PlayStation Plus: Your October Content

With Autumn well and truly upon us, what better way to shrug off the gathering gloom than by looking forward to a great month of PlayStation Plus content? And, I hope you agree, it is indeed something of a whopper, with two massive blockbuster games coming to your Instant Game Collection, along with a weird and wonderful PSN platformer from Sega.


First things first, as of tomorrow Plus members get free access to Hell Yeah! Wrath of Dead Rabbit. As should be made evident by the trailer below, it’s an absolutely insane side-scroller that sees you step into the shoes of a demonic rabbit hell-bent on vengeance after pictures of him in the shower make it onto the internet. It’s been picking up some great reviews  – make sure you check it out.


Next up, on 10th October, you can get your hands on EA‘s lunatic shooter Bulletstorm. Released to widespread acclaim last year, it’s a larger-than-life space shooter with a hugely addictive combat system that lets you customise your kills. Oh, and it’s also ruder than a Gordon Ramsay vs. Ray Winstone swear-off. You have been warned.


Also on 10th October, you can grab yourself Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. That’s Capcom’s massive 2009 zombie shooter, with all post-launch DLC and Move support. Can’t say fairer than that. Get it downloaded, then compare and contrast with Resi 6, which launches on PlayStation 3 today.

In addition to all this, we’ll also be bringing you a range of additional deals, themes and avatars as the month progresses. For more details on those, please keep an eye on our weekly Store update posts, but here are a few to get you started:

  • 3rd October: Spelunker HD – 50% off the full game and 50% off various DLC packs for two weeks
  • 10th October: Derrick the Deathfin – 30% off
  • 17th October: Dogfight 1942 – 50% off a bundle including the full game and two DLC packs
  • 24th October: Hell Yeah! Wrath of Dead Rabbit – 20% off DLC packs

Finally, here’s a recap of which games will be removed from your Instant Game Collection this month:

  • 3rd October: Red Dead Redemption
  • 10th October: Lara Croft & The Guardian of Light
  • 10th October: Saints Row 2

See you back here next month – we’ve got some great content lined up already, with the service due to expand onto PS Vita.

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Good morning ;)

nice, all new stuff for me :)

almighty-slayer 02 October, 2012 @ 14:04

Great update. Free Bulletstorm is fine by me. Held off buying that one, so shall be having fun with that. Some great discounts too. Nice work.


Niiiice. Resi 5 and Bulletstorm, I’m pretty satisfied with this.


Hi Fred, do you have any informations about the Paint Park competition? I tried to ask Mayumi in her several posts, but never got any answer.
It is closed near 2 months ago and not any news about it.


Mayumi should be popping up in the Skype thread soon. I’ll ask her to address this.

Great update. Thank you.

You guys at EU PS+ are amazing.

You guys do such an awesome job with Plus, thanks so much for all your work and making it such a great service.


Good update. Can you confirm that this content will be available for Saudi Plus members? since we didn’t get Red Dead Redemption. I hope you value your plus members equally.


I’ll ask the relevant people now. You are of course valued equally! We do our best to navigate through regional restrictions.

robertsoneuan92 02 October, 2012 @ 14:07

Next week’s update almost comes close to beating Borderlands and Just Cause 2. Plus is being great as usual.

Quick question: is the ps vita plus content going to be an “instant games collection” like in the US.
Otherwise looks good, although I already own RE5 and completed bulletstorm.


Looks good :) Suggestion for November’s game: Journey! Or at least a nice discount. Keep up the good work!


Request noted!


That’s a nice month, although not very attractive to me, I must say that overall it is very nice.

Although we all want to know about PS+ expansion to Vita, could you please enlighten us a little bit about it ?



Sorry, but you’re just going to have to be patient on the Vita expansion. We’ll make a full announcement nearer launch.


ooh nice…. resident evile 5 gold + hll yeah… good month

Great update even thought I alreadu ave Bulletstorm but Hell yeah looks pretty cool and Resident Evil 5 should be pretty fun :).

TroubleMaker411 02 October, 2012 @ 14:12

Pretty awesome update.
I got to play a little “Hell Yeah” at the weekend and it’s great fun.
And any game called “Wrath of the Dead Rabbit” is worth a look!

I’ve already done Bulletstorm several times, but the opportunity to pick up and play Resi5 again is much appreciated.

Cheers Fred!


Very happy with Hell Yeah and Bulletstorm.

I never played the latter so that is brilliant. The first month since I got PS+ in August where there’s a retail game I haven’t played. :)

Also will the themes and avatars be added the same day as the first content? As in tomorrow?

Nice update :)

Is it possible to get a Pinball Arcade (and DLC) discount?

anyways good job *thumbs up*

not bad, ive got resi 5 and the dlc which is a rarity for me. i never fancied bulletstorm so im looking forward to that as i never fancied deus ex HR or borderlands either and then absolutely loved them.

You’re lucky I’m really looking forward to Hell Yeah! ;) I need to buy less games so all the PS+ content is brand spanking new for me. To be fair it did give me a discount on Tokyo Jungle and I get the feeling that game will keep me busy enough for some time.


