PlayStation Home: New kids on the block

PlayStation Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am BST on Wednesday 10th October for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

A big welcome this week to two new PlayStation Home developers – Jam Games and Bigyama.

Jam Games race onto the scene with their first release, inspired by the world of motorsport! There’s clothing, furniture and the Garage Apartment! We can’t wait to see how you guys use it…. whether you convert it into an urban apartment, an underground nightclub or use it for something completely different!

We’d love to see your pictures – visit the PS Home forums and .
Now get to the starting grid…. Jam Games are ready to race!

Over to Bigyama, and in the future world of Forthstar, humanity has travelled to the stars. The rim of explored space is where only the hardiest can survive as Gunslingers and Dropship pilots.

Bigyama’s first furniture collection includes six different furniture sets each with a unique style. Everything from the Captain’s Collection, or a Forthstar inspired furniture set, to the cosiness of the Snug Collection. If you can’t decide then there’s the Ultimate Bundle that includes them all.

Boost your avatar’s speed up to 150% with the new SpeedWings Locomotion series from Hellfire Games! Blaze through your favourite spaces and outrun your friends in style.

Each set of SpeedWings features custom floating and flying animations, and does NOT require any clothing slots, so you can wear them with anything! Get yours today and cover more ground, without your feet ever touching the ground.

“Bring Halloween Home” with the new Halloween Building Pack this week in Home Tycoon! Scare up some citizens with three new residential buildings: Autumn Abodes, Creepy Cottages, and the Haunted House. Each new building comes with Halloween decorations, ghostly sounds, and spooky autumn colours. Be the first mayor on your block to build them all!

Heavy Water brings us Halloween goodies ranging from natural – Pumpkin Patch and Spooky Stump – to gruesome – Iron Maiden and Bed of Nails. There’s even an Animated Spider Web Tattoo from the #1 tattoo sellers in PlayStation®Home. They’ve also updated their Halloween Pets Active Items – Ghostling, Vampire Batling and Flaming Skull. Each Pet now only takes 6 furniture slots! If you don’t have them, now is a great time to pick them up.

The Lockwood Halloween Extravaganza continues this week with a new range of Halloween costumes from Fool Throttle. They’ve created outfits with a twist around the theme of a hot Halloween Beach Party. Some frightening favourites return to the Gift Machine, so if you missed out on Skinny Vinny or Coffin Colin last year, here’s another chance to add them to your Wishlists.

The Nurse Uniform has arrived from Granzella! Become a healthcare professional and raise the spirits of those who are ill. Along with the tops, bottoms, and slippers, for women there’s a Nurse Cap, two types of skirts, bare-legged or with stockings, plus slippers with stockings. Support others cleanly dressed in a Nurse Uniform!

Lastly this week, there’s news hot off the press from the Casino Management:

The Casino has its very first dice game! Craps, one of the most exhilarating games of chance, is now available right next to the blackjack tables. Shoot out a roll and hope you get lucky. Craps also comes with its own rewards and leaderboard. Give it a shot, and roll the dice!

– The Management

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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Thought I might leave a comment to welcome both Jam Games & Bigyama to PS Home. 🙂

Best of luck with presant & future projects guy’s. 😉

    Thanks D-Star, that is mighty kind of you. Will pass on the words of welcome.

    Take care!

supersmith2500 9 October, 2012 @ 4:41 pm   2

*sigh* No wonder why I left PS Home, it’s just games take your money away. I already got ripped off for a broken TV, tried out Home Tycoon and when I was playing in someone’s city. It kicked me out because the lobby was full.

I even contacted Loot for the refund on the EOD TV and they didn’t reply back. Seriously not buying or watching anything from Loot/Crackle anymore. Sorry Zoba, 🙁

DAVIE222-PSVita 9 October, 2012 @ 4:53 pm   3

Home Tycoon is great but why pay to drive around in the city you make? it annoys me because whenever i make a city theres nothing to do because i must pay with REAL MONEY! I JUST WANNA DRIVE -_-

BlazingFury 9 October, 2012 @ 4:54 pm   4

Soo any chance of twd episode 4 this week?

abdirizak007 9 October, 2012 @ 4:54 pm   5

Warm welcome!!!! 🙂

Nordlyset87 9 October, 2012 @ 4:56 pm   6

Welcome to the new Devs! Looking forward what they have planned for the future 🙂

Oslo Collection 😀 <3

dark_angel69 9 October, 2012 @ 5:00 pm   7

Welcome to PS Home Jam Games & Bigyama. I look forward to checking out your 1st release. 😀

I’m curious about the SpeedWings. How do we get them and do we pay for them?

Also is the Halloween Building Pack for Home Tycoon going to be free or does it cost gold coins?

    Hey there Dark Angel,

    There is a Novus Prime store in the Mall. The SpeedWings will be available there as well as in Stuff and in the Featured store. The wings are €3.99 each.

    Home Tycoon Halloween Building Pack is available for 70 Tycoon coins (which I think equates to roughly £2.20 / €2.70.

any news zoba about the palace of the seven sands active item that the usa have got this week. will we be getting it this week too

    Hey there neilc,

    Can you specify which item you are speaking about? If you are referring the the Zeyphr Lamp, that items can only be awarded when you visit someone else’s Seven Winds personal space or clubhouse.

blacklagoon-REVY 9 October, 2012 @ 5:42 pm   9

Welcome new devs! Are we getting the Bigyama forthstar clothing to?

    Hey there Revy,

    Stay turned to find out what else will be coming out form our new comer they continue their journey with Home.

