Tomba! Swings Onto PSN Today!


Today we’re proud to announce the highly anticipated release of classic platformer/adventure Tomba! on the EU PlayStation Network. This marks the first time that our pink-haired hero will be available digitally in Europe, exclusively for download in the PSone Classics section.

Tomba! was originally developed at Whoopee Camp back in 1997 by Tokuro Fujiwara who masterminded some of the industry’s most popular franchises, including Ghosts & Goblins and Mega Man. A truly revolutionary game for its time, Tomba! offers a fresh mix of platforming and sub-quest based adventures that make it one of the most interesting PlayStation titles in the Store.


Playing as a wild jungle boy named Tomba, you have to retrieve your lucky golden bracelet from evil pigs who have overrun neighboring communities. With weapons such as boomerangs, a large mace and boulders at his disposal, Tomba faces a wide range of foes, forest creatures and prehistoric beasts.

A little bit different from the norm, Tomba!‘s gameplay is structured around earning Adventure Points by completing certain tasks, such as helping trapped villagers or finding a lost item in a cave. Collecting more and more points allows our hero to pass through numerous zones in the game. This is what truly makes Tomba! a unique and classic PlayStation platformer. Gamers are actually rewarded with unique areas that extend the longevity of the adventure.

One of the most fondly remembered features of the game is that all the sub-quests are different, eliminating repetition and keeping gameplay unpredictable from beginning to end. This also allows players to complete areas at their own pace – exploration certainly isn’t discouraged here!


Download Tomba! today and support our retro cause! Let us know what you think of this classic – we hope to bring more retro goodness if the demand is there. Continue to give us your game suggestions on our Twitter feed. Like Tomba!, we’ll continue to listen and go after those lost classics.

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Good going, thanks for listening to the fans!
Get Spyro on there and you’ll make many more folks happy :)

Cool! :)

I’m sure there will be a horde of very happy EU gamers.

Good news =)
But its called Tombi! in the PAL regions…..


This is the NTSC version of Tomba! ported for the European PSN

I think I have played this, but then again I could be wrong. People have been going mental about this game for a while now! Maybe I should try it out? I can still appreciate an old game if it is THAT good. Looks like my girlfriend would enjoy it too.


Instant buy for me!

TrunksieGirl99 03 October, 2012 @ 13:11

What time will NiGHTS into Dreams be released?

Got some good memories with this game, i cant remember how many times i replayed the demo on the PS1 till i managed to find a copy in Electronic Boutiques all them years ago(now GAME). I think i paid about £20 in 1998/99 and remember going through the manual on the train ride home – Awesome stuff. How much is TOMBI! going for though Ray?


Tomba is selling for €7.99. Thanks for remembering!



The only reason it hasn’t been released was because the PSP had no second analogue stick. Well the PSP has been succeeded by the Vita so…

Thanks. ;)


We’ll go after it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Yea Ape escape on Vita would be great, so much nostalgia
Just need Spyro 1 – 3 on the store now


Oh god YES APE ESCAPE!! Make it happen! It’s a Sony developed and published franchise, surely this wouldn’t be too hard to get?


Yep, you’re right, its Sony. But we have had good success licensing from them before (Arc, Alundra). A little persistence goes a long way in this space.


How about a fix for Alundra before u rehash more mediocrity. I hate going off topic but you community bods DO insist on burying posts and pretending problems will go away.


We never forget the problems that some games have. We’ve been working with Sony to get to the bottom of the Alundra slowdown problem. But its not always easy. These are emulations of older games and the process is pretty tricky. Many games never make it because of this. If we had the source code we could try to go in and fix a problem but we don’t have code. So our choice becomes don’t release a game or try to deal with it. Just because we don’t have an answer doesn’t mean we’re not trying.


I remember starting a forum post about this game in early 2009… Good work! Tomba! 2/Tombi! 2 is probably a shoe-in based on sales, right?


Thanks! We hope to have some sequel news for you soon!

Solid. The Tombi/Tomba games have aged quite nicely for 2D platformers, they’re still enjoyable and sharp… I’ve got the originals on disc, but I wouldn’t be adverse to a copy on my Vita… if it’s £3.99 or lower, I’ll bite.

This is very nice!

But I have a question, is Alundra fixed? If not, when can we expect a fix?

I remember playing the demo of this that was added to the official Playstation magazine back in the days. Had lots of fun with the demo alone, so might check this out, although my Vita is currently plastered with PSN classics I still have to fire up (FFIX, Oddworld-games, Vagrant Story,…)

I’d love to see Suikoden II pop up on the store, digitally

And since PSN started to offer import classics too, I’m dreaming of (the US version of) Chrono Cross making the cross.

