PlayStation Plus Update: Online Storage Upgraded To 1GB

We’ve got some happy news for PlayStation Plus members this week – the latest firmware update (version 4.25) goes live tomorrow, increasing your Cloud Storage limit from 150MB to a whopping 1GB.

After you’ve installed the update, simply go to the Saved Data Utility under the Game column of the XMB. From there you can access the Online Storage folder and find any existing game saves already uploaded, as well as the increase in space to 1GB. So set your automatic download to upload every game save for every game you play, and enjoy the additional breathing room. You can also continue to use this feature to selectively upload game saves you specify.

As announced last week, your Instant Game Collection titles for September are epic Western adventure Red Dead Redemption, quirky indie puzzler Machinarium (both available now), retro dust-up Scott Pilgrim vs The World (available tomorrow) and Double Dragon Neon (due later this month).

In addition to that lot, I can also announce that Plus subscribers get a one week headstart on SEGA’s HD revamp of Dreamcast classic, Jet Set Radio. You can download it from tomorrow on PlayStation 3, with 10% off the £6.49/€7.99 asking price.

Oh, and don’t forget you can get 25% off a 12 month Plus subscription until 19th September.

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Nice, any news about ps plus vita?


Not yet I’m afraid. There’ll be an update on that soon enough.


Sweet :D loving Machinarium at the moment. Glad I resubbed to Plus for sure

ryannumber3gamer 11 September, 2012 @ 18:05

Cool but Fred please please update the PS Plus club in PS Home. It has not been updated since 2010. Also any news on the PS All Stars Beta codes?

PARAN0ID_PANDA3 11 September, 2012 @ 18:08

nice i just wish i could play my red dead for some reason it keeps freezing when i start the game

Is Plus for Vita supposed to come this month or later in the year? Would be nice with an estimate of when to expect it

SSJ3_Bob_Marley 11 September, 2012 @ 18:09

Seconding when the All Stars beta codes will be emailed and when the beta goes up period. Tell us SOMETHING.


There’s been a brief delay on the PSAS beta – I’ll have more info for you soon.

Probably not best place to ask, but any news on all stars beta? There’s been nothing all day and was promised for today.
Also interested in vita PS+.

Carnivius_Prime 11 September, 2012 @ 18:11

Can’t say I’ve been fond of the Plus freebie games lately (RDR is garbage and Machinarium was interesting for the first couple of screens but I feel no desire to play any further) but this is something I very much wanted as I’ve only got about 5MB free space on my Plus cloud saves and this is a feature I wish had been available from the start (and if it had I would still have many more game saves that would total more than 150MB that were lost on my original PS3 when it died). 1GB is a very nice amount that should be enough for a long time. Love this and in conjunction with the automatic update feature that mean I don’t have to worry about losing important game save data ever again. :D


Awesome news about the online storage, just hit the limit. :) Also, I thought Double Dragon Neon was mean’t to come out tomorrow? Or was there a hitch?


Double Dragon will be out this month, but not tomorrow. Scott Pilgrim should provide your side-scrolling brawler fix though.

1GB F… Yeah! Needed this!

1. Any News on Plus for vita?
2. Will Plus ever give Discount on Movies?

And No RDR For KSA Plus ?! omg!! :”(

Jet Set Radio discount!?!

keep up the great work with ps+, and looking forward to the vitapart.
BUT what about the all-stars beta?


Jet Set comes tommorow along with the discount, SEGA I love you.

If this happens with Sonic Adventure 2 and NIGHTS. SA2 will be added to my list.

Will Jet Set Radio allow Cross Play when the Vita version comes out? Also any news on a Vita release date?

what else does update 4.25 do or is it just for the saves

I renew my plus today and very happy about the 1GB storage :D

Sweet! happy to see i am getting tomorrow this extra space


When is PSASBR Beta is going to be live ?

any possibility of adding a feature for ps+ users that just says yes automatically when starting a new game? i think that its happened a dozen times where i set the game up go get a drink and its stuck on do you want to upload this save to the cloud message

5# I think they have said later this year.

Hello Fred, i dont know what is happening with Polish PSStore.
most of fields has transparent blank avatars, but if i want to choose and click on it, i can see what kind of content there is, they are just blank, transparent. any ideas when this can be fixed?
Sadly, most of content in “new this week” and PS+ content as well as “price drop” has this problem.


I’ll pass this one on to the Store team and see if I can find out what’s going on.

almighty-slayer 11 September, 2012 @ 18:39

Nice work everyone! Increase to 1GB will be very helpful

Oh wow that’s awesome finally!
And great we get the discount on JSRHD as well.


I have a question for fellow plus members.

Lets say that I have 2 ps3 systems namely A and B. In system A I start a game that has copy protected save with online rankings, trophies etc. and then I upload it in the plus cloud storage. Can I download in a later date on system B and continue the game from when I left it and play online, win trophies etc?

