Retro Games Sale – More Titles Added


Hello everybody. I hope you are all enjoying our current Retro Sale. Just a quick update – I have been listening to all your comments and have got some more deals for you! See below for the full list of additions.

Now you will notice that Resident Evil 2 is on the list but be warned, this DOES NOT currently work on the PS Vita. We are aware of the issue and are trying to fix it – hopefully it will work on the PS Vita soon but I don’t have an ETA yet. Once the game has been fixed you will be able to re-download the game for PS Vita, but for now you can only purchase it through your PS3. Sorry to disappoint with this but I will see if we can replicate the offer once it is working for PS Vita – though I can’t make any promises. I recommend buying it now on the PS3 (if you have one) for the future to avoid disappoint on missing this sale opportunity.

These discounts will start on Wednesday 12th September once the weekly store update has happened. All offers will end on 19th September.



Was – €4.99/£3.99 Now – €2.49/£1.99

Rayman 2 – The Great Escape
Was – €4.99/£3.99 Now – €2.49/£1.99

Was – €4.99/£3.99 Now – €2.49/£1.99

Resident Evil Director’s Cut
Was – €9.99/£7.99 Now – €4.99/£3.99

Resident Evil 2
Was – €9.99/£7.99 Now – €4.99/£3.99

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Was – €9.99/£7.99 Now – €4.99/£3.99

Ridge Racer Type 4
Was – €4.99/£3.99 Now – €2.49/£1.99

Tekken 2
Was – €4.99/£3.99 Now – €2.49/£1.99

Was – €4.99/£3.99 Now – €2.49/£1.99

Namco Heritage bundle (Ridge Racer Type 4 + Tekken)
Was – €6.99/£5.49 Now – €4.49/£3.69


Namco Museum
Was – €9.99/£7.99 Now – €4.99/£3.99

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That Ridge Racer 4 & Tekken combo bundle for £3.69 is a definite buy for me


Hi Andy

Is it possible to get some of the RPG games discounted? I have been playing Arc the Lad and it works great on Vita! So I would like to request Arc the Lad 2 & 3, Wild Arms and Grandia for the next week.

Thank you.


I will certainly try but sometimes these can be tricky to get.

I am going to get Driver thats for sure. As I got all the resident evil games free with psn plus a while back. And got Tekken and Tekken 2 and ridge racer type 4.

I’ve been playing Resi Evil 2 on my Vita fine since the Classics were available, played it on my flight home from Turkey, downloaded to PS3 and transferred and it works for me


Well thats awesome news, your very lucky. However I can’t guarantee this for everyone so I put the warning up but if it does work for you the great! Hope you enjoy it.

Not much extra but all good. psone games look great on the vita. If any more get added I’d like metal gear solid please :)

and if possible can we get silent hill 4 as a ps2 classic?


its about quality, not quantity :P (But lots of sales is always good)

Silent Hill 4, could be possible but it would be up to the publisher to decide so best pointing your request at them.

MGS PSone was already on sale recently so sadly you missed that.

Good to hear about the Resident Evil games, they’re in big demand. Nice warning regarding PS Vita and RE2 as well…

Personally I’ll pick up the Tekken titles.


My pleasure about the warning, last thing I want is for Vita customers to buy soemthing that does not work.

Any chance of a sale on the PS3 version of the Namco Museum ?


I can certainly try.

Driver, Ridge Racer and the rest of the Resi Series, will be buying them, thank you!

Hey Andy ;) You should get Medievel for your next retro sale =) as for me i think im getting both rayman


Good shout, will see what I can do.


Nice! :)

Xenogears: this title is available on the US store, but not on the UK store. Is there any chance to be available somewhen?


Sadly you would have to take this up with the publisher.

Great sale Andy, all that nostalgia at little cost. Let’s do the future now: please try and get a reduction on Ico/SotC collection, want to do some remote play! Cheers.


Good call! leave it with me.

If you’re taking requests, Street Fighter Alpha 2 has been over priced forever.

Nothingfor me this week, sincei have what i want , but is it possible to see some sales at Grandia, Jumping Flash and Vangrant Story ?

@12: Personally I also want to try remote, so +1 for the discount :)

Tekken has already been £1.99 for some time as I’ve nearly bought it on a couple of occasions. If they;re both £1.99 now will just go for the second one.


Namco Museum has never been released as a PS1 Classic within the store. Has this been mixed up & it’s actually the PS3 title Namco Museum: Essentials??

I hope so ;)


Oops!.. That was a mistake. Its is indeed the PS3 version.

Thanks for pointing this out, getting blog posted amended now


I have been thanks Andy, trying to juggle my time between MGS, FFVII, Soul Reaver and RE2, so much choice, and they’re all fantastic games that are being released!