So, please Sony, make it happen? Pretty please?



Great stuff ray a true blue Ps1 classic & not like the shovelware we was given.

today is a good day for EU store update EVER best so Far we had others, 3 SEGA games 1 of them free for plus members, nights into dreams with added christmas nights that was given as a free disc that tie to the dreamcast clock i hopeful it a faithful port you get boxes to open on certain days i hope the playable christmas content is locked to tie in with Ps3 clock.

sonic adventure 2 with a DLC battle mode is the 3rd game so a SEGA blowout of games. ;)

plus tomba/tombi day1 purchases :)

Whats wrong with Alundra? No idea soz, i bought it off the US Store and haven’t come across anything..

Will be buying Tombi if its cheaper than £5.

Alundra is allegedly running at the wrong Hz so it stutters about the place. Apparently the powers that be are aware of the issue.

@15 remember the demo too…
This game is not for me but thanks for listening to the community!!!

Next Suikoden?!

please can playstation plus members get this for free this month because i love this game

but this version that will release today is not PAL! are completely disagree with this, I wanted to play in Italian…

Awesome! I’ll give my Kudos to Jawad as well once his post goes live.

On a more cynical note, I’d say “about time” about this… however, I can’t help but give my thanks to you for pulling this off.

This says a lot about PS Classics on the EU store. To everyone who had lost his or her hopes, well, there’s still hope. There’s still hope!

Kudos for finally getting it out. The delay was embarrassing, but let’s focus on the positives; it’s here.

Everyone, go buy it. It’s a wonderfully charming game. One of my favourites from yesteryear.

MordecaiHunter 03 October, 2012 @ 13:40

£6.99 – if i get it for the vita will it be cross buy with the ps3 ?


@Clxmj – It’s running at the wrong frame rate. Gameplay is fine (no stuttering as someone else just said) but the FMV and music play considerably slower on the EU release.

A month ago they said they were “aware” of the issue and that reports were not being skirted around. More than 30 days later and no fix or replacement file in sight.


You forgot to add, “FREE TO PS+ SUBSCRIBERS”

*wink, wink*

Cheers Mike – couldn’t they just give us the US version then.. saying that, if your Italian/Spanish etc i suppose you’d want the PAL version. You guys need to sort it out MonkeyPaw, however you do it.

I love this game. I already own the original disc, and it’s definitely one of the best games ever made. I love how deep the game is, it’s like Zelda mixed with Rayman. It has a great sense of humour too, and even replaying it a couple of years ago, was submerged in the mystery and exploitative nature of the game.

It’s almost like a super hero game, with the banding together characters of different strengths against the evil pigs. And it’s also like a fairytale with such rich side characters and fantasy elements.

Side note: If anyone likes this and classic zelda, check out 3D Dot Heroes, it’s unbelievable.



Cannot wait to get home from work and buy this :3


Have SCEE ruined this one too, by making it run at 50fps instead of the proper 60fps? Sorry MonkeyPaw, I know it’s not your fault but I’m not paying money for broken versions of games.

Speaking of which, I tried to email Sony to get a refund for Alundra and Klonoa but still haven’t received a response. Woohoo customer service.


Tomb! Failed in testing so this is the American version, Tomba!, different music but still the same great game. Hope MonkeyPaw can bring some of those out of reach RPG games like Chrono Trigge, Chrono Cross, Suikoden 1 and 2 and others we have been waiting so long for, but please if you do don’t take years to do it.


Remember kids don’t use an iPad to post online,they suck.

it can always stay the same great game, but right now we are penalized Italian and spanish, I understand English but preferred to play in my native language

Glad to see Tomba is here!!

I also have several suggestions for future MonkeyPaw releases (most of these have already been mentioned):

– Chrono Trigger
– Chrono Cross
– Suikoden games
– Lunar
– Castlevania Symphony of the Night
– Spyro games
– Mega man games
– Um Jammer Lammy
– Parappa the Rapper
– Poy Poy (1 and/or 2)


Why was the Update just taken down??

I guess more content is delayed yet again??



Dang, I just missed it. :P

Hears hoping for MVC: Origins THIS week.

@31 !!?? The musics different in this version than the PAL release.. Sod that, the music was the best part.

Finally! Now release Chrono Cross in the EU PSN and we’ll be best friends!

Mr_Marley_1992 03 October, 2012 @ 14:11

please bring spyro 1 2 &3 there alot of ppl asking 4 it and another game i really liked is hercs adventure ??


Damn, I meant 35.


Is Resident evil 2 vita compatible now ?
Many thanks.


Seriously guys. Thank you so much for this. I’ll be purchasing this as soon as physically possible =D

As for what I’d like next?
If it is at all possible, Azure Dreams.

