PS Plus Update: Vita Support Arrives In November


Back at gamescom in August we announced that the PlayStation Plus service would soon be extended to PS Vita. While we can’t confirm the exact launch date today, we can however announce that it will happen in November this year. What’s more, both existing Plus members and newcomers to the service will not have to pay any extra for the expanded offering.

We’ll have more information on what Vita titles will be available to subscribers in the coming weeks but for now, here’s a more general recap of the benefits coming your way:

Games: Plus members get to play the full versions of designated content for PS Vita available on PlayStation Store as long as their membership is effective, at no extra cost.

Discounts: Access exclusive discounts on certain PS Vita titles.

Online Game Save: Upload game save data for compatible games to Online Cloud Storage, offering up to 1GB of space.

Automatic content downloads and updates: PS Vita will automatically download designated game demos and game updates, and also download system software updates.

Automatic Trophy sync: PS Vita will automatically start up at a designated time to sync Trophy information across PlayStation Network servers.

In other Plus news – there’s a new arrival in your Instant Game Collection this week. Wayforward Technologies’ acclaimed side-scrolling beat ’em up reboot, Double Dragon Neon, will be available to download with the weekly Store update later today.

And don’t forget – today’s the last day to make the most of the 25% discount on a year’s PlayStation Plus subscription. This offer ends tonight, so grab it before it vanishes!

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mrgreaper2004 19 September, 2012 @ 6:05 am   1

Hope this wont lessen the deals we non vita owners get.

TerrorOfDeath86 19 September, 2012 @ 6:06 am   2

Great news, any update about RDR for Middle Ease?

TerrorOfDeath86 19 September, 2012 @ 6:06 am   3

Middle East*

killah_fury 19 September, 2012 @ 6:06 am   4

WOW! Fantastic news. Great decision by Sony to do this. I think this will encourage many PS3 owners who don’t have a Vita to buy one – to take advantage of the extra free games and content. I’m looking forward to seeing what games are planned for November and will consider buying a Vita now. If Uncharted is confirmed as the first free Vita game, then I’ll buy a Vita today. 😀

spinalSnapper 19 September, 2012 @ 6:23 am   5

is the 1gb cloud save combined with both ps3 and psv saves ?

@2 only Saudi Arabia doesn’t get RDR not the whole ME so stay on topic.
Nice. Does that mean the vita has it own 1 GB of Cloud Storage or you gonna have to share it with the ps3?

dogwalker4000 19 September, 2012 @ 6:34 am   7

To be fair to TerrorOfDeath86 this is a Plus update so his question is more than valid here, I’m sure you’d be asking the same question if you were a game short on what you’ve paid for.

Really want a Vita now…money sucks 🙁 Will it be possible to add the content to my download list for when I get a Vita or will I miss out on the stuff until I get one? Would be cool to have it for future use.


Great news 🙂 Can you tell me which games will start in the Instant Collection?

I really worry about PS+ now 🙁 You got our money with that 25% off deal and we are going to get less and less PS3 content and I can see, that you will force us to buy PS Vita with more and more Vita content. Or are your plans to offer the same amount of PS3 content and extended it with even more content for PS Vita? Unfortunately I really doubt it 🙁


I haven’t seen any PSP Titles available to Plus since the Instant Game Collection change… Any chance we get some PSP games on PLUS ? ( just got a PSP for my son and i don’t want to spend a lot of $ for games for PSP too )… A reply will be appreciated..


Automatic content downloads and updates

why not let peopel choose on ps3 also on vita
1 dowload everiting
2 dowload demos
3 download updates

i need only option 3

Automatic Trophy sync = need to be to all !!!

also 1 gb to al players ( u sony have blockt the saves of games !!!, so take u responsibeliti )
ps+ 5 gb


Hey Fred,

Can anyone shed light on the Rock of Ages for ZA PS+ as yet?


