PlayStation Mobile: Introducing gun-free shoot ’em up, Rebel


Having made five shooters already, we at PomPom games were rather conflicted. We had just agreed to spin a cheap and cheerful little number for Mr Sonyman. We know how to make a decent shooter. I’m sure Sony was expecting us to do a shooter. And to be honest, I wanted to make a shooter. But my partner (Miles Visman) was like totally meh about it.

So, after 45 seconds of intense prototyping, Rebel was born – a game where you blow up loads of stuff without firing a single bullet. In a world where your enemies are just the right combination of stupid and armed… one can only enjoy themselves, right?


Here’s the basic idea. You are a nameless rebel prisoner. Using intricate gameplay mechanics (press “play”) you escape from your concrete prison. You find yourself unarmed and stranded on an island with nowhere to go, while enemies drop in from all directions. Luckily for you then, the enemy have a shoot-on-sight policy… with little regard for friendly fire. Use this to your advantage as you dodge and weave around the level drawing fire and using it to gleefully have them kill their own kind.

I know. We could end it right there and that would be awesome. But! There is more. Stupid enemies are also stupidly rich. With all the driving and shooting and bombing, they tend to be a bit clumsy with their belongings. Look out for gems which can be collected and added to your stash. Use the stash between games to buy special power ups you can take with you next time you escape from their pathetic jail. You’d think they would fix it after you’ve escaped 17 times, no?


There are other islands to unlock and different game modes too. But they all cost gems. So if you don’t have enough, escape again and go get some.

So, that’s Rebel. We can’t promise you the most elaborate adventure… but you’ll certainly have a laugh along the way! It’s available now from PlayStation Mobile, priced at £1.59/€1.99. I’ll answer questions below, should you have any!

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Looks interesting. So it’s basically a game to escape incoming fire while also drawing it towards other enemies, sounds fun :)

Will you be implementing trophies if and when they are added to PS Mobile?

PS – why was this posted earlier and then removed again?! :S


Sorry if I don’t see the answer but when will the Playstation Mobile be releasing in Belgium (and other country) ?


Michael Michael 12 October, 2012 @ 16:33


Yes. You pretty much have it covered. There are no trophies right now. We may well stick them in. Depends how many people hound us for them.:)

Let the hounding begin ;)


Yes because hounding every week on every Video Store update made it that now every country has the Video Store in their respective country. Wait no it didn’t.

No PlayStation Mobile (silly UK).
No Trophies
No buy.


One of the best PS Mobile launch games! I’d easily say it’s my joint favourite along with Fuel Tiracas. Both well priced, and just simple, smart addictive fun.

Only thing I would say is missing are some online leader boards, it would make for a great score chase game! Is it possible we will see them in the future?

Also, will we be seeing more from PomPom on PS Mobile or PSN in general? Really enjoyed all the games you guys have put out on PSN :)

INTERista_DMC 12 October, 2012 @ 16:49

when we will get PSM in our country

Great game and price.
Would be even better with trophies and online leader board :)

Any plans for another game for PSM?

Fred, again, why is this in the Irish channel when we don’t have the service? Another automated glitch? You need to fix it. This is very insulting.

To Michael, I’m intrigued by Rebel, I’ll definitely pick it up when Mobile is released in my country. Good luck!

SuGaR_rAy_RiDeR 12 October, 2012 @ 17:13

Just a quick question,

When will this be available for HTC one X, when the brand changed to playstation mobile i remember a picture of that handset being held up?!?!?!?!


this is the best PSM game. keep up the good work guys.

ps trophies would be nice :-)

Looks like fun and I like the art so will probably pick it up.
I’d be disappointed though if when trophys are released for PSM games that these initial launch games don’t patch them in.
Should really be a condition set by Sony.
Having said that for only a quid how many trophies can you expect!

i bought this and the samurai game :)

i enjoy rebel quite a bit and have it on both my vita and my sony xperia s and the vita wins by far, touch screen controls are no match for the physical controls on this one.

i hope its not too long before psn features are added to the mobile games.


Hi there great work when will ps mobile come out in Luxembourg for ps vita THANK YOU !!

I’m getting the “kid glued to the bakery window” kind of vibe from PlayStation Mobile so far. “Look at this awesome stuff you can’t play because of the country you live in”. Come on, guys, it’s 2012.

declan__watson 15 October, 2012 @ 15:57

This looks like a Fantastic and fun game for PlayStation mobile I think people will enjoy it really much. It looks amazing and I am sure people will enjoy the game.

declan__watson 15 October, 2012 @ 16:12

I have a question do you think Sony will maybe make a lite version of there PlayStation games for Playstation mobile like Killzone lite or little big planet mobile because I think it would be awesome?

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