Azure Dreams Azure Dreams Azure Dreams.

Again, thank you for Tomba.


@ Falcon1991

I’m hoping the store post was taken down to add Marvel VS Capcom Origins….fingers crossed!

This still has that bug that makes PSN Import games run at slowed down 60 hz on PS3?

If so, I’m not buying it.

supersmith2500 03 October, 2012 @ 14:24

Thanks for Tomba! MonkeyPaw.

But still why is the Store Heads-Up yanked down? Possibly making some corrections I guess so let’s hope Sonic Adventure 2 HD, MvC: Origins and maybe CS:GO sees the light.


Aplogies, nothing sinister going on here. Some of our regional teams just needed a little more time to finish their translations. It will be up in 30 mins.

supersmith2500 03 October, 2012 @ 14:28

Thanks Fred, hope the store update is not disappointing with delays again.


@Fred Dutton

Thanks for letting us know. :)

EternalChaos72 03 October, 2012 @ 14:39

thx freddo, nearly had a heart attack when someone said the update was pulled

nice but when is spyro coming hopfully still this month

chrisandsheva 03 October, 2012 @ 14:43

@ Fred. yeah thanks for your post.. nothing worse than waiting without info..

HOLY CRAP…. oh god, i have been hoping this would se the light of day over here and here it is!!
THANK YOU for finally bringing this out over here, one of my all time fave ps1 games!!

now if only we could get chrono cross and xenogears…..

#NeverGonnaHappen lol

I see we still don’t know if the game runs correctly or not. I read the comments wrong. There’s still hope that the game will be runing at 60 Hz. If so I will definetively buy it since its one of my favourite games from the PSOne era.

60htz is the USA of NTSC i had a SD telly 50htz it can do 60htz on games, i now have a HD telly 50htz refresh rate it can do 60htz that all it can.

were i like brighter sharper pictures 1 thing i didn’t like is the blurness & jubber in games due that never blur on a 50htz SD telly.

if you have 100htz, 200htz for 3D, sony’s Motionflow 200htz 400htz 800htz the better it won’t slow down.


@ Ray

Any chance you could secure Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, Croc 2, Ape Escape, Parappa The Rapper & Medievil 2 for release?

Kind regards


Always a chance for many titles… license willing of course. Make sure to keep voicing the games you want us to go after by checking us on Twitter at

@33, you should be stoked that it’s the US version. EU versions of PSOne games are ALL inferior due to running at 50hz.

To put that in perspective, playing FFVIII in 50hz rather than 60hz can add 10 hours onto your game time, simply because its so sloooooow.


It’s NOT Vita compatible. Wasn’t it supposed to be ? I thought it was the reason for the delay. You advertise it is on your Twitter account. Yet it’s NOT.


Shoot us an email at What country are you using your Vita in?

RockLobster2074 03 October, 2012 @ 16:56

YES! I’ve been waiting for this for years!

Klonoa import is also running at a slower pace 50HZ instead of the intended 60HZ it’s supposed to run at. Hope Sony are aware of that.

Can someone confirm that Tomba is working properly in 60HZ before I buy this? Thanks.


Please bring The Lost Vikings 2 to PS Vita

I sold my physical copy of this over a year ago, think it went for about £80 in the end! I’ll have to grab this and see how well it plays compared to my memories.

I just bought the game, having anticipated this in years… BUT IT’S RUNNING IN 50Hz, even though the item on the XMB claims you need a 60Hz display! Everything is slow, that is!!!


Just purchased and tried playing the game. It runs really slow and the sound doesn’t play right either (it is slowed down)
I’m completely disgusted with this!! Did they not test it first? So I’ve wasted money on this? Can I get a refund? Or do I just have to like it and lump it?

This does not work on a UK Vita. It won’t transfer from the PS3 and is not available on the Vita PSN store. Just a quick heads up in case anyone was thinking of playing this on their Vita.

people should steer clear if they enjoyed the music from this game, as the music/sounds while is in sync with the video for some reason is all slowed down. even the playstation intro sound is slow.

im also shocked this wasnt supported for the vita although thats kinda my fault for asuming it was i guess.. not happy Sony fix itttttt

Yeah, what the hell? We had to wait 4 months since the american release, and what do we have? US version of the game.

Well I guess I won’t mind the language, I waited long enough to finally play this awesome game on my PSvita. I want it so bad since Monkeypaw Games have said on their Twitter account how beautiful the game looks on a PSvita.

Guess what? After purchasing it, i find out that the game is not PSvita compatible. Are you kidding us? This must be some kind of joke.

+ low framerate?

Yeah, it was reaaaaaaally worth waiting 4 month.

Thank you very much.