WOWzer, you are a busy chap arn’t you :P


Hey Andy, any chance we’ll see Abe’s Oddyssey and Exodus on sale sometime soon?

Many thanks!


I will try my best

Driver & Ridge Racer 4 for me :) Own most of the rest that interest me.

If Namco Museum is indeed the Essentials PS3 title then i’ll have that too ;)


Is this the Namco Collection you’re talking about on PS1? Because this collection is split into 5 volumes and I’m kinda worried that SCEE might miss out a couple. Or it is Museum Essentials?


Its the PS3 version, that was my mistake, sorry!!

Aw man, and I just bought RE3 not too long ago. :p Ah well, might pick up 1 & 2 now as well. Nice collection :)


Btw Andy, any chance you can ask NamcoBandai to release Tekken 3 on the store soon? That game is awesome.


I will ask but it is best for the public to ask the publishers directly.


@Andy, Any chance we could see a discount on the Star Wars Force Unleashed DLC Packs? £7.99 EACH is far too expensive. I know its not ALL your pricing but any chance of it in the near future?

Shift 2 Unleashed and Operation Red River DLC too while im here and MAYBE get a reply?

Awesome work over the last few months too mate, had some really good offers so thanks!


This DLC is something I have been trying to get now for sometime. I will keep trying though as I will not give up, NEVER!! :P


Final Fantasy 7,8,9
Resident Evil 2,
Vagrant Story…

Your blog says they should be on PSN TR store but they are still missing :(


@Andy, Thanks Guv! You The Man

Fantastic news that the Namco Museum is indeed the PS3 Version!

Well done for securing this Andy!

I’ve been after it fo sometime now :)

Any chance you can secure a sale for Galaga Legions DX & Dragons Lair 2 at some point before the end of the year? Christmas Sale perhaps?

Thanks again Andy!


Christmas is defo a possiblity, Good shout.

Enjoy your visit to the Museum!….

….that was a terrible pun, I LOVE it! :P

Mr Stewart,

Thank you very much for making these deals a reality. Resident Evil 1-3 for £3.99 each are all good deals and I’ll be ‘investing’ at this price! I would ideally like to play them on my Vita thanks to that screen (HDTV = ugly for PS1!), so I’ll buy RE2 in the knowledge that it’ll be playable proper on Vita in the near future.

Could you possibly ask Capcom if they could reduce the price of RE4 HD to £7.99 come Halloween sale? Code Veronica is not as essential… The last time it was on sale was not a funny joke, something like £2 off. Capcom need to agree to lower sale prices like EA does.

For future PS1 discounts could you see about both the Abe titles, Arc 2-3 and Wild Arms? I really hate you for these discounts! Going to have to top up for Tomba! at the end of the month. But pay day will be looming ahead, so I can forgive myself for topping up!


I give you want you want and you hate me for it… :(

Joking :)

Thats great and some good suggestions too, lets see if we can make some more dreams happen.

also FYI – RE2 MIGHT work on your PS Vita is you download it to a PS3 1st but sadly I can’t confirm that, does not hurt to give it a try though.

Hi Andy,

I’ve been trying to find Final Fantasy VI on the UK PSN Store on my PSP. It doesn’t seem to be there, although I’m sure it was released. Is it just me or is there a problem with it?



Oh thats interesting, might be a merchandising issue, I will investigate.

I would like to see FFVI on sale. Never played any of FF games but I heard this game is good.


Thanks, thought it was the 5 volume collection at first. Ah well, time to make a new account for Namco Bandai Europe.



Thanks for listening to what people want and for the heads up Vita warning :)

Resident Evil’s getting bought first thing come store update for me, all of them!

Just some of the Final Fantasy’s left for my wish list ps1 sale collection.

Nice work and keep it up ;)


Thanks dude, really appreciate it.

Enjoy the endless fun of standing still shooting and walking dead :P

Hey Andy, Sale looks awesome, gonna pick the RE games and maybe RR. Any extra discounts for PS+? Also +1 for adding MediEvil for the sale.

One other thing: may I recommend a sale this November to celebrate the release of All-Stars Battle Royale of games whose characters appear in the game – Ratchet/Jak/Sly/Killzone/GOW/inFAMOUS series, Parapa, Fat Princess, Twisted Metal, etc. Would be very nice (and appropriate) :)

Some great reductions on some of the best games to ever exist! lol

This is a long shot, but any chance we could get Chrono Cross on the EU store? I know others have asked before, but it’s the only way I could ever play the unofficial sequel to my favorite game of all time.



Sadly I don’t know, you are correct that this has been requested… a lot. I will see if anything is happening with this but I doubt I will get a speedy response so my advice, don’t hold your breath.


