ1?! the KZ1 servers went offline years ago so we can’t even play it on PS2. I appreciate the splitscreen, but no online MP is just taunting us.

Ratchet and Clank 3 is older than KZ1 yet they brought back the online MP for the HD trilogy, so why can’t you do the same for YOUR trilogy?! Look at how many new players bought R&C3 because they were enticed by the return of MP, just do your research and you’ll be surprised how influential this factor was.

I’m very disappointed about Killzone 1 HD. No online multiplayer, no 60 fps and updated controls ?? They were just fine in the original. Plus, Dual Shock 2 > Dual Shock 3. You just need to play the MGS HD Collection to realize that.

Bassmonkey_Mike 07 September, 2012 @ 09:23

Awesome…loved all 3 games. Defo buy the trilogy pack even though I own 2 & 3 already…I do like my boxsets. :) Time to eBay 2 & 3 then!

How about the save files for KZ1 and KZ2?

Will they be locked or will they be both be able to be copied to a USB device?

I twice lost my KZ2 progress due to a system freeze…..I don’t have KZ3, but I haven’t seen where that one is locked from USB copy.

xxSamuraiGirlxx 07 September, 2012 @ 14:38

how is 3 games plus dlc for £40 a not a good deal?!

you guys are crazy.

Sorry, not read it all but K1 coming to PSN? Played the other 2 but never played the original

Lets go a bit offtopic here.

Any chance for God of War :Saga release in europe?

CrazySasquatch- 07 September, 2012 @ 20:45

This is fantastic. I never got around to playing the original killzone. (Disgraceful i know) But i am really looking forward to this. Thank you for this. Great job with killzone 2 and 3 aswell!

I am very disappointed about not using Move on the first game, understandable on 2.

I struggle with twin stick controller FPSs, as I played PC more than console in the past.

I find the KZ3 Move setup addictive and cannot go for long with out a game.

надеюсь в будуйщем в psn выложат первую часть так как другие две у меня уже есть…


well, this looks awesome! thank you so much Guerilla Games for making Killzone 1 in HD with trophies! I already have Killzone 2 and 3 plus the PlayStation®Move sharp shooter attachment with the PS Move and Navigation controller, and a plasma 50 inch 3D TV.

Now i’m waiting for your amazing Killzone 4 for the PlayStation 4 4K resolution super console :)


Great work ! I’m really interested in this thing.
But I was wondering,Any chance that you offer new Dynamic themes on PSN? The art design of Killzone is stunning.


Will remote play be available for killzone trilogy?


I never finished killzone 1 I found it a little dull has I found it sequal the same it took me a month to complete the single player but number three what a game it’s brilliant I played it in 3d will 1 & 2 be in 3d?

Also the psp one was awful, but the vita one looks okay, I do find killzones mp very rubbish but Iam more of a tps man myself, may pick this up for the sp if iam not still to busy playing re6 in October.

Will it have aiming down the sights like in Kz2 and 3?

KIllzone HD that is*

Nightmareofkaito 12 September, 2012 @ 20:38

are you adding legacy controls to these?

will killzone hd be coming in a stand alone disk from the rest of the tri as i alreay have the other 2.

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