SCOUSE_LUNTY17 03 October, 2012 @ 22:42

okay good going now tomba 2 and my llife is complete


Please fix this for Vita, e have waited way to long to be screwed like this.

SeparateEntity 04 October, 2012 @ 00:24

I will not buy this until:

– The 60Hz slowed down to 50Hz issue has been fixed
– The game becomes Vita compatible

This is probably not Monkeypaw’s fault: Klonoa also has these issues, and that is a NAMCO game. I think this is the fault of SCEE, who tried to attempt to deliberately slow down the game, to get it to run on an extra 1% of TVs that don’t support 60Hz.


I just bought this, and i can’t play it on my Vita? What the hell? I specially bought this to play on the vita as the PS3 dosn’t get much use because fiance always watching tv? Why can i not download this on to the vita or at least transfer it from the PS3 to Vita?
If this is a permanent thing how do i go about getting a refund?

I want to report the same problem as SeparateEntity in post #69.

I bought both Klonoa and now Tomba! (which I’ve been waiting for forever), excitedly booted them up and then found out that they’re somehow slowed down. And it is a very noticeable slowdown. Compared to the PAL demos which I still have, the music and sound is sluggish. In case of Klonoa, the game moves a tad slower, too, and it’s definitely not an illusion brought on by the slow music. I wouldn’t say Tomba! moves slower but that music is really grating on my nerves.

It’s not an issue for people who didn’t have a chance to play even the demos of these games and for people like me who have fond memories and even demo discs on hand to compare it’s definitely a problem.

Look into it, guys. Please!


I’ve contacted support for a full refund. This is unacceptable, specially with how long i had been waiting for this game, Unplayable on the PS3 and no Vita support which is the main reason i bought it.

I’ll let you guys know if the refund is given seeing the tags on this say “vita” so this should work on the vita.

For people getting the 60HZ to 50HZ glitch on PS1 imports.. Go here;

theres a discussion about it. So far it seems to be happening on 4 PS1 imports including Tomba that was just released.


Thanks for sharing this!


Its good that you have release an awesome game, but is it posible for you to give us the exact reasons that we got the USA version (with [CENSORED] intro music)? e.g. “Could get the licensing for the music”

Hopefully you will be able to replace this version with the Europe version, in the future… I can only hope.

I’ve still got the physical disk at home but I can’t get that on my Vita, so I will have to buy this and skip the intro as to not sully it with the Inferior American’s version music. =[


Nice, thanks MonkeyPaw, have been looking forward playing this again!


It doesnt work on my PS Vita! Please fix as I love PSOne games on my beloved handgeld.


Way to hoodwink us guys, by giving us the US import version with resulting slowed frame rate, different music and Vita incompatibility! Fix it or I won’t be buying any other Monkeypaw games ever.

SCEE… taking your money and shafting you again.


Didn’t get an answer on Facebook to this so I will ask here, why is Tomba! Not working on the Uk and Ireland vita store, will it be working tomorrow and is this your fault or has someone on the PSN screwed up?

The 50Hz issue is not limited to 4 imports, it’s a problem with ALL of MonkeyPaw’s releases. And it’s only limited to the PS3. I’m really sad to see that it’s still happening with new releases.

I’d have bought this if it was Vita compatible. Not keen on PS1 games on the big screen though, they look their age that way.

So guess I’m still waiting.

Having the slowdown problem too, annoying! Are they not play tested before release? Also not compatible with Vita – is it planned too in the future?


After sending the information they required they have rudely not replied, So refund or fix is still pending, will contact the consumer ombudsman within the week if they still don’t reply.


We’re sorry that some of you have yet to receive a response from customer service, etc. From our side of things, MonkeyPaw Games is obviously aware of the issue and is working swiftly with SCEE to get the issues (50hz, Vita, etc.) resolved for Tomba! for the European PSN. We appreciate everyone’s patience with all of this and hope to give an update on our official Twitter on Monday.


Dear Scott,

Thank you for your email.

We apologise for the delay in getting back to you. Thank you also for sending the link as requested. I understand that the blog you have viewed does state the tags PS Vita and PS Vita Games however, the PlayStation Store does state that the download is only PSP and PS3 compatible which you would have had to confirm when making the purchase. The link that you sent through was also for the U.S. market and therefore does not guarantee the compatibility for Australia and/or New Zealand.

We have looked into your request regarding a refund for the purchase of Tomba. As per our PlayStation Network Terms of Service we will not be able to provide a refund for this purchase, as there is “no cooling off period” for your content and purchases must be confirmed before they are made.

DO NOT BUY THIS it’s that simple, i’ve wasted 6 dollars.



Get a life ffs. There’s people starving and you’re whining about something petty…

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