Rainbow Moon rises on PS Vita in 2013


Some of you may have already heard of Rainbow Moon – the lovely indie strategy RPG has been available for download on PlayStation 3 since July, wowing players with its unique style, depth and clever gameplay mechanics.

Well, good news. Since the PS3 release, developer SideQuest Studios has been hard at work on a version of the title for the PlayStation Vita, due out some time next year. Duly, we recently sat down with studio chief Marcus Pukropski to find out more about the game and the forthcoming handheld release.

For the benefit of anyone who didn’t pick the game up on PlayStation 3, can you give us a brief introduction to what Rainbow Moon is all about?

Marcus Pukropski
: Rainbow Moon is an RPG combining a tactical combat system with a vast world that players can explore with towns, villages and dungeons where they will meet numerous citizens and around a hundred different types of monsters. It has a strategic, turn-based combat system, and players can buy a vast range of skills, armour items and weapons at various shops to level up and become even stronger to confront the most powerful enemies.

The world is full of secrets, subtlety and interesting details for players to discover. We have also added a complex equipment upgrade system and a range of optional side-quests.

You go into surprising depth about the game’s controls on your website! Why did you feel the need to do that? Is it a tough game to master?

Marcus Pukropski
: Although it’s very easy to learn, Rainbow Moon is more complex than might appear at first glance. The screenshots give you an idea of the look of the game, but you can’t really tell what the gameplay is like. Many players want to know exactly what to expect and if the game is worth buying! So we wanted to explain very clearly what Rainbow Moon has to offer to try and excite the player’s interest.


The Wheel of Luck Lottery mini-game in particular has proved really popular since launch. Tell us more about that.

Marcus Pukropski: The lottery is an optional mini-game. You can play once a day – game time, not real time – to win valuable and sometimes unique prizes. There are a range of win categories with different prizes also depending on the player’s bet. You can only play with low stakes initially, but can unlock better options as you progress through the game. Towards the end you can even win some of the ultimate weapons.

Overall, it’s almost always worth playing a game, even the consolation prizes are generally very useful and at this stage often won’t be available to buy in the shops.

Visually, the game is a surprising mix of Western and Japanese influences. How did you decide upon that aesthetic?

Marcus Pukropski: We’ve played a number of JRPGs, from Final Fantasy, to Dragon Quest, to Disgaea, and other such titles, but were also inspired by Western classics like Bards Tale and Dungeon Master.

But Rainbow Moon is a game on its own; we felt there were enough clone games already. Sure, you’ll spot influences from some of the above titles, but we’re a German studio with our own style and concepts. Ultimately, we have the mix we feel is right, and the feedback so far confirms we’re pretty much on track.


Have you enjoyed developing for the PS Vita?

Marcus Pukropski: Well, we haven’t finished yet! To be honest, I thought it would be easier, because lots of people said the hardware was very similar. But in the end there were so many differences in the operating system that we practically had to re-write most of the engine. And that of course takes more time.

RainbowMoon - boat rentalRainbowMoon - camp

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For those of us that already have the game on PS3, will there be any offer on the Vita version?

Marcus Pukropski 12 October, 2012 @ 15:01

Hi DkShadow,

our publisher eastasiasoft is currently in negotiation with Sony because of that. So, we’re trying to establish a discount for those who already have the PS3 version. But can’t promise, it mainly depends on whether that’s possible or not.

good news that its coming to vita. ill definitely get this

This shouldn’t need saying but to all VITA owners:

Buy it, BUY IT! Don’t wait/think, just do (when it’s available).

Rainbow Moon is one of the best Strategy RPG titles available on the PS3/PSN. Charming, colourful, funny, difficult, replayable, long.

Can’t praise it enough, I proper jem.

I know you guys are working on this, but I really hope you get the cross-save working. I’m still at 60% of the game (I think), and would love to finish it on Vita, without having to restart the whole thing.

Great work guys!

Marcus Pukropski 12 October, 2012 @ 15:26

Hi chrisboers,

yes, cross save is definitely planned. Which also implies a patch for the PS3 version.

Thank you Marcus, I will be looking forward to hearing more closer to release :)

A good release for the Vita, thanks for bringing it across.