Awesome discounts, I have been buying way too many things for my Vita lately.
Any chance of PS1 WipEout getting a discount? As an ode to the closed Studio Liverpool perhaps?


Good shout but don’t think it will happen yet, sorry dude.

Hi again Andy,

I think I’ll be playing RE: Directors Cut before I play RE2 and RE3. So hopefully in the time it takes me to beat the first game that the second one will be ‘fixed’ for Vita. From what I understand you can play disc 1 of RE2 but not disc 2. Even that would be fine for me.

Those would be brilliant additions to a future sale. Would it be possible to add ‘Parasite Eve 2’ to that dream list? Increase the hate meter that little bit more as I have to top up. Again! But you must be doing something right if I’m spending a lot on the Store.


I am trying with Parastie Eve 2 but there are… issues, which ofc I can’t disclose. I will keep trying however.

Why top up, when you can just use a bank card? :P


Resident Evil 2 at £3.99? Finally after 20 years on planet Earth, i finally get to play this gem, i heard throughout the years that there was 2 different versions, like a standard version and a dual shock version (I might be getting mixed up with Resident Evil 1 here), and if so which version is going to be on sale.

Oh and btw, i’ve been trying to pan things out, writing notes down for an idea i’ve had for a solid month, and i was wondering who do i contact on here about discussing it? and could i be directed on how to contact them please, my fingers ache from all the writing things down and typing notes on a daily basis, and i want to see if the people running the eu blog thinks my idea can be put to some use.


Sounds like you have been busy. Sadly not sure how you would go about this so I can’t really help. Best bet i think is try to grab Fred on one of his posts, he might have an idea.


@ANYBODY WANTING TO PLAY PS1 Games on there Vita’s.

If you DONT install it to your PS3, your Vita should see it there when you start up content Manager.

My Resident Evil 2 works fine. I saw this method on a youtube video.
Worked for me. Id only try this if you already have the games though. Im not recommeneding you actually buy them on this advice.

Just thought id share what i know. According to the video any and ALL PS1 games will work on Vita this way.

Just make sure NOT to install it to your PS3 first.


Do you have a link for the video, I would be very interested to see it.

Any chance we could see a discount on Vagrant Story? Please please please?


Let me ask the publisher


Im not the best at doing links but here goes;

Just copy& Paste it mate, best i can do. Although, having just flicked through it to see if its the correct vid, a new text box has been put on it mentioning licensing on Vita etc etc.

But, after reading your warning about RESI2, i tried this method after seeing this vid a week or so ago and it worked for me.


Awesome thanks dude! I will pass this on.

You get a Andy cookie… Sadly it is not actually a cookie, think of it as a gold star from your school days.

I have RE2 on my Vita and it works fine.
Also had it on the PS3 too.

I want to use the chance to repeat my demand for Chrono Trigger and Cross in the EU stores. A shame that such great titles are kept from us.

LaughingNabashin 11 September, 2012 @ 12:41

Helloo Andy!
I feel a bit bad adding one more to the eternal list of requests you’re recieving, but if this’s do-able I’d be very grateful if you could bring the Alien Trilogy to PS shores at some point? I don’t think it’s even possible to contact the publisher (‘Acclaim’ I believe), so I guess it’d be another company who now hold the rights to the Aliens franchise?
Putting my faith in you sir ;)

I’m gonna try and get Resident Evil 1-3 for my psp this week. Thanks. :)


Nice one i love cookies!

I’ll cah it in straight away though for that DLC i mentioned! ;)

Just kidding i know your already doing your best to get it.

Thanks for the replies. I keep catching your sale blogs too late to get a chance at replies recently. So again, thanks Andy!


*cash it in. LOL


Any chance of Syndicate Wars getting a disount then maybe?

Any word on Soviet Strike and Nuclear Strike which are available on the US store??

Also, will Future Cop LAPD be compatible with the Vita soon??



Sadly I have no info on the Strike games, hopefully I will hear something soon.

As for Future Cop, I hope it will be if it is not already.

I also bought RE2 at full price :( and downloaded it directly through the vita a couple of weeks ago and it plays fine.

Is there a possibility that it will stop running at some point or cause any damage to the vita OS?

Maybe you could take a look at the working versions of RE2 to determine what the problem is. Is there a way we can give you some data from our vitas?


This should not cause any issues with your PS VITA’s OS. If it works now, it should continue to work, there is no reason why it would stop.

Amazing! My friends ridiculed me for buying Toy Story 2 last week instead of Tekken, but who’s the smart one now?! Thank you Andy, you’re amazing!

May also buy RE:1 (Since it’s the only Resident Evil I didn’t get for free on PS Plus) and Rayman for the nostalgia :)

Great sale, can’t wait for next week now! :D

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