Realms Of Ancient War Makes PSN Its Battlefield

Hey there PS Blog, it’s Julien from Wizarbox here with word on our new game, Realms of Ancient War.

RAW has been in development for over two years, inspired by our deep love of hack ‘n slash games. We’ve played practically every game in the genre (including some pretty obscure PS2 efforts) to seek out the best ideas from the past. The rest of our inspiration comes from our designers, who came up with crazy ideas to give our title its own signature fast-and-furious style of action. Every decision was met with one simple question: “Is this a fun idea?”

  • Do you want to spawn dozens of huge swords from the ground? Yes!
  • Should the screen be covered with hordes of enemies, all hell-bent on the goal of killing you? Oh yes!
  • What about taking mind-control of gigantic enemies, turning around and pounding the &@*% out of their minion buddies? Hell, YES!
  • Maybe you could ride a flashy pink pony and battle your enemies with a giant toilet brush? Uh… let’s forget that idea…


We catered every aspect of RAW towards action lovers – you won’t find a lot of dialogue boxes or tiresome side quests. While the story will keep you intrigued, there are no drawn-out conversations to get in the way of the monster-slaying. Our three character classes are instantly familiar: barbarian, wizard and a female rogue. But we’ve added a ton of unique skills and spells to keep things feeling fresh. The goal was to develop our own “best case scenario” of the hack ‘n slash games we have all loved since Gauntlet.

RAW_03 RAW_02

A couple of notes on gameplay – we’re really excited about the “focus actions” that let you use two commands with just one button. For instance, you can either quickly tap fireball, or hold the same button to create a massive fire meteor that will destroy a whole line of enemies. Our favorite feature is the ability to incarnate certain bad guys, including big ones. See that huge captain and all his minions rushing to kill you? Project yourself into his body, take out the little henchmen, then give up control and take out the big guy all by himself. Clever…

For some spontaneous fun, it was crucial that our game include drop-in, drop-out co-op multiplayer. Even in the middle of your campaign, if a friend comes to your house, all they have to do is hit start to dive into the action.

Realms of Ancient War is available on PSN from 19th September, and we hope you’ll enjoy it!


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Very Diablo-esque, which is good. Any chance for a PSVita version since Warrior’s Lair…well, you know.

Looking nice! Any word on the price? BTW this looks alot more fun than Diablo 3.

Yeah I would love too see a Vita version!

I want my Pink Pony!
Ok, seriously now. Looks like a great dungeon crawler to me, and 19 september… That’s TODAY! Yay! So, is this a PS3 PSN title, a PS3/Vita title? As you don’t mention it, I guess it’s PS3 only.. Hopefully you’ll consider migrating it to the Vita too!
We’ll see if there is a demo when the store updates (or a 1 hour playsession for us PS Plus members), and I’ll definitely check it out.

Any word on the price? Any PS Plus rebate?

I too would love to see a Vita version of this.

What’s the word on pricing and trophies? Does it have a shiny platinum per chance?

The game looks fun, however would like to play it first before buying so will there be a trial for this today? Also how much will it cost?

Awesome , would love a vita version as well.
will be playing this tonight :)

Looks action packed and I think that’s possibly the most radial knock-back attacks I’ve ever seen in two minutes haha ;-)

I would also be interested to know what sort of price this be sold at and whether there are plans for any PS+ offer?

Demo/Trial available ?

please tell me this awesome game will be available in australia!!


I’d never play this on the PS3. Stick it on the Vita though and I’d be all over it.

Looks like a good game.


I’ve been keeping an eye on this for a few months now, and I have to say I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been looking forward to a properly good dungeon crawler on console since Champions of Norrath on PS2. Hopefully this will be what I’m looking for, going by the videos it definitely looks the part.

A PS Vita version with some Cross Play features would interestting as well.

1, Price?

2, Platinum trophy?

Looks awesome! Will get it if it’s properly priced :D
Love the fact that it has local co-op! Does that support 2p on the same console?
Also, any chance of a Vita version? It would be a must buy!

I was a big fan of the Baldurs Gate and Champions series on PS2,this could be the best hack and slash since the good old days. Dungeon Hunter was a bit of a let now for me, didn’t get the Vita version yet though due it basically being the same game for 3 times the price of the PSN version.

If herself see’s it i’ll have no choice in getting it, i only hope money is split evenly otherwise there’ll be fighting monopoly style.

Is it 4 player online co-op if so great & im sure trophy fiends would like to know if it has a plat :)

Looks better than I’d bet expect for an Hack & Slash Dungeon Crawler on a console. Seems you made the right adjustments for a console, especially with the skills affecting larger areas than usual.

I’ll wait for reviews, price and a demo though. Burned kitty since Diablo 3. ;)


I’ve been re-playing CON on PS2 these past few weeks with my friends. None of the similar games this gen (Dungeon Hunters, Sacred 2, Dungeon siege, etc.) have really come close. It’s been awesome playing as three level 1 mages on harder mode and having to cooperate and use tactics.

This RAW is looking good. Does it force coop to the three classes, or can we have any mix of classes? (If the former, please patch!) And how is experience and loot handled? Games that give the most experience to the killing blow aren’t very fair.

Oh, it’s only 2 player. Once again the PS2 is providing a better game experience than all this modern technology :(

yes ! 2 player co-op and offline too! I love these dungeon crawler loot games so does the hubb

plus discount?
it’s coming today?



i’m Julien from Wizarbox, i will try to answer to your questions :)

The game price is 14,99€ or 12,99£.
And yes there is a trial version!


@azakajam : yes you can play local co-op 2 player on the same console

XBOX version has the usual 12 achievements with 200 points so wouldn’t hold my breath for more trophy’s than that, most likely no platinum. Would like at least 20 trophy’s and a platinum.

I’ll be picking this up since I’m a die hard fan of the genre, but the lack of a platinum is a bit of an oversight.

You’d be surprised how many people will skip a release due to the lack of such.


Oops, I’ve made a mistake!

Prices are £11.99 (and not 12.99), €14.99 and AU$23.95 and yes there is a playable demo of RAW.


I’ll definitely download the trial and will likely buy as I enjoy these games solo. Is there any chance of a 4 player patch? That could ensure sales to friends too. Although I am seeing some funky camera motion in the YouTube coop player video that I hope is handled better in the released game so as to avoid motion sickness. ;)


Seeing as I’ll have €15 in my account after buying LBP Vita, you’re in luck!

Looks fun, I’m going to give it a blast.


Any chance of it getting some percentages off for Plus members? Looks good but I’m not yet completely convinced.

Local co op only? Thanks but no thanks. If it gets patched with online co op it will be considered.

= good price stil have +- 17 € so = deal

but why almost every game u canot make u karkter female – men ?
i want to play female warior – ore mage .


hmm, love it when little gems like (hopefully) this just pop up, as i haven’t heard a thing about this, most definately interested, though seeing as it has a demo i will obviously give that a try 1st, as above, some kind of vita version may (demo willing) be a excellent idea, and again as above, i too didn’t feel the need to buy dungeon hunter at that absolutely scandelous price, what where they thinking there, i mean correct me if i’m wrong, but it was/is the same vers that android/ios store sell for £3… anyway enough of that, thanks for catering for us console gamers, am really hoping i buy this, after demo/trial etc.

stil waiting , lol oops forgot tech isue ps store

Releasing Counter Strike GO ANYTIME SOON????…


Julien – any chance of a Vita version?


it is too soon to know if the game will be on Vita or not.
We will first see how the game is welcome by the community, and then we will be able to answer!

On the store it has, “Realms of Ancient War (Game Pack) – £11.99”. This is the FULL game though, yes? “(Game Pack)” usually refers to DLC, which makes it a bit confusing.


yes it is the full game!

No on screen mini map, don’t know any hack and slash that didn’t have a mini map,maybe the original Gauntlet but can’t remember. Also your characters lack character.The same grunt or groan with every attack,special attack should at least say something different and when you level up a heroic catch phrase might of been nice.Only played the demo but i presume full game is the same.


looking great…too bad that it only has 12 trophies and no plat

Where do I find the game in the new PSN Store? Is it still there?
I searched for Realms and RAW
R.A.W. won’t work because there are no dots in the search…
Couldn’t find it in the entire list of games/demos either.

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