I really liked the beginning of Rainbow Moon, but I couldn’t bring it over myself to finish it.

It simply stretches too much, with not enough variety. Most of your characters’ skills are mostly useless, with the result that you depend on the same practical 2-4 skills all the time. I simply couldn’t spend more time doing the identical actions again and again.

Marcus Pukropski 12 October, 2012 @ 15:29

Hi Golwar,

thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry to hear you’re not happy with the pace. RM Vita will probably not be rebalanced but we will consider your feedback for upcoming projects.


I’m so excited for this ! When the game released, I was almost certain it would be making its way to the Vita. Which is why I held of purchasing it. This will be day 1 for me.

Any word on pricing ?

Marcus Pukropski 12 October, 2012 @ 15:36


no pricing has been decided so far, but expect similar pricing as the PS3 version. In addition we’re trying to offer a discount for people who already bought the PS3 version. But can’t confirm at the moment – we’re still in negotiation with Sony because of that.

You are welcome Marcus. ;)

The first thing that I would change is the ground pattern of some special moves. Imho it is enough that you have to invest a lot of MP for a better skill, you shouldn’t be troubled with switchting patterns around that rarely fit into the given combat situations.
Rather than enforcing impractical patterns I’d like to see other conditional attack (dis)advantages.

Aber ich will es gerne nochmals sagen, im allgemeinen hat mir das Spiel gut gefallen. Nur ganz zum Ende als ich die finalen Zutaten von den 3 Inseln zusammen hatte, war die Luft einfach raus. :)

I thought the same thing when I saw a quicklook for this game, could be perfect for the Vita. :)

Hi Marcus, I love RM, 70+ hours already in, wont stop until platina. :) When I bought it my first thought was that it is typically something must come to Vita. But since there is not Vita version at the moment I have to play it on PS3. :)

My only problem is that I cant stop playing and waiting for continuing on Vita. So, when Vita version arrives I will have the platina trophy long-time-ago. :)

So, it would be nice if you would release some extra version. I mean, with dlcs (plus levels, extra dungeons, something) to call me back playing RM again.

Great work, must be bought by all rpg fans. Congrats to you for making it. :) (and thanks also :))

Marcus Pukropski 12 October, 2012 @ 16:16

Hi ANyuszko,

thanks a lot for your comment. Maybe we can add some extra stuff, but can’t promise at the moment. What we definitely want to add is cross saving.

I liked the demo but haven’t bought it yet, cross buy for Vita would be perfect but only if I had to buy the game once.
Buying the same game twice is silly.

CookieMonsterES 12 October, 2012 @ 16:55

Fantastic game, highly recommended. I already have my platinum but it would be great to be able to play it on my Vita as well. The discount for PS3 owners, if it were possible, will be appreciated.

I enjoyed the PS3 version but it’s now lost into the backlog of games. With the Vita version I should be able to finish it. Looking forward to playing it again.

on topic =if them make 50% lesser priced to pers. who already buy ps3 version = maybi .

of topic
also i buy x com
after i have some trophies from te game sincing = not working very good
= between 9 -15 % = blockt
i am abel to see them on vita like noting .

also i need extra pearls dlc on ps3
= not enof pearls u get in game .

update = after 25 min + 6 try jesterday = now working
realy ps3 + sincing = not funy
vita = great on trophies

Shifty_Geezer 13 October, 2012 @ 11:43

Like Golwar, I’ve found the pacing completely wrong to the point I’ve abandoned the game after 40 hours and getting as far as the world-exploration phase. It starts just fine, but the amount or encounters you need to level up in order to progress is excessive. And on the Eurogamer comment section there are similar opinions expressed – this game in unnecessarily long, as if the focus was just on the “hours of gameplay” figure.

Introduce a ‘fast’ mode that triples the rate of XP and coins and I’ll probably finish it. You can disable ranking for this mode. Otherwise, I can only continue to advise would-be customers that the game is very long-winded and they’ll probably never finish it unless they have a particular like for it.

Marcus Pukropski 14 October, 2012 @ 21:07

Hi Shifty_Geezer,

thanks a lot for your feedback. There will probably no general rebalancing for the Vita Version, but be assured your feedback will be considered for upcoming projects. We always listen to our fans and to the community.

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