Smart As release date confirmed for PS Vita


Hey PlayStation Nation! I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be launching PS Vita’s all-new social brain training game, Smart As, on October 31st.

We’ve been hard at work loading Smart As with fun and engaging puzzle games to test your mental might, with challenges in four key areas: Logic, Arithmetic, Language and Observation.

As we recently announced, Smart As also features the voice talent of Monty Python’s John Cleese; so as you train, you’ll receive his encouragement and amusing commentary. Better still, as you play to improve your scores, you’ll get to share your stats with Smart As fans from around the world via the online leaderboards, as well as notifications on Facebook and Twitter.

We’re very excited to release Smart As later this month. In the meantime, I’m here to give you a sneak peek at the some of our favorite Logic and Arithmetic challenges. Check out the videos below!

As you can see in this video, the Logic games are designed to test your ability to solve puzzles as quickly as possible. Inspired by the popular scientific opinion that the brain’s frontal lobe is used for executive functions like problem solving, organizing and planning, our goal was to design games that tested those functions and were fun to play.

Smart As’ Arithmetic games have been built from the ground up to be fun and utilise all of PS Vita’s cool features such as its front and rear touch screens and motion sensors. As with the Logic games, the key to great Brain Power scores in this section is speed and accuracy.

If you think that you’re ready to test your skills, you’ll be able to check out Smart As at your local retailers or on the PlayStation Store for just £24.99/€29.99 from the 31st October .

On the PlayStation Store, you’ll also have the option of downloading a free trial version of the game which will let you sample a basic Daily Training session. Then, when you’re ready to take on the full experience, including a selection of 20 different puzzles as well as all of the cool online capabilities, you’ll have the option to purchase the whole game.

We can’t wait to see all of your scores climbing through the leaderboads later this month! In the meantime, be sure to tune into PlayStation Blog for the latest Smart As news.

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DAVIE222-PSVita 11 October, 2012 @ 15:20

oh man i thought this was a free app :(

More expensive than I expected as I was thinking that this would be a download only title. The release is just in time for the start of PS Plus on the Vita though so I wonder if a little discount might be in order? :D

Same day as Assassin’s Creed Liberation, are you mad? :P I will get this though soon after launch I think though, those logic puzzles look great.

I will say though, those trailers don’t really sell the ‘social network’ aspect of the game clearly, only that two characters are competing. The previous trailer that had the clever ‘Smart As… Your Friends? Smart As… Your Country? Smart As… The World’, which I really liked. You should use that more! I suppose those trailers are only really to show off gameplay though, which I hadn’t seen much of before.

I’m guessing that there will be a post with trailers for the Language and Observation game types also?

Finally PSV is getting some love. But this game aint for me.

looks good. I agree price is pretty high though. i think the brain training bubble burst a while ago so you may struggle to sell well at this price.

OVERPRICED. This is a game that is more fun if more people own it. But when you set the price this high for this kind of game alot of people will not buy it. And to release it on the 31th October does not help it either.


It looks like a really fun game, but the price is just too steep. At £15, it would have been a day one for me along with Assassins Creed Liberations. Hopefully with PS Plus coming alto the Vita next month, we’ll get a nice discount…or even better, get it for free. Great job on the game though !

30 euro?!
More like 4 euro.

chrisandsheva 11 October, 2012 @ 16:49

Not that i wanted this, am allready Too clever, for my own good.. But seriously, that price is way to steep, i mean the 1st post say’s it All, ie thought it would be free !, guess that must of been some shock then, as no8 says, a maybe slimmed (dumbed ?) down vers of this for 4 euros (ish), Then make something along these lines, still good luck, hope you Do make a profit and all, as we certainly do not want vita devs to be taking Any losses, this early into the game etc.


I was expecting this to be a small, download title. Wasn’t expecting to pay any more than a few pounds…


I tried out this game at EuroGamer Expo, I thought it was going to be a £4.99-£6.99 Psn only game. You can buy LBP Vita for £28.99 so how the hell they think they could sell this for £24.99 is beyond me.

A nether one for the bargain bin!


I’m like :o

Like mentioned in previous comments, I thought it was gonna be a PSN tittle under €10. Happens to be a retail 3 times more than I expected.

With all due respect, do you really think the price feels right?

I have been looking forward to this game ever since it was first announced. It looks like a solid, fun game, but also something throwaway/pick up and play. I had a feeling it would cost slightly more than the usual £7.99 ball park due to the relatively long dev time and the fact that it looks really well polished. Was expecting £10-£12, £15 at the most, with perhaps a £2 PS+ discount or something.

This is just way too expensive. With full retail games round the corner like Assassins Creed Liberation and Need For Speed costing only a few ££ more, this is both too expensive and badly timed.

Was really looking forward to getting this game as soon as it released but I simply cannot justify that price.

You can get it off amazon for 19.97 pounds wich I thought was also a bit steep for such a game, it looks very intresting thought, but I will stay on the fence for this one , eventually try a demo?… For this price It really have to deliver as much as a full retail title… I suppose there will be a platinium to collect aswell then?…
I think 14,95 on PSN would be max for such game, but it might justify the asking price afterall, only the final product will show…

superpatchy66 12 October, 2012 @ 01:06

Wow, that price is well steep.

When reading the blog I was expecting it to either be a free app, or a fiver at the most.
Looks an interesting game, but at simillar prices I’d rather have Uncharted, AC, COD or FIFA.

I hope the team that markets this reads all these comments, notices the common theme and drastically lowers the price. Make it a fiver or upto tenner tops, and charge for additional content (like Tomblitz) if you really have to.

Are we paying for ths voice of John Cleese?


I was all so under the impression this part of Sony’s free app campaign along side Treasure Park, Ecolibrium and the like.

On the subject of the free apps, where are Wake Up Club and that Tag game? No sign of those yet or have they been released in Japan all ready and it’s just SCEE dragging their feet yet again??

Who actually came up with price for Smart As and what the hell were they smoking when they did??

I know that Sony can overprice stuff (I’m looking at you, full retail digital versions of games in the PS Store) but this price is just shocking!!

Maybe there is a good 8 hours worth of content to discover?

How many games/tests are actually in the game itself?? Maybe that info would shed more light onto why this has such a high price point?!

John Cleese doesn’t come cheap.


John Cleese?

Are they going for the LBP approach by having a narrator with a certain gravitas then or am I missing out on a joke somewhere?!? ;-)


Ha! I really shouldn’t skim read blog articles.

I see it now ;-)

*turns red and finds a corner to hide in*


I did read the link and saw this:

Coming this fall for PS Vita, Smart As will put your brain to the test in 20 unique, engaging, tactile puzzle games and location-based challenges.

20! 20?!?

is that all?? For 25 quid? That’s £1.25 per puzzle (who’s needs a brain trainer? ;-))

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