Oh, And please confirm that the “45+ games a year on PS+” will stay true to PS3 titles.


jarofermix 19 September, 2012 @ 7:08 am   14

Just as QenTox said before, I think that many gamers out there fear the Plus offer will now shift more to Vita leaving PS3 gamers with less and less content, so could you please elaborate some more about how it will work. Do you plan to add free Vita content along with PS3 offerings, or will it partially replace PS3 freebies and discounts? This is probably the most profound question people will ask themselves.

jarofermix 19 September, 2012 @ 7:08 am   15

Also as one of the features listed for Vita+ is automatic updates. Do you plan to make it work again for PS3 owners as well. The feature doesn’t work for me since firmware update 3.70 no matter what I do. I know there are many Plus users experiencing that as well – user forums are full of posts regarding this. My games do not update in the defined time window – I always have to update them manually when they’re starting, which is extremely annoying, especially for bigger updates that take up much time before I cen get to actual game. Maybe it’s because the automatic date/time update from internet is broken here in Poland – it tunes to central european time, while we are +1 hour ahead. Also do you plan to finally solve the problems with european psstore not showing all the content? Sorry for sounding so bitter, but one would thing such a big company as SCE would make the things work well as soon as they’re reported by users. Unfortunately that’s not the case.

killah_fury 19 September, 2012 @ 7:11 am   16

@monoliet – You can choose the type of automatic updates you get. I have mine set to download updates and sync trophies, but it doesn’t download demos.

DarkHeros09 19 September, 2012 @ 7:18 am   17

will we get the Instant Game Collection like the US Plus?


so these designated games are they minis, psp, vita games? It doesnt give much info. although i have a vita and ps3 i wouldnt want this to take away from the ps3 side either as that is what the most people will be using plus for.


16 = ok them chage whitout saying to peopel = 🙁
but tank u to tel me .


Nice news, i would buy a vita if i could afford it 🙁 might there be a price drop next week at the convention in Japan i think it was? BTW i cant comment with the iphone app( i have 4s if it matters), the comment simply doesnt appear. Could you talk with the folks who work with the app? Thanks and sorry for wasting your time with something not plus related 😉

Classic_Shooter 19 September, 2012 @ 7:40 am   21

My PS+ runs out today, so i don’t care, and i won’t be putting it back on, as i give it to Microsoft, so i can play CS:GO online, your lose Sony.


if the games are full vita titles and not just psp then my prediction for first wave of games is

(in no order)

everybodys golf

would love to see disgaea 3 for free but i reckon the likely hood of seeing that free is slim to none.

it be silly to give uncharted away free as its the biggest selling vita game out there as most people either got it free with unit or bought it at launch.


I’m also a little worried that this is coming out of the regular plus budget. I would have been willing to pay a little more, even if say was and extra ten or twenty for existing plus subscribers to ensure this wasn’t the case



this is also happening on my android version(latest update)

anything i post from phone is not showing up.


Brilliant news, can’t wait, when will we here about the first wave of content (or hints, eitherway) ?!

Keitaro004 19 September, 2012 @ 7:48 am   26

This is the only topic here on the PS blog that I’ve seen a 5/5 rating for! I’m looking forward to this, hope you will release many great games for the vita. People here are scared of the PS3 content, but they’ve already got over 15 freaking games already, give the vita some time to shine

chrisboers 19 September, 2012 @ 8:04 am   27

To all people worrying the PS3 content will suffer: It has been stated over and over that the PS Plus for Vita will be ADDITIONAL to the PS3 Plus.
So, PS3 will keep receiving the 45 games a year, including the 12 Game of the Months etc.

I love this PS Vita Plus, and am eager to hear more on the actual content, but expect not to hear anything until launch-time.
Sony has apparently chosen to drip-feed us with info (Gamescom: announcement of the actual existence of the plan, Now the structure, at launch the actual contents), so we’ll have to wait and see.

Fred, I have one question, that has been stated above too, though. I noticed you didn’t use the words ‘instant game collection’, which the US blog did state. Does that mean the EU doesn’t get this ‘collection’ but a different release structure?


