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PS All Stars cover vote

Since we announced PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, war has raged across the internet. YouTube commenters spammed their favourite character’s names all over our trailers, tweets have bantered over whether Heihachi Mishima could REALLY kick Parappa The Rappa’s butt… even a campaign on Reddit emerged to add Oddworld’s Abe to the roster.

We’ve decided to make this war of favourites official and, together with GAME, we’re going to give you the chance to select which characters should appear on special, high-gloss sleeves covering copies of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in the UK. You have ten to choose from, and voting is easier than slaughtering Radec with Parappa’s awesome melee moves.

All you need to do is head over to our Facebook page, flick through the character candidates and hit “Like” on those that you want to see become cover stars! The five characters with the most Likes on 21st September will become your cover stars, exclusively available to GAME pre-order customers. Pre-order your favourite cover star and we’ll also chuck in additional DLC containing alternative costumes for all the characters available at launch!

It’s down to you. Get over to Facebook, choose your favourite and spam that Like button like Cole McGrath spams lightening! Can’t wait? Pre-order PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale from GAME here:

PlayStation 3
PS Vita

Want to see more PSASBR? Check out our Playlist on YouTube here.


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Any more news about the beta?


Nothing yet Stu, you’re in the right place to find out though so keep ’em zesty :)


Bit disappointed that Sly Cooper isn’t one of the covers.

Either way, for me it’s between Nathan Drake and Jak and Daxter. I would go for Big Daddy, but can’t really justify having a game called PlayStation All-Stars with a non-PlayStation-exclusive character on the cover.


There’ll be 5 different covers, and you can vote for as many of the characters as you like!


I’m not on the bookface, but all I have to say to this is:

Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind!

Kratos he’s one of the most recognizable character in Sony’s rooster as are Sackboy and Nathan Drake

I’d love the Sackboy one but I’ve already pre-ordered from GAME, will I get to choose which I’d like out of the 5 cover stars or will I just get sent a random one?

Is the DLC costumes for EVERY character or just the ones announced with preorders from other retailers ? Also will these costumes be compatible with the Vita version of the game, and will they be available on the PS store to buy for everyone else later ?


DLC costumes are for every character that’s in the game at launch. I’ll get back to you on the other 2 questions as soon as I can :)

Hi Sohail, Hey MusterBuster,

To clarify, the alternative costumes are for all of the characters that are in the game at launch and will be for both PS3 & PS VITA.

It’s not confirmed yet whether these will be available on the store at a later date.

I’d have picked Kratos blindly by character, but his chosen image looks nothing but horrible.

So I went with Ratchet & Clank and Cole.


I think I’d go for Sackboy or Nathan Drake as I believe these will appeal to the wider audience of gamers and entice more people to buy the game – and I love the Uncharted and LBP series. Also Can anyone clarify the exact situation with the beta as on facebook superbot had said if you haven’t got an email you’re not in where as others have said they are still to send them out due to the delay, can anyone clarify this it would be much appreciated!

You know I’m going to buy this game so hard it will jolt western economies back out of recession.

But I’m still sad about the lack of Vibri, from Vib-Ribbon. The most obscure PlayStation icon ever really needs lovin’.

For those who don’t know who I’m talking about:

Kratos look like there something wrong with him?


Also, MusterBuster, quick question:

You stated that these were high-gloss sleeves. Does that mean that they will just be a cardboard sleeve that covers the REGULAR cover of the game, in the original box?


That’s right! So you can take it off and display the original boxart, if you like.

Why is there only going to be one character in focus on the cover. What a terrible idea. In any case, most of the covers look horrible.

I’m excited about the game though. :)


These are UK only, but you can take the sleeve off and display the original boxart if you like :)

There will be five of these used as special edition sleeves on pre-order copies of the game. These are not the actual box art for the game.

Where is the super duper MusterBuster Collectors Edition cover?

One is not amused.

I don’t really like any of them but if I had to choose one, then it would be the Helghast one!

Would have preferred to vote to see what 5 extra fighters, customers would like & receive exclusive to GAME.

I want all of them :D Well i am not to bothered about the non-PlayStation Exclusive character covers really. But i still want Crash Bandicoot to be in the game :P

I’m gonna go with the Ratchet and Clank one, that looks pretty cool.
Bit dissapointed with the “OH LOOK WHAT REDDIT DID” nonsense spreading to the PS blog now as well.


So if anyone gets the most votes will be used as on the main pre-order right? Btw, liked Parappa or Jak & Dax more. Kratos and Sackboy looks terrible on the cover. No wonder Sackboy looked way better on LBP2 cover.


That’s great news about them only being sleeves! While I do like some of these character covers, its much nicer to have the option of the original box art too, much like the Robin version of Arkham City, which came with the original cover as well.

all covers look bad. i hope the official one looks way better

agree with other comments, not liking any of them and I dont think they show the game off. However on the flipside I’m glad this is a Game exclusive rather than something actually decent. £40+ in game or pre-order @ Sainsburys for £30 = no contest

ryannumber3gamer 13 September, 2012 @ 15:57

I got two questions

1.When will the beta codes be sent out?
2.Since you said there will be 5 covers picked, Do we get a choice of which of the 5 covers you want when you pre-order?


1. No news yet, stay tuned
2. Yes!

It’s got to be Nate, but what is going on with the Sackboy and Kratos covers? They just don’t look right to me.

I do wish there was a Solid Snake cover :(

i think it should be drake, cole, ratchet&clank , jak and daxter and sackboy :D
also awaiting beta codes :)

will cross buy work with digital buy ??


Sly should have been one of the options. He’s my favourite.

From what I gather this will only apply to pre-booked editions at GAME in UK?

I hope you guys release a demo as i’m still on the fence with this game.


Where’s Sir Dan’s cover?!!!

My favourite character in the game by a long shot.

How come big daddy gets a cover over sly or sir dan?
Also will there be a demo before launch, I really want to play this before i buy it, i cant tell from any of the videos if this game wil be fun or not.

Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank deserve it! :)


Have to say R&C would be my vote if I was still on FB, but I’m not so I can’t vote :( My little girl loves R&C and they have a fantastically rich history on PlayStation, makes them the ideal candidates.

Is these covers ONLY for the PS3? Where’s the Vita love? :)

Will these covers also be available on the Vita version?


So since 5 will be chosen, here is my 5 I want:
Jak & Daxter
Ratchet & Clank


But here is the 5 I don’t want in the cover and here’s the reason:

Sackboy – His mouth looks way off

Big Daddy – Some gamers might not played BioShock yet hence he’s a 3rd party.

Kratos – I wanted Kratos to be on the cover but what stops me from wanting him on the cover is he just looks awful and I mean what’s with his face.

Love to vote but I don’t use Facebook.


*make it three not five.


Is there going to be more characters or is there just going to be 20 in this game.

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