Great update with some nice suprises. Bulletstorm should be nice, and Resident Evil 5 was to be expected, but having all DLC included is excellent!

Am I correct that the next update is already due on October 31, for the next two IGC games to be switched out? So, even before the GotM for November?

And three weeks to PS Plus Vita launch! Counting down the days!


The next change over date (bye bye Hell Yeah, Just Cause 2 and Borderlands) is 7th November.

Vita – we haven’t specifically confirmed when in November it will go live – only that it will be some time in November! So three weeks might be a little out.

sandystrachan 02 October, 2012 @ 14:13

How about offering something other than shooters .?
All you do it seems is shooters , theres other types of games you know ….
Please respond to a very bored subscriber


You’ve got at least one excellent non-shooter coming in November. Of the current available games, Hell Yeah, Lara Croft, Machinarium, Scott Pilgrim and Double Dragon are all decidedly non-shootery. We try to keep things varied!

Already own most of it.

Is there a possibility of a sale on Resident Evil 4, to celebrate the release of 6? I REALLY want to play that again.


what about Avatars and Themes? will we get the Fall of Cybertron Dynamic Theme that US got?

Great content btw! i already have RE5, but i look forward to playing the other 2! thanks!


There will be themes/avatars. Just awaiting confirmation on those – check the Store post tomorrow.

Guess I will give Bulletstorm a try, though I didn’t really like the demo and concept of the game.

And could we pretty please get some alternative genres to from time to time? It seems that 80% are shooters and the rest mostly fighting games and Beat’em Ups. Racing games and especially RPGs deserve some support too.


@21 three? Five weeks po PS Plus Vita launch. Count Chris, count…


hmmm would be a good update if we got all the games at once, i have to wait for the end of the month for 1 game, kinda sucks, as for resi5 and bulletstorm……meh! also everybodys golf i think would be a great addition for plus members, but yeah all the game in one hit worked so much better

Carnivius_Prime 02 October, 2012 @ 14:14

ugh. Bulletstorm and Resi Evil 5… boring… Dead Rabbit might be ok but I found the videos of it a bit headache-inducing… Still enjoying Double Dragon Neon. Most fun I’ve had playing on PS3 in a while. Hope they release the online patch soon.

Fred appreciate the content although kinda guessed res 5 would be on here as new ones out and they way twitter was going on was expecting a mammoth ps plus month but I would like an answer to just one question and that is are ps3 plus users that don’t own a vita still going to get nice games every month and not lose out because of plus expanding to vita???


Fear not, you won’t miss out. Some top notch PS3 content scheduled for the rest of the year.


Resident Evil has my interest but not much else for me personally. Oh well, there is always Novembers update.


@sandystrachan agreed

Totally unrelated but why is Eye of Judgment PSP still full price on PSN even though it doesnt offer online play anymore? Should definitely lower the price o under 10 euros.

Great update. Looking forward to Bulletstorm!

I can’t say how much I love you guys <3


Thankyou very much for another stellar lineup.

CoolRichy008UK 02 October, 2012 @ 14:21

@22 you heard them sony more shooters plz


August, September and now October holds nothing I haven’t already owned (full games) Bulletstorm will make for a fun single player shooter highly recommend it.
Plus is worth the price of admission based on all the features as a whole but for those who already own theses games it would be nice to see us get 10% off a day1 release of AC3 on psn or something?

Derek the deathfin & nowt else!

sandystrachan 02 October, 2012 @ 14:22

@CoolRichy you are just a tool .

Whats The Size Of These games?


LOL at US PS+ users, NFL Blitz..hahahaha.. not once have i envied what the US has gotten!

you guys are the best! keep up the great work!


By the way, for recommendations for future months I would say Uncharted 3, Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, Soul Calibur V and Sonic Adventure 2. ;)


In the Saudi Store we didn’t get RDR for Plus, are you gonna give us anything else instead?

Is Ratchet & Clank All 4 One coming to Plus?

Solid_Snake1987 02 October, 2012 @ 14:26

So nearly picked up Bulletstorm last week and decided against it and bought Catherine and Castlevania instead (makes it seem like I didn’t look much beyond the A-C section). So glad that I did!

Awesome stuff. Two games I haven’t got to look forward to. Got Resi 5, but the less I speak of that game the better. Too painful to talk about what has happened to that series.


Great update. Too bad I all ready have Resident Evil 5:Gold Edition but I will try out Bulletstorm, that game looks good.

This IGC idea is slowly losing steam as the games get less and less appealing, beginning to regret renewing my subscription as the majority of free games I’ve “bought” haven’t even been downloaded.


Hi Fred: Thanks for your answer. But have you speak to the product manager about Sly demo? Thanks for your answer Fred :) and have a Nice Day!

Argh another two i already have!


Played the Demo for Hell Yeah & was very impressed with the Visuals & the insane gameplay!

Owned Bulletstorm & Resident Evil 5 previously & both are great. With the free DLC for Resident Evil 5I can now playout the extra Chapters & I need to finish off the multiplayer anyway. Bulletstorm is great fun & underrated & has an annoying team based trophy. Haven’t had the pleasure of Single Player Campaign so looking forward to that.

Well done guys, stellar update yet again ;)

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