PlayStation Home Update: Do The Locomotion

PlayStation Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am BST on Wednesday 26th September for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

With the Home 1.7 update comes the ability to equip inventory items that affect the way that your avatar moves. The very first set of Locomotion items available in Home, brought to you by nDreams are available for use on your avatar regardless of what outfit you are wearing. The first set includes:

    • Super Dash – Which will allow your avatar to run faster than normal.
    • Zen Flight – You will no longer walk or run, you will float in the air in the lotus position. You can also travel faster than the normal run.
    • Super Flight – Majestically fly through the air like a super hero at different speeds.
    • Ninja Run – Your run animation will become a slick ninja run and can change into a Ninja Sprint.
    • Inferno Hero – A fantastic fire will swarm around your avatar and you can fly through the air surrounded by flames.
    • Ice Hero – You can ride the ice coming from your hand and move quickly through whichever space you are in.
    • Skateboards – With four different styles you can skate around Home and go quicker than you have ever been able to before. These also come with an ‘Ollie’ emote animation.

    Equip these items in your inventory and see what effect they have. When running forward hold the square button to change the way your avatar moves.

    You can pick up any of the new Locomotion items by visiting the nDreams store or any shop within Aurora. Speaking of Aurora, rumour has it that some details surrounding the next update will be available via the nDreams newsletter which you can sign up for here

    sevenwinds_furniture_092612_684x384 sevenwinds_space02_092612_684x384

    Juggernaut Games introduces the Palace of the Seven Winds personal space, clubhouse, clothing and furniture items. Break free from your earthly shackles and explore the entirety of the space from the air. With rewards for guests and owners, and your own personal genie the Palace of the Seven Winds adds an exotic touch to your personal space collection or next club meeting.

    There are new companions this week from Lockwood’s captive breeding program – Sammy the Skunk is cute, fluffy and friendly, but don’t annoy him, ‘cos he’ll kick up a stink! Bartholomew’s a playful little chap who sometimes forgets he’s a bear and tries to walk like a person. Wulfred enjoys human company, but sometimes he misses life with the pack and howls to make sure he doesn’t lose touch with his wolf brothers.

    LKWD_Americanwildlife_All_26-09-12_1280x720 LKWD_polar_bear_260912_1280x720

    So whether you prefer your companion cute, funny or enigmatic, one of these three is sure to be the perfect match for you! But don’t keep all the companions for yourself – visit the Gift Machine to adopt Nanook the Polar Bear cub for a friend.

    Here’s your GZ Burger Uniform! New from Granzella, the GZ Burger Uniform has arrived!

    For men: A sun visor, polo shirt, long trousers and apron, and shoes and ankle socks. For women: A sun visor, polo shirt and apron, culotte skirt, and shoes and knee socks.

    All of these items are available at no cost from the GZ Burger shop in the Shopping Centre (West). This is your chance to become a member of the GZ Burger staff!

    GZ_Burger Uniform_blog_1024x576

    This week also sees the release of the latest Wrangler content, with ten new items in the Wrangler store. A new range of tops, jeans, and jackets will be available, including the “Black Harrington Jacket” for the gentlemen and the “Viscose Tank Top” for the ladies.

    Finally, we would like to congratulate the winners of our EU-wide Home Fashion Week Challenge Round #3 – Carnival Outfit: whiteboy38rams, Martyfox, APPIE1615, latana_08, tron666, mens43, V–val–V, Miss_Papillon

    Round #4 is now taking place and you can still enter to win a prize. Go to the Home Forums to see if your territory is participating and read the Terms and Conditions. The new theme is Gothic Outfit. So find your dark side and express it through the creativity of your outfit. Good luck!

    That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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    nice to see the benefits of the recent core update coming through so soon new ava movements look great any idea of the pricing ?


    @1 about $3.99 i read it on usa blog page n its about time eu/na had same stuff so far n i cant wait to run thru home fast lol all we need now is running smoke effects & @1 its the 1st set of many hopefully , sony make a invisible pack LOL

    oh yes do a superman close to the ground of course.

    the ice and skateboard looks cool thought, i remember the time when andy house open his gob & said some magical words at gamescom “with introduction of dice be hovercraft” some years pass the broken promise comes true sort of… :)

    im not saying cynicism views because it’s the truth. :P


    Great job to Ndreams and Granzella for releasing decent content must say but I have a question Zoba, there is been issues with Gz’s Southern Island’s load screen, when I enter there all I can see is a blank white screen and there’s a similar issue happened with the Action space but with loading bar fully loaded but won’t load the scene. Any chance you can look into that.

    Also regarding EOD TV’s LOOT released. When will it decent video content on Crackle or are we stuck with the one’s we got now? Also when will the infamous 411 error get fixed? Thanks.

    Hey Supersmith,

    Yup the Home Team and Granzella are aware of the load screen issue. This has to do with the way the scene is coded, which at the moment cannot work any other way. I suggest if the loading screen is taking to long simply try going to your menu bar and going into wardrobe or something then relocate back to the Granzella space.

    EOD LOOT TVs are being worked on and updated. More details are to come.

    Will find out what’s the status on the 411 error.

    Hope that helps.

    Ndreams has just pulled off a great way to get loads of cash :P Im going to have to grab the fast running motion. All depends on the price tho. Lockwood black fox pets looks nice as well. p.s Great update!

    Hi! I for a week already play in the demo Double Dragon Neon bought for the money! the Russian support does not respond, what do I do? Why there are no official statements on the matter? What compensation of damage will I get? how Much I have to wait?

    Hi DuMapa,

    Thanks for writing in but I am not exactly sure what the issue is. This is post is about Home related content. As far as I know Double Dragon Neon is not related to Home. If have been charged for something that you shouldn’t have been please feel free to contact Customer Service.

    It’s going to be mad seeing all the running/flying/floating/skateboarding avatars tomorrow – great update! :D



    2 supersmith2500 delite ps home then reinstall it (DONT DELITE DATA)

    3 DJrya all of them might be in a bundle together but im gonna be buying them before anyone else anyway :D :D :D

    I would of thought they would be in singles so if somone wants them all it will cost more. But yeah i might grab a couple. :]


    im buyin the lot djrya. I HAD A EMAIL FROM NDREAMS EVERY1 ALUORA 1.6 might go live tomorrow

    Aurora 1.6 is not going live tomorrow but soon…

    It’s a good update, but by the look of it only Wulfred will be mine <3 :)
    I guess since the 'Locomotion' items are in Inventory we can't use Companions?! Would be a shame and needs to be done different.

    But please bring me some Inline skates soon, okay? :D


    Wulfred will be mine <3 not yours @11 mwahahahaahaha :D

    Can’t add funds to the wallet (NP-2244-2) SONY need a poke in the eye. All I want is to give you money!

    @#13 then you probably should take it as a sign, a sign to keep your money in your pocket.


    well said @14 if anyone has problems with adding funds to ps3 account dont report it here phone sony and tell them btw @14 cool avatar i think i have that one as well :)


    Southern Island and Action District is still broken. Reinstalled it, same issue. :(

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