Ecolibrium Arrives On Vita Tomorrow

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Hi everyone. So, you’ve already been introduced to the wonderful world of Discovery Apps for PlayStation Vita via the weird and funny Frobisher Says! If you’re wondering what’s next in line for the series, I’m happy to confirm the arrival of Ecolibrium.


Ecolibrium is an imaginative real-time eco-system simulator where the aim is to maintain harmony within your own created environment. You need to select creatures, plants and artefacts to create a balanced eco-system. If your eco-system is not balanced, you can feed your animals manually or exile unwanted animals into the wilderness using Vita’s near feature for others to pick up for their respective eco-system.

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Grow your world by hunting fantastical creatures from the environment around you using GPS or, if you prefer, you can sell or buy them in the online player-to-player auctions. It’s all in aid of giving your eco-system the perfect harmony, so don’t be shy! And if you’re competitive, try online challenges and climb up the global leaderboards.

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Ecolibrium is free to download from PlayStation Store tomorrow, so there’s no excuse to not give it a try. Start building the perfect ecosystem now.

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any trophies on this one?


Yes, there are trophies!

Does this game have trophies?

Super-Silverback 11 September, 2012 @ 14:09

This looks awesome


This looks really good and looks like it uses the Vita features really well. Can’t wait to give it a try

netflix app …….

Is this going to be available for all of us or is it for 3G Vita owners only like Tag was?


It is available to all PS Vita owners. but only the GPS hunting feature section is limited to a 3G model.


This looks awesome! And you can’t argue with the price either ;-)

almighty-slayer 11 September, 2012 @ 14:25

Yay. Been looking forward to this one. Actually seems really fun.

I assume when you say “you can sell or buy them in the online player-to-player auctions” you mean using an in-game currency?

Hopefully it wont be tied to local users like Treasure Park is. Eugh, you can’t play it unless somebody near has created puzzles, which, as there aren’t many Vita users means that you never get one. Pointless waste of time. At the very least Sony should release some at intervals to keep interest in the app.

So yeah, it all sounds interesting, but if it hinges on any of the three people “Near” me (and then Near requiring WiFi, etc (so flawed)) then it’ll be useless. That would be a shame because I love quirky stuff like this – MAKE IT WORK SONY! :)


Seems really awesome!!!Will be picking it up.By the way has anyone gotten their PS All Star Battle Royale invitation yet?It was supposed to start today.


I meant the PS All Star Battle Royale Beta invitation



Yes, Free to download from PS Store tomorrow.

will this has online multiplayer?

@1 I sure hope so! I wouldn’t buy a game with no trophies, I play only to make my virtual meat rod bigger. I don’t actually care about the games actually, as long as they have easily obtainable trophies!


The ‘treasure boxes’ to extend the game. I’m assuming you pay for these using real money from the PS Store? If that’s the case can you give an example of a boxes content and how much it will cost?

Also, for us non 3G owners without the GPS facility, will we be at a disadvantage when it comes to locating new ‘goods’ compared to 3G owners?

This does indeed look like a good game, I hope the NEAR features work well.

I’ve never heard about this game but it looks awesome from this post alone.
Will definitely be trying this out.



Looks like alot of fun :D. Any news to share on when we will see the Wake Up club app?

Finnaly. Good news

Finnaly. Thanks for good news

The basic basis is free but other than that (the packs) will be taxed for sure. I can’t see the free part being much expansive because of that. Take frobisher as an example, the main app is free but they quickly launched a paid dlc which has way more stuff to do (go figure).

In other words, they’re throwing dust to your eyes, because if you actually want to take full advantage of the game and have a full experience than you’ll have to pay.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not against having to pay because devs deserv but I’m totally against announcing stuff like this as free and in the end it’s not like that.

it can be strategy game?


I’m glad so many ppl embrace this shovelware. It certainly justifies the expenditure of £250 and definitely maximises Vitas potential as a leading handheld device(!)

Have to say I totally agree with VitalogyPJ

I feel it’s trickery to dangle the carrot of a “free” game that, if you want to get anywhere in it, is really not free as you coerced into buying the DLC if you want to progress.

Another sinner is Treasures of Montezuma: Blitz.

Come on Devs, let me buy the full game and then you can release special DLC to buy later. Works for so many other games and doesn’t leave a nasty taste in the mouth. :-(


Hm, I don’t think I will even try it. Most likely it’s a shameless customer milking game, where you can’t do anything and have to actually pay to get any kind of sensible gameplay at all.
Sorry if I’d be willing to put up with this nonsense I’d just use an iPAD or any android device, they’re full of this.
@SpiderMike_X Wow, a reasonable person. All those free games on Vita are garbage. Also, they called Zen Pinball 2 demo “full game”.

looks ok, not brilliant but ok. as due to it being free theres going to be some sort of catch down the line regarding more features being restricted to payed dlc etc. but im happy with that as i still aint paying :p

when you say tomorrow. what timezone are you talking about?

yeah its cool for a free download:-) when is SmartAs coming?

Could be strings attacthed. I hope not though. Using NEAR to trade and up grade sounds cool.

Anyone know roughly what time it will appear on the store?

IT ill be abley in al paystation stores?

ChameleonVector 12 September, 2012 @ 19:14

This looks and sounds like an awesome little way to waste time and chill out. Downloading it now to check it out. :D


Been playing it, got 16th highest score in the whole world, graphics are amazing, a little bit different to what i expected, bonus that it has trophies and is FREE!


Don’t touch this, it’s pure Pay2Win nonsense. Does being able to play 5 minutes in 90 sound good to you?

I hope that people continue to kick off about this sort of business model because I couldn’t stand it if Pay2Win became the future of games.

I’ve got a friend that works for a mobile/handheld development studio and these games are designed with deliberate pinch points and to be as painful as possible to play in their free guise. It’s bait and switch in its purest form: you’re offered a free hit and if you get addicted they know you’ll fork out for more.

Problem is that often becomes more expensive than a one-off, upfront fee and it’s becoming increasingly common that whoever plugs in the most money will win. Each and every person that downloads and plays this game is giving the thumbs-up to publishers that this is the way forward.

I’m sorry if I’m the 1000’th person to aks this, but we now have this paint park thing, treasure park.. that doesn’t seem to agree with my near app. and now this truly wonderful ecolibrium, but I wonder, when is this Wake up Club coming, cause I actually sort of could use that, school has now started 2 weeks, and I could really use that wake up thing, but why such a delay? games are fun, but why not first release the useful stuff, and there can’t be much translating for that app right? (From European person)

Hi mrs Mayumi, can you tell me when will we hear something about the Paint Part competition? Over a month passes since it closed and still no news. Thanks

thepsychohorde2 23 September, 2012 @ 08:01

i can’t find this game in the store, what happend?

is it for the U.S.

Just to let everyone know, this is of importance:


They are save specific, not game specific, so you will lose everything you paid for if you want to start again.

This is a good game, it’s a shame the ‘Pay2Play’ aspect is there, i would’ve rather paid money for the game to start with i think it is worth it, just without these stupid little tricks…

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