Let’s Fish! Hooked On Aims To Reel In Vita Gamers


Being our first, exclusive, collaboration with Sony, we are extremely proud to be able to present to you, the PlayStation community, Let’s Fish! Hooked On, the first full-scale fishing game on PS Vita, coming this Autumn. So, being given the opportunity to speak directly to real gamers, we decided to share the first public airing of the game with the first screenshots and artwork, right here.

Let’s Fish! Hooked On, which was originally released in Japan only, is developed by renowned Tokyo based SIMS, whose games include SEGA Bass Fishing and PSP launch title Ape Escape. If you hadn’t guessed already, Let’s Fish! Hooked On also has beautifully illustrated anime style artwork – designed by well-known Japanese artist Poyoyon❤Rock (whose most recent character design artwork was used for the manga series The World God Only Knows).


The game combines realistic fishing action with fast arcade-style gameplay and comes complete with a full story mode, which aims to make fishing fun for everyone. Choosing between four different characters, each with their own story line and unique skills, players are challenged to improve their skills and become World Champion by competing in a host of progressively more difficult tournaments on the World Tour.

The game is split into four different game modes, World Tour – with its character driven story line, Challenge – quick short-bursts of fishing action and online ranking, Training – to help develop your skills and Underwater Mode, which lets you view your prized catches, all of which are designed to make use of the PS Vita‘s impressive features.


The intertwining, and often humorous relationship (‘Ai’ strives to save people’s dark souls through fishing), between the game’s characters drives the story, as you see just how much fun fishing can be using the Vita’s touchscreen and rear touch pad.

For more hardcore fishing fans there’s nine different kinds of fish to catch – including Bass, Trout and Salmon – and 240 lures to earn across 11 themed outdoor stages, but the game’s arcade tendencies mean it’s fast and fun to play and has more than enough to keep you entertained, whether you know your Rainbow Trout from your King Salmon or not.

Wired Productions are very excited to be bringing Let’s Fish! Hooked On to gamers worldwide, exclusively for the PS Vita. Lots more screenshots, artworks and videos will be released in the coming weeks, along with the release date. In the meantime, follow us on and on Twitter @LetsFishGame for all the latest news and competitions.


We hope you’ll be hooked later this year! Thanks for your time. *Flips tail*

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I cant add funds on the store ive tried everything

I suppose I should ask the question everyone else will :P

Will there be a demo to try it out?

Hoping to get a demo out, nothing confirmed, as yet. Best check Twitter @LetsFishGame for all updates.

Yea i wanna see a demo to

so is it gonna stay original with that i mean jap dub.

Currently no plans to include the Japanese voice over. The game will be available across Europe and the US.

Where is your reply about RDR issue for PSN plus members in KSA.

Are people seriously that retarded that they can’t read the article? Where does it mention issues with funding your wallet or Red Dead Redemption issues?


This looks great. Love the art style and always have enjoyed fishing games for some unknown reason. Hope to see a demo at some point before I splash (get it?) the cash.


Didn’t know girls like that fished.

*firmly grips his fishing rod*

no jap dub no sale for me, i think publishers really need 2 take notice that most ppl with anime styled games you need only jap dubs cause we all know the eng dub if it is gonna get it is gonna be horrible.

you want jap language then go to jap country, !


i can’t help it your illiterate and brainless that you can only understand your own language. learn a language you dumb idiot, just cause your lazy doesen’t mean we have 2 suffer from horrible english dub.

rrrrrrrr I’m getting ANGRY just looking at the art style. One wiff of a Final Fantasyesque hairstyle and that hairstyle is going to end up wearing my controller, on screen grrrr stupidjpmangaangrafyingartwithponcyvexinghairstyles grrr and no thank fully I do not have to play this… I DO have to comment tho…


Hm, well it looks like I won’t have to import a Japanese copy after all. I’ll definitely get it. How much will it be? $50 like Japanese one? Sure hope not more, else it defeats the point.
Speaking of dub… Normally I play Japanese games with Japanese voices, but I’m not entirely sure if this game has any voice acting to speak of.
@dgnfly @Witcher70 You guys are off-putting. It’s not bloody Yakuza or WoTS, it’s a FISHING simulator.


I love Hooking action!

Ah i cant wait. Just been platinum’ing Nier on ps3 so love me some fishing action ;) keep us updated!

FghtOffUrDemons 12 September, 2012 @ 11:50

I haven’t bought a fishing game since PSone.
Might pick this up though it looks fun and I’m interested in ANYTHING that’s announced for the Vita this year.

The lack of dual audio ruined this for me. I hated the “Everybodys Golf” dub and I doubt this will have better voices. JP voices for Anime characters is always the standard for me

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