VitalogyPJ 9 October, 2012 @ 7:57 pm   10

“and do we pay for them?” LOOL

@#7 Seriously, what do you think? You them them giving anything lately? And don’t anyone give me the tycoon talk because a quick look at the official boards you’ll see lots of people very disappointed because of the greedy devs. Not only they’re charging a fortune for stuff but also they’re spamming people troughout the game with popups to for you to buy their stuff, this is unacceptable.

Project2insanity 9 October, 2012 @ 8:37 pm   11

@VitalogyPJ; I might have missed something, is Home supposed to be a charity?



    This is an issue that has been reported and the Home Team and developers have been looking into it. At the moment this is how the game code functions and cannot be altered without affecting all of Home.

    In the meantime to bypass this loading screen you can use the menu bar to entire into your wardrobe then come back to the space. This is a trick that has worked for others.

    We will send out more updates about this issue once there is more to announce. Thanks for your patience.

What do thos wings replace? Hand itiem? If they do I wont be getting them. Oh wait! I forgot they will be inventory! Awsome! How much for the gold wings? haha. Warm welcome to the new developers.

SirJake_Brookes 10 October, 2012 @ 9:40 am   14

@neilc010 . southern island does load up & most people just wait because they have something called * patience * & if you have to keep quitting then it’s your internet connection. I agree with lasts week home tycoon comments I personally think you should get a free car to drive around in, I agree with home tycoon bank for gold coins rather then real money & a big welcome to new PS Home game designers, I hope in near future you’ll bring something to good to servers. Zoba it’s nice update but Sodium needs it’s castle for your monarchy & huge update at hub for my two Sodium Squadrons & eventuelle danske Natrium piloter, der har brug for hjælp for salt shooter og Natrium to derefter dine mest velkommen til at slutte min eskadrille som hjælper piloter med noget at gøre med Lockwood verden. RAF syv eskadrille natrium ene er ledet af mig Squadron Leader SirJake_Brookes & Co-leder Nicoline, Haasumhero hendes ID, så bare send os en besked, hvis dine ønsker at join.I ‘m faktisk fra storbritannien selv & Nicoline min søde PSH kone er dansk selv men jeg elsker hemmeligt Danmark 🙂

VitalogyPJ 10 October, 2012 @ 9:47 am   15

@#11 *Hmm looking at posts* No, I can’t find anything said by me mentioning home was supposed to be a charity although I remember watching E3 2007 where they had plans from the size of the sun for Home and a promisse that all would be free. I guess the word “All” doesn’t have the same meaning for Sony as it has in diccionarys.

And you know well what I meant in my post, if you don’t then my bad for thinking you were a clever person.

dark_angel69 10 October, 2012 @ 10:05 am   16

If you spend enough time on home you will find a LOT of stuff are free on it. You have to be stupid to think everything should be free. Buying stuff is only optional.

Here’s an idea.. why don’t you go create something yourself and get sony put it all up free. I’m sure you would like to put in a lot of hard work into it while also fixing any bugs and not making any money out of it for your effort.

And Home is free, the games and all is free and you also get free stuff by doing things. Is it really wrong to make a little money outa some things? Good luck trying to start up your own business or even expanding one if you think stuff should be free. You sound like a real cheap little man.

AlexAtkinUK 10 October, 2012 @ 12:34 pm   17

@dark_angel69 A little money, no. But the kind of money they charge for stuff in Home, absolutely.

There are clothing items in Home that cost as much as you could get items of clothing in the shops. Maybe not the same “brands”, but these are virtual items that can ONLY be used in Home, so they do not carry the same value as real world items so why should they cost so much?

If they are wanting to make it THAT realistic, why can’t we auction off apartments we no longer want for in-game funds towards other apartments?

We should be able to preview apartments too so we know before buying what we are getting.

Its micro transaction hell as almost everything you have paid for before you realise it wasn’t worth the cost.


Please Zoba, I did ask last week…What happened to Pacha? Are we gonna get it back? Please let us know. Thanks.


Oops, sorry Zoba. I just read your reply from last week, silly me. Thanks for the info…Pacha was fun.

HELLFIRE IS NEVER GETTING MONEY OFF ME AGAIN. 3.19 for the wings but the gold ones are 5.49. YOUR PUTTING THE PRICE UP COZ ITS THE COLOUR GOLD! WOOW. You have 1 less customer.

TheDarkOne-lml- 10 October, 2012 @ 8:33 pm   21

Could someone please tell me WHY PS Home items and games are always triple the price in the EU store than they are in the US Store? eg. Animated Stormy Window… EU 2.99euro
US $1.50 (1.15euro)
Resident Evil 6………. EU 59.99
US 59.99 (or 46.50 euro)
What the???!! How is such a price difference justified? Why does EU psn get the short end of the stick? Can anyone clarify the reasoning for this? I really look forward to a reply.

What is the story with these new boost items. I bought 4 of them on release but nothing happens when I equipt them. Nothing. I dont go faster, I dont float, I dont catch fire nothing… Also during the ps+ special period when you had that podium for it in Home Square, the podium was dead to me. Whenever I tried to click on the area in question nothing would happen. I missed out on the free stuff. I posted a help in the official forums which you can see I was trying to get help at the time but no one ever got back to me. Can someone help me get the free stuff I was trying to get please

ssrai2000 11 October, 2012 @ 11:44 am   23

Good luck chaps!

luki4ever2 11 October, 2012 @ 2:27 pm   24

When spyro the dragon comes in the eu store?

my speedwings dont work every where like they promise