Access Episode 48: Tekken! GT Academy! TV Ads!

Hey there blogites, ready for peak gaming season?!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is our game of the week, and also quite possibly the finest version of our favourite ever fighting series (views may not be held equally by all member of the Access TV team). And as we play with Law we didn’t even have to learn an extra character, because there are two of him. Two!

Elsewhere, we’re back at the GT Academy Race Camp reporting on the climax of this year’s competition, with contributions from Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi and Ex-Formula 1 pro Johnny Herbert. And we go behind the scenes of the latest PlayStation Vita ad campaign, lifting the curtain on a new series of TV spots you’ll be able to see from the 17th of September.

On top of all that we’ve also got our regular round up of the latest news in PlayStation Briefing, and a guide to the latest essentials from the PlayStation Store.

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1 Author replies

Is this available to download on the store yet? Was only able to find the lower quality vita version last night.


Yep! Head over to Latest > Top Picks > Access TV :)


Hey, could you help me out with something?

I downloaded Red Dead Redemption from the PS Plus section of the store, but every time I go to install it, the installation bar creeps to about 2%, and then error 80010038 is shown on the screen, and the installation stops, leaving a corrupted file on my PS3.

I have easily enough space on my hard drive.

RDR was the main reason I subscribed to PS Plus, and I’m a bit frustrated that it isn’t working.

Any help?

The Walking Dead here next time around ps store updates.

@SteDE & @MusterBuster
It really isn’t there.
I can only find the lower quality Vita version as well and I keep searching for it.
Please believe that we can’t find it, getting a bit frustrated with Access peeps telling me to search for it. :)

I fear your downloaded install data is already corrupted. If you didn’t do so already, delete it and download RDR once more.

The only version of this weeks Access i can find on PSN(UK) is the PS Vita version??? I want a 1080p weekly version(hmm or daily version because i like the show so much) :D

xxSamuraiGirlxx 07 September, 2012 @ 14:32

oh i didn’t know there was going to be an access this week.

i swear i checked the store on wed and there was only last weeks epi..

Hey guys, we’re sroting those issues you noted now. Looks like our files got a bit messed up!

Thanks MB.
Please tell Mr. Ditum to listen to me next time! :)

jonny_hart_digit 07 September, 2012 @ 20:16

the walked talk…. class!

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