Will we see something about how Vita will work with plus before the 19th?

That’s nice, but I would also like to ask if the legendary and not working for quite some time automatic download feature has been finally fixed. It doesn’t work from firmware 3.70 as I remember and you should be aware of the problem, since users report it for way too long.


“Hello Fred, i dont know what is happening with Polish PSStore.
most of fields has transparent blank avatars, but if i want to choose and click on it, i can see what kind of content there is, they are just blank, transparent. any ideas when this can be fixed?
Sadly, most of content in “new this week” and PS+ content as well as “price drop” has this problem.” – bennyrafal

The same thing is going on with the Danish store (at least for me), except I can’t see what’s in most of the transparent boxes, and I can’t access them either.

There are about 5 PS1 games, on the current sale, that I can’t access, and a LOT on the PS Plus section that I can’t see either. I’m considering joining Plus, but I wanna see what’s on offer first, and I want to know that I’ll be able to access it.

So I hope this gets fixed ASAP.

Great news! How about letting us use it for PSOne, PS2 saves and the vita> :)

If we buy the PS3 version of Jet Set Radio, do we get the Vita version?
Thanks :D

Any details on what update 4.25 brings? Typically,in todays world updates to firmware or OS bring many features.but the PS3 UI and usability hasn’t improved that much.

Can’t everyone have a bit of Cloud Storage for free? I only want a bit to save those god awful ‘Copy Protected’ saves :-/ (they really are annoying really because i like to back up my saves to USB stick each time i play a game due to me losing all my saves once when my 60GB PS3 died) :-(


GREAT news! Exactly what I was waiting for. 1GB will keep me going for some time. :)

when will the ps store be fixed?
still missing items from the ps plus section

Fantastic Fred, thanks. (Alliteration, impressed? Me neither).

Any ideas or rumours regarding PS Plus for Vita? I’m assuming something like UMD passport / free PS1/PSP games from the store.


More info on Plus for Vita coming soon – I can’t give you any more info today I’m afraid.

Will the missing icons in the plus store be fixed tomorrow too?

Onlytripleseven 11 September, 2012 @ 19:21

So glad about the memory increase, but really who cares…..

…JSR Tomorrow! JS’Mother humping’R!

thanx for the 1GB online storage update fred, machinarium is excellent :))

yes PLEASE do something about the blank and transparent spaces in plus- this is extremely annoying and has been occurring since July

Nice. Cheers.

Awesome stuff! I would love to see Dead Island and Rayman Origins as part of the freebies on PS3. Also looking forward to PS+ on Vita. Free Uncharted Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush please ;-)


can you bring war of monsters PS2 to the store ?
US store has it why not EU ?

Jet Set Radioooooooo! can’t wait to relive this dreamcast classic, remember it blowing me away the first time i saw it, was the game to introduce cell shaded graphics

@Double Dragon Neon (due later this month)

Isn’t it out today on US Store and was supposed to launch tomorrow in EU? You don’t want to tell it’s another game that’s delayed because of this whole certification thing, right?

For people asking about Vita PS+, they said it would be later this year but that they have nothing to announce yet (they said this less than a week ago)

Was wondering when you would finally get around to increasing storage. Now all we need is ringtones for incoming PMs to the xmb and we are all set. I keep missing important msgs cos I dont see em come in…

LittleBigDragonz 11 September, 2012 @ 20:30

PLEASE READ this thread on ” eu playstation . com “( English forums / Tech Support / PSN Support / PS Store items not appearing ).

This has been a problem for TWO Months now, and STILL no news on it even when it’s 19 pages long?

The PS+ tab as well as the PS Vita Sale tab from PS-Store is screwed so bad games most items CANNOT be seen?

When will this be sorted out as it’s getting beyond a joke now.

LittleBigDragonz 11 September, 2012 @ 20:33

Been told links work on here so here’s the link that goes with ( Number 46 posting )

Here what SCEA added on their blog:

“Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for the latest info on future updates.”

so it means in a other blog post tomorrow what esle 4.25 or no other updates in 4.25. :|

@25… Yes you can download the save to your 2nd PS3 and continue with game progress & trophies etc, this is exactly what I do to keep my two PS3’s in sync.

HOWEVER, worth noting that with copy protected saves you have to wait 24hrs after the initial upload (from System A) before it will let you download to System B.

@Fred… Would you consider expanding the use of Cloud Storage to allow music, photos & videos to be uploaded ?

Sweet.It became less of a issue once I could multi copy/delete,but it’s healthy bump.

@ Carl-G

“Can’t everyone have a bit of Cloud Storage for free?”

I agree,everyone should have a bit of space.Possibly even link it with Sony published games.5mb extra for every game you buy,from them would be nice.With a 150mb limit.

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