DUST 514 – New Player Corporation Features Showcased


It is known that in New Eden only the strongest corporations survive. Others just perish in their wake, or join them. The EVE Online universe – where demigods operate vast numbers of ships and immortal mercenaries fight for planetary dominance – will be cruel to anyone that dares to venture deep enough into it.

Do you believe that you can form a corporation and lead the merchants of death? Are you ready to put money, your pride, and your eternal life on the line for a group of people that you can trust for the eternal glory of New Eden? You better be. Because Corporations are what holds this universe together, and should you choose to either lead or follow, this is what you should know before you begin your immortal journey in DUST 514


New Eden is a single shard universe, hosting hundreds of thousands of EVE Online players for more than nine years, and everyone plays together at the same time. Now, you have the opportunity to be part of it. It is only suitable that DUST 514 (exclusively available on PlayStation 3) goes together with EVE Online (on PC/Mac), so you and your friends can form unstoppable corporations and dominate the battlefield together. We know you’ve been patiently waiting to find out more about Corporation management in DUST 514, and now, we are ready to give you all the info!

For this to happen, we needed a system that allows players to form and join an organization in the same way players join Corporations in EVE Online. This is similar to guilds or clans that are available in other MMO games and shooters. However, in DUST 514, we take this concept a bit further and allow players from both EVE Online and DUST 514 to join the same Corporations. People will be able to be part of these Corporations regardless of which gaming platform they happen to be playing on – EVE Online on PC/Mac or DUST 514 on PS3 – and whoever created the corporation will become the CEO of that corporation.


Starting with our next major update, DUST 514 players will be entering a universe populated with established social groups as well as ongoing politics associated with these groups and are welcome to become part of that social dynamic. This means that overnight, a DUST 514 player can go from being in an NPC newbie corporation to joining a 7,000-player strong empire that owns a sizeable chunk of the known space in the EVE Online universe.

For the intrepid souls who aspire to create their own future empires within EVE Online, that will soon be a reality, because Corporations created in DUST 514 will be no different than those in EVE Online. Although all aspects of Corporation management related to EVE Online in DUST 514 will not be available initially, you will be able to appoint a player from EVE Online as a director for your corporation in DUST 514 who can then act as your right-hand man and be able to utilise all aspects of the Corporation feature for the EVE Online players.

So, to recap, the following features are just a part of what’s in store for this major update to DUST 514:

  • You can join any Corporation in EVE Online or DUST 514
  • There will be a dedicated Corporation chat channel
  • You can be a CEO or director of any Corporation in EVE Online or DUST 514
  • You can create a corporation, design its logo, assign roles, accept and take part in corporation battles (there will be another dev blog about this topic)
  • You can accept members from both EVE Online and DUST 514
  • You can now create social bonds (or vendettas) that last
  • You will see EVE Online players’ character names and portraits and vice versa
  • Strategise and fight together in real-time

And this is just the beginning. In time, we hope to see the already vast canvas of the human drama within EVE Online expand and include those of you, that merry band of mercenaries, from DUST 514.

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Can you play using a mouse and keyboard in the dust 514 beta.


Yes, it supports mouse and keyboard.

… and the Move controller.

Sounds cool, I look forward to the next update.

When is the update released?

Loving the BETA guys! Really improved since the last time I was on it. The graphics look much better as with the audio! Great jobs guys, looking forward to it’s release!

C_FOR_CoRruPtiON 13 September, 2012 @ 20:30

LOL ok CCP don’t worry about the Hit detection. Iam sure the magical hit detection fairy will fix your game while your a sleep. How about you guys worry about the fundamentals first instead of putting a clan support.

@zeeky94 No date yet, although in the next few weeks seems likely.

I tried the beta out, I like the little hub you get to check everything out, but that’s it.
The battle are so slow and dull, and it’s just wandering for ages till you finally see someone.
Cool idea, but it’s just a dull game.

This game is trying to blag it off that its an MMOFPS.
MAG is just about one, Planetside are definitely MMOFPS, this game is just a standard circa year 2000 AD online FPS, supporting a measly 48 players, 14 less than most games from around 2000.
As long as in order to make up it supports dedicated servers, custom maps and mods like return to castle wolfenstein, counter strike, deus ex, battlezone, battlezone 2, mohaa, cod1, c&c renegade, quake 1, quake 2, quake 3, quake 4, doom, doom 2, doom 3, etc etc etc do then I will buy it.
I think its robbery when you buy a game that says online play and then it doesnt support these most basic of features, its like selling a plastic tube with no bottom so it cant hold liquid and calling it a cup.

@ #8

I am going to skip trying to correct all of the fallacies in your post, and simply tell you the the game is free, and your whining arguments are invalid.

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