How can saves be uploaded to the cloud when they’re part of the game file? Or have I misunderstood how save files on Vita works?

Also is it a new 1GB or the same as PS3?

AntonyHelen 19 September, 2012 @ 8:27 am   29

That’s AWESOME newa! I’m really happy Sony did this 😉

redalertrules 19 September, 2012 @ 8:32 am   30

WOW this is amazing news. Can you please answer us all and clarify at least if the 1gb storage is seperate from ps3. Plus for people that have been angry in the past due to having the playstation plus games on offer already i went into eb games and traded in my copy of borderlands, red dead redemption, infamous 2 and little big planet 2 and got little big planet vita for free in a sense and got jak and daxter collection for $12. So seriously guys just trade them in if you have a good internet connection and download speed

sandystrachan 19 September, 2012 @ 8:35 am   31

I dont own a Vita , I hope the standard offerings wont be affected .
Hopefully you’ll take into mind that we ( non vita user ) should get something added for each vita game added .
Also why has no official word from Sony about the broken PS+ section to the store.?
2-3 months pass and people cant Download content due to missing/ blank icons .


This is brilliant news for PS3 and Vita owners like myself.

A lot of worrying about whether PS3 Plus services will be lessened, but I don’t think it will be. 45 guaranteed games per year for PS3; it’ll have to stay like that for non-Vita users, or face a backlash of people unsubscribing.

PS_Vita Plus will probably only offer 1 game a month, maybe 2 PSP titles? But that’s great too considering how expensive the memory card is.

Bottom line: Very happy with this so far, eagerly waiting “more news”. Thanks Fred.

chrisandsheva 19 September, 2012 @ 8:43 am   33

Nice, i mean on the face off it, it looks nice, But there’ll be a catch somewhere.. eventually. I don’t understand the 1st ‘extra’ on the list, what does it actually mean, i thought for a second or 2 that it meant we got to ‘play’ every psn vita game, then i thought 1 hr trials, am i close.. anyway whatever IT means i can’t complain about (seemingly) getting all this for nothing. I do have one concern, shared by others as well, ie this isn’t going to cut into the current ps3 games ?, only i wouldn’t like that, both for me and esp ppl who don’t have vita.. and i also bought my vita for, well vita games, well ps3s really, ie remote play.. so am hoping you’s also view plus vita in a similar way, ie not as a oled screen psp/ps1 player, or those mini ‘things’, lol, IF i kept a swear jar it would have a good bit in it now, After reading posts from ppl wanting these ‘classics’ Before wanting what the vitas Main selling/advertising points were, Yes, by All means Enjoy those if you like em, But please Fix this machine’s advertised capabilities First.
ps, Thanks re B2.(read the blog lol)


will i be able to download the titles without a Vita? or at least add them to my download list.
i don’t have one yet, but i will get one, and i wouldn’t want to miss the titles that are part of the plus sub before i do.


Fantastic news. I had hoped that Vita content would come with no extra cost but had a suspicion there might be an extra subscription, brilliant to great that it’s just included in Plus, it just gets better and better!

I’m intrigued to see how much content the Vita service gets as there aren’t currently enough Vita games to sustain the PS3’s level of service for very long.

chrisandsheva 19 September, 2012 @ 9:07 am   36

Regarding the ‘broken store’, is it ?.. i mean yes i see lots of blank icons.. But i am not 100% that Anything is actually missing/lost.. firstly, though i haven’t been their best supporter lately, i very much doubt scee would allow this to happen, and also, when i have been ‘experimementing’ with these blank icons, i noticed that mostly they will re-appear very briefly, but just long enough for me to see that the item was/is one thats allready on/in the section, a bit further up or down on the list.. so this leads me to believe that nothing (important anyway) is missing. it’s more like when you find you’ve somehow ended up with duplicate contacts in ur phone, only for some reason the store won’t show this, instead it changes the box into a blank. Though the mixed up avatars should be looked at.. ie imagine buying a kratos type one, then finding out you bought little princess, ha…..

Dante_Zero 19 September, 2012 @ 9:21 am   37

i really wanna be positive about this but as a day 1 psvita owner i’m not positive about this. I can see the games being offered being the stuff already available in the store which is not good for the core audience as mean it’ll turn into a content recycling exercise.I highly doubt that games like COD and LBP are going to be made free on psvita+.

Also not being funny what happened @ TGS where are the games?. So much for taking feedback from E3 huh?


how would the saves storage work with saves that are on the vita game cards

X1X-HARD-STYLE 19 September, 2012 @ 9:23 am   39

Defiantly picking up a Vita soon with everything coming together. Loving the support since gamescom and now with Ps+ and PS Mobile coming shortly.


I welcome the news so the vita to get cloud storage as well like the Ps3, & all other features the Ps3 had.

some vita hasn’t got cloud built in like MGS but that not none by sony, think of it a universal cloud storage.

i think it will have it’s own 1GB storage it will have it’s own auto trophy sycing it will add to the total on Ps3 but you still wouldn’t see the icons on the ps3 trophy list.

i also think we get 45 games per year since plus on vita starts late the the Ps3, the Ps3 YEAR of games will end then start all over again but the vita will still give out the games it cost sony nothing.

i mean if sony launch at same time as Ps3 new relrese of plus they can’t bring out Ps3 games & vita example over 90 games over a year will lose sony money but having drip feed so Ps3 ends but 4 months still left.


@ Hazel

you can put the free vita games onto the download list by going on the Ps3 Store unless Sony make it limit it to the vita store so iyou get free vita by useing the vita store i don’t think they do that though, i have dowenload free vita stuff without getting a vita.

as for how can vita do cloud saves if something goes wrong with mem card or you fancy a upgrad to higher mem vards or the game cards goes you get it on the store you upload them back.

guitardevil6 19 September, 2012 @ 9:51 am   42

Very much looking forward to the PS Plus on Vita, this deal just keeps getting better and better. I’ve held off buying a few things because it’s gonna be a very expensive couple of months for ps3 games, so I’m hoping some of the cheaper vita games turn up in plus.

I’m very much hoping the Manga reader that Japan is getting makes its way over here, and we get the comics store back. That would make me very happy!


Guessing this is great news for those that actually own a Vita, yet at the same time here’s hoping (for the rest of us) that you keep the Vita content “separate” from the PS3 Plus content… because nobody would like to see Vita games taking up slots in our “regular” instant game collection / Plus content, now would we?


Seeing as there’s very little psn Vita games out at the moment I don’t see me or many other people who’ve had the Vita since day 1 benefiting from this as we’d likely already bought all the ones we wanted. Then there’s the issue of lack of memory & the cards being too expensive to have to buy a nether one, I have a 8gb & 16gb which are both full. I need a nether 16gb just for the ps1 games & minis, then 32gb for the stuff I run out of room to store & the new stuff to come. I don’t have the money to do this so until the memory cards becomes more affordable I really can’t buy no more stuff from psn for the Vita.


WIll there just be extra content for Vita or will some of the original + content now be shifted for the vita?
I don’t want people without vita’s to have there content cut in half, that wouldn’t be fair.


Awesome, just after I renew with a year’s sub 😀

Excellent news!

I hope this lives up to the high standards that the new PS3 Playstation Plus has set. Come on Sony!

Gimme PS2 backward compatibility and functioning Remote Play and I may just fall in love again.

Keep up the good work


will the price be reduced for just vita users ?


So no new PS3 content? that should be the real update…! Im starting to think I wasted 37,49€…


@ Gantz2810
Maybe you missed part of the post….

“In other Plus news – there’s a new arrival in your Instant Game Collection this week. Wayforward Technologies’ acclaimed side-scrolling beat ‘em up reboot, Double Dragon Neon, will be available to download with the weekly Store update later today.”

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