Derrick the Deathfin Swims Exclusively Onto PSN Next Month

You know that feeling when you’re sitting in a rollercoaster on the slow ascent to the top, just in sight of the summit? That should be what you’re feeling right now. Only this time the ride down is going to be much wilder than anything you’ve experienced before. And everything on the way is going to be made out of paper.

As you can in the clip below, here at Different Tuna we have been working astonishingly hard to bring you the world’s premier underwater papercraft action game. We have handcrafted 32 levels and three level types set over four challenging continents. Each level is increasingly fiendish and colourful in its design.

To succeed you must fight, jump, race and eat your way through a myriad of confusingly textured circumstances. Good luck!

On October 10th this world can be yours to explore, and all for the deeply arousing price of just €6.99.

In the meantime you can busy yourself by making your very own papercraft puffer fish! Or Pufferius Boxius to give him his official Latin name. Click on the images below to download a template and get folding!

DerrickTheDeathfin_Puffer_Template-2  DerrickTheDeathfin_Puffer_Template-1

Expect more hapless goofy DIY papercraft characters as we build up to release! Build up! Release!

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Been interested in this since the initial reveal earlier this year.

Great price – will it be available for PS Vita aswell, perhaps through cross-buy? :-)


Hi Mister Thriller!

No plans for a Vita release at the moment, but anything is possible in the future.

Thanks for the interest!


Lol, needed to get that off my chest ;)


Derrick loves you too.

Prem-aka-Prince 27 September, 2012 @ 15:34

was my initial reaction.

That looks like it was very fun to make. And the enthusiasm of the man being interviewed was nice too. Game looks pretty interesting actually.

My initial words remain but my first impression is good :P


No worries Prince, I think I can explain it to you quite easily: it’s the world’s very first underwater papercraft videogame!

It was a lot of fun to make yep, hopefully that comes across in the game as well.

Thanks for taking the time to comment!


6.99 in uk is about 3.99 i think i dunno & since worms revolution is out same day i might get this as long as its not hard to play


Its £5.49 in the UK I believe.

It’s easy to play, hard to master. Like a banjo.

My wallet is open, have my money!


Please give me a full postal address, I will be round shortly.

Wow, this looks really impressive! It’s right up the alley of somewhat strangely looking, creative, whacky games that the PS3 is known for.
So, with those templates, do I see a contest for placing the models in the most original places coming up? ;-)
Do you guys have a Facebook/twitteraccount to follow?
Good luck with the final stretch to the release guys!


Yes contests a great idea, we should do that!

Derrick’s Twitter is:

Facebook is coming very soon.

Thanks very much for the kind words Chris!


LMAO at the CGI guy who was just laughing and the hilariously unprofessional wetsuit dude! xD Gonna get!


Unprofessional is my middle name.

Just one of the reasons why I was so unpopular at school.

Brave move by Different Tuna making it a PS3 exclusive. Thanks to SCEE’s incompetence Sony are losing customers rapidly. They’d have been better making it an XBL or Steam exclusive.


Voodoo! Naughty! -1 please report to me after school.

Wow! Definitely looks unique. :)

I can see the hard work put in.

Also my dad is called Derek so gave me a lil chuckle. :P


Thanks very much Falcon1991!

Your father is a good man with a great name.

EmperorLawlight 28 September, 2012 @ 01:18

Love the artstyle and look of this game. Also, respect to poster for taking the time to reply to each comment.

First thing that come to mind when watching the gameplay is “Vita version please?” It’s great that there’s a PS3 release but, unfortunately, I can see the game getting drowned in the many PS3 PSN releases (another reason for considering the Vita).

Gordon Midwood 01 October, 2012 @ 11:23

Thanks Emperor!

Vita love noted again, but don’t worry – Derrick will never drown as long as he